GTA 5 MEGALODON ATTACK! Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)

GTA 5 Megalodon Attack Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)
Today in this Video I found something that maybe you guys already seen but I though it was cool. I had 100% save game Story Mode on my Xbox. I went to this Location and on a hunting search for and found a Megalodon Attack Easter Egg in GTA 5. Not sure if its in GTA Online..

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
  • The Guy

    he paused to type the cheat in its some what obvious

  • Sunny Das

    Its a mod dont lie dude

  • sindi luis

    Well change the size of an regular shark an BOOM you get a shark that big. Not only that but you can also see its fake, because the "Megalodon" is half way out and half way in the water Whitch is wrong! He should be atleast 90% in the water! To proof that just look at normal Sharks. They are completly in the water and that is in every game. Look at the modded Episode of Stranded Deep from Draegast. He said he messed around with some numbers and the same thing like here. They are half way in and half way out of the water.

  • Anthony Valenti

    its a regular shark he just made it bigger

  • purely gamer

    Hope you guys know that's a mod

  • The Trolls

    if he faked idc atleast its entertinin

  • xherarino3

    He was using Xbox. I am a believer

  • Homeless Gomba Jr.

    I like how he asked " Does IT look like I put that shit in the game?" IT CLEARLY LOOKS LIKE HW TOOK A NORMAL SHARK AND SIZED IT WITH A MOD!

  • unknown user

    Definitely a mod, definitely NOT a megalodon way 2 small 2 be megalodon, just a great white shark.

  • James Goobs


  • ム丹ムモ爪モ丹刀

    Put 1000 more of those in a Great White and that's Megalodon.

  • Landon Halford

    Megalodons are 100 feet long and 50 feet wide

  • Casey Haigh

    Your acting is shit lmao

  • foxy love gaming

    that's not a megaladon that's jaws if you go to far it attacks you there are real videos to find it on gta you got to go deep in the water

  • Ryzaxx

    That's a.... great white shark... facepalm

  • pepe the frog

    fuck you cunt its always the same fake shit

  • Bella Viviane

    How do you get rid of the cops?

  • AH Glasher

    Maybe you might explain why we find this shark on the surface of the water, then the exact moment we look under the surface this shark is fully submerged? This occurs over and over. Please explain how this can happen when no other shark in the game can do this, or explain how I have it wrong. Thanks.

  • Sofie Luckitasari

    If mod it should have the thing in the left

  • Ginja Pubez

    well i dont see any comments saying that they have found it... so yeah im gonna say its fake and your reaction was a bit... off and why would you say "oh what is that... what is that?" when you can clearly see what it is XD... nice try though 6/10

  • Bären Busen

    Ur Parents should be proud

  • Kittycarlo

    I'm laughing so hard but just because of this comment section like every second comment is kinda the same with "it's fake""it's fake" XD

  • TheLulzbatRises

    Get a fucking job you fucking loser.

  • Dark DNA69

    You're searching for a prehistoric killing machine.. That is extinct. And yes you are lying.

  • Jarol Sadza

    I have 100% and I don't see a megalodon

  • Mich jj

    Try to find liopleurodon now he's out there...

  • Lion Juggernaut

    He's not playing on pc you stupid cunts

  • Danish Missli

    i found a shark in gta5

  • Nicholas Evans

    And it's just a retexture

  • vhyper 1

    ive seen this mod. its a mod lol

  • connor smith

    it looks like its swimming with you

  • Anthony Valdez

    The shark looks so real wow also it's really big

  • Felicia Nuna

    You're not a liar truth

  • favre mysabre

    its mods bc I saw the mod and it says megaladon mod I hope I spelled that right

  • Bryce King


  • Bill Clinton

    u guys talk shit about mods ? this dude already told u to finish 100% the all mission include side mission.. dont be nut guys c'mon...

  • Robbie Lewis

    its not even a meglodon mong

  • xxgaming hd

    Fake the Tiger shark Data switcht to the megalodon data

  • cooljade2004

    That's a great white. Not a megaledon. Female great whit can get to 15 to 21 ft.


    - saw one too but I died

  • Doge Greatness

    10:38 asks WHAT IS THAT multiple times after clearly searching for it and knowing exactly what it is

  • Cameron Giby

    I know it's fake but It did fool me at first but when it ate u I new it was fake because u see inside it but this thumbsup good acting to great job! :)

  • Mathew Minor

    bro thanks for not lieing to me like ithers

  • Lorna Arjemi

    Such lies i saw somebody do it and it was way bigger and you have to go deep down in the ocean its so obvious what your doing

  • Julian Grant

    What gave me more douche chills was when you started howling with shock at your own work like a group of black teens hearing the greatest momma joke of all time...Do... you need that much convincing that your "discoveries" are real?Don't know why your entire channel is based off just bullshitting... Noone cares what you've discovered in a fucking game! At least YTbrs like ZacCoxTV and MrBossFTW are honest about the content they create. And they don't need to lie - what they talk about and how they talk about the subjects they cover is interesting enough. Apparently, you think that making a "new" discovery is what will make you a successful YTber.You look like a bit of a fool, right now..

  • H&R Gaming

    I tried with 100 percent done and went to find the megaladon and didn't find it what did I do wrong?

  • Dj Lucio

    he stop and u can hear his keyboard him typing

  • Pugs Channel

    The megoladon is why I never go surfing at the beach. no1 has proof that it's extinct or alive.

  • Javon Harbour

    and you can see its just a resin for the shark why do you think he did on pc

  • Andres Zavala

    OMG it's sooooooooo real

  • Mr. Creepyluke

    Bullshit from start to end. Just put a normal shark in the water and make it like 5x bigger. There that's a legit Megalodon from the devs clearly. "Does this look like I put this in the game?" Hell fucking yes it does.

  • 0flamebreath0

    nice PC mod ;) The way he said '"Its not appearing you guys think I'm lying!'" and then boom here it is

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