GTA 5 MEGALODON ATTACK! Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)

GTA 5 Megalodon Attack Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)
Today in this Video I found something that maybe you guys already seen but I though it was cool. I had 100% save game Story Mode on my Xbox. I went to this Location and on a hunting search for and found a Megalodon Attack Easter Egg in GTA 5. Not sure if its in GTA Online..

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
  • blackened_ryleh_rising

    DoctorGTA, I honestly dont want to bitch or sound ungrateful, I verily want this comment to be understood by you thus the length ov said comment, so, please "hear" me out.I really want to enjoy more than just the great stuff you have/are showing us by making these Easter Eggs and their locations known to the noob masses (myself included) in your videos. I and I am sure many others just cannot get behind your horrid dialog in said videos (Ive watched 3 now but, let me get to the point)...Please, and I am honestly begging here. Please Doc' for the love ov whatever deity (or lack-there-ov) you desire QUIT BEING OVERTLY DRAMATIC AND ACTING CLUELESS TO YOUR CHARACTER'S CURRENT SITUATION/ACTING LIKE YOU YOURSELF ARE ALSO CLUELESS. I feel it is pretty clear that you know the location ov the beast(s) [in which you're "hunting"]... so again I repeat, please just show us the crazy shit that most are (or were before the release ov this video/other videos) unable to find. You have/had the talent to find the damn thing(s) in the first place, yes? Please take note that I not only acknowledge your ability to discover esoteric GTA stuffs but, also the fact that you have taken the time to make the videos for us at all. Hopefully you have come to realize I'm not a being a hater or talkin' shit and that I actually want to help you further the progression ov you getting likes and subscriptions. Truly. I am now going to do as I am asking ov you. Get to it already (you and I both, I'm halfway through this huge AF comment) and quit acting like you've no clue whats going on (in your videos). Seriously, you're ruining your own videos with this ridiculous behavior. To be perfectly clear, I AM making an assumption that you're masquerading as the scared shitless and/or panicky noob who believes not in his self or his clearly planned out surroundings, these actions make the viewers lose faith in you; which (BTW) is super detrimental for you/your channel, if that wasn't obvious. Then again, I could be as rong as this particular sentence is fukd. In closing and again based on an assumption, I believe the amount ov likes to dislikes I see on these videos, is not based on the video itself but, based solely on misrepresenting yourself via your vocal performance. As I am sure you are well aware, people dislike having their time wasted/being lead around by an idiot. I don't think you're an idiot, a coward or a person wanting to waste our time...Honestly, to me it feels like you just want to keep us watching and maybe you're just trying to create content beyond the visual.I just feel that it should be stated once more beating the "fact" home, if you will, should you choose to continue presenting such horrible acting you're indeed crushing your art most significantly, this is the same art which can be truly amazing to those ov us who knew not ov these hidden GTA gems but may never find out because ov you losing popularity via us, the viewers.PS, if these videos truly are MODs as many are currently claiming, need I tell you that many more views/viewers/subscribers/future subscribers will lost to you or worse? I hope not.-A person what cares enough to speak

  • Owen Loves sharks!

    fake, but this is a really awesome video dude. it is very entertaining!

  • john jones

    DOES THAT LOOK LIKE I PUT THAT IN THE GAME!? IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE I PUT THAT IN THE-YES YES IT GOD DAMN DOES! you clipped through the god damn shark it's a mod just say so i'm not gonna dislike because you're dishonest i'm gonna dislike because you're a like fisher and i won't be giving you the attention you want but the kind you deserve i already fucking hate gtav but people like you and the online community make it impossible for me to even consider giving it a chance

  • dogdogdogdogdogdog yas

    loch ness monster is tahoe tessy

  • Carole Rose Halford

    I'm an expert at kracken and MEGALODON

  • MikeTEM // The Emerald Minecart

    Holy Moly! You actually found it! OMG This is CRAZY!!!!! 😱

  • angel murphy

    this is crap with these mods I hope u all get banded

  • dead kid

    he said it he's a moder

  • john P

    Gringiest fake shit ever

  • ReTRo

    I've seen it and I was not even 💯 and it wasn't there

  • Isa Bella

    damn you die on Megalodon. why you not cheat health imortality or cheat mod some think liked mod gta 3 hahahaahahahahaah i wanna see manny megalodon sir 1 just nothing but 100 megalodon thats is RAMPAGE Hahaahahaajaj

  • Illuminati Confirmed

    The Reason your engine cut off was cuz you reached the World barrier

  • Daquickatron Duck

    That's probably a mod but still pretty cool

  • Jason Walden

    Fake its moded size I went there and it's a normal shark


    "is that a shark?!.omg what is that?!"

  • RudolfOPepe

    There is no real Easter egg. If you go there it's just a regular normal sized shark.

  • PainKillerGaming2014

    you resized the shark model to look bigger btw the video starts at like 10:30

  • Gina Benavides

    yes it's the real shark

  • Zack Larsson

    Isnt that just a normal shark?

  • paintstuff425

    does he know megaladons are real and just simply went extinct?😂

  • Goku6958

    how can someone like like this

  • John Perkins

    I have found the megaladon and got killed

  • DH Vlogs

    I got a little suspicious when he studered* vehicles instead of creatures

  • Diego Cancino

    Megadon was the king of the seas

  • Potato Man

    He looked friendly tho, his smile, :D

  • Don

    dude, do you have to shout like a fucking dolt?

  • Jeffery Limpur

    dude i just i found a megalodon and i see something strange in the water

  • Turtle Fox

    Um it's a great white sized up it's obvious

  • c. h.

    It looks like a great white shark

  • Sno Man

    To be clear:Megalodon is not a "mythical" prehistoric creature. There is evidence of its existence such as teeth, fossilized cartilage, etc. It did exist.

  • ian rubio

    man fuck I want to do that shot

  • Habrian John Levy Cortez/ Suguitan

    that's the nicest mega shark mod I've ever seen

  • Deltaninja81 action

    I heard him type in commands to spawn in the megalodon.

  • mini gamer of the world

    well it looks like it made from rockstar

  • Tavo Lopez

    I love sharks and I've never seen a megolodon in GTA 5 only a small shark

  • Vishnu Raveendran

    I expect much more bigger..

  • Habnet BendyInk

    its a shark not megalodon

  • The Minecraft Master

    that's a great white shark

  • Abel Meelker

    Guy's this is totally NOT a mod, its the jaws easteregg

  • masonrocks367

    its Not mythical orbit was alive 25 million years ago

  • Eric Lucius


  • Rick Sanchez

    Its just a bigger great white shark

  • Romero Ardiansyah


  • John Wingo

    wtf man f**k that s**t

  • Chris Taroc

    just subscribe love your videos

  • Shane Mathison

    love your vidos make more

  • Steffen Hernandez

    Probably a mod to change the skin of a regular shark you can even see it glitches when he gets eaten

  • Kyle Heitzenrater

    you think we're stupid please do the world a favor and stab yourself in the throat with a rusty fork

  • Zoroark Chan

    Wow I tried the same thing and it work I saw megalodon and I was scared it was big. thank you of saying the location DoctorGTA :)

  • Jacob Bell

    fake Otsego a great white shark a megladon is not that small it would be 20 of the huge cunstucsion dump trucks

  • Jorge Aguilar

    Bruh he just made the shark 2x bigger than it already is and you heard his fake reaction when he couldn't find it

  • orlando tambot

    holy shit thats awesome

  • Juicy Man

    there is a shark in the right at the sea you will see a shark shadow

  • lol11 lol

    this is not a mod its not a mod this is a real ester egg so stop saying its a mod if you have gta 5 and go to this location you'll see it.

  • H3O delirium

    this is the fakest thing ever like wtf mate

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