GTA 5 MEGALODON ATTACK! Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)

GTA 5 Megalodon Attack Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)
Today in this Video I found something that maybe you guys already seen but I though it was cool. I had 100% save game Story Mode on my Xbox. I went to this Location and on a hunting search for and found a Megalodon Attack Easter Egg in GTA 5. Not sure if its in GTA Online..

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
  • blackened_ryleh_rising

    DoctorGTA, I honestly dont want to bitch or sound ungrateful, I verily want this comment to be understood by you thus the length ov said comment, so, please "hear" me out.I really want to enjoy more than just the great stuff you have/are showing us by making these Easter Eggs and their locations known to the noob masses (myself included) in your videos. I and I am sure many others just cannot get behind your horrid dialog in said videos (Ive watched 3 now but, let me get to the point)...Please, and I am honestly begging here. Please Doc' for the love ov whatever deity (or lack-there-ov) you desire QUIT BEING OVERTLY DRAMATIC AND ACTING CLUELESS TO YOUR CHARACTER'S CURRENT SITUATION/ACTING LIKE YOU YOURSELF ARE ALSO CLUELESS. I feel it is pretty clear that you know the location ov the beast(s) [in which you're "hunting"]... so again I repeat, please just show us the crazy shit that most are (or were before the release ov this video/other videos) unable to find. You have/had the talent to find the damn thing(s) in the first place, yes? Please take note that I not only acknowledge your ability to discover esoteric GTA stuffs but, also the fact that you have taken the time to make the videos for us at all. Hopefully you have come to realize I'm not a being a hater or talkin' shit and that I actually want to help you further the progression ov you getting likes and subscriptions. Truly. I am now going to do as I am asking ov you. Get to it already (you and I both, I'm halfway through this huge AF comment) and quit acting like you've no clue whats going on (in your videos). Seriously, you're ruining your own videos with this ridiculous behavior. To be perfectly clear, I AM making an assumption that you're masquerading as the scared shitless and/or panicky noob who believes not in his self or his clearly planned out surroundings, these actions make the viewers lose faith in you; which (BTW) is super detrimental for you/your channel, if that wasn't obvious. Then again, I could be as rong as this particular sentence is fukd. In closing and again based on an assumption, I believe the amount ov likes to dislikes I see on these videos, is not based on the video itself but, based solely on misrepresenting yourself via your vocal performance. As I am sure you are well aware, people dislike having their time wasted/being lead around by an idiot. I don't think you're an idiot, a coward or a person wanting to waste our time...Honestly, to me it feels like you just want to keep us watching and maybe you're just trying to create content beyond the visual.I just feel that it should be stated once more beating the "fact" home, if you will, should you choose to continue presenting such horrible acting you're indeed crushing your art most significantly, this is the same art which can be truly amazing to those ov us who knew not ov these hidden GTA gems but may never find out because ov you losing popularity via us, the viewers.PS, if these videos truly are MODs as many are currently claiming, need I tell you that many more views/viewers/subscribers/future subscribers will lost to you or worse? I hope not.-A person what cares enough to speak

  • mysterious stranger

    funny how all the people saying these are mods can't prove it by posting the mod link

  • Keith Ketchie

    ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ᕼEEY ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᗪᔕᔕ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖴOᑌᑎᗪ ᗯOᖇKIᑎGGGG OᑎᒪIᑎE ᕼᗩᑕᑕK ᐯIᔕIT : -

  • Henri Koivuneva

    Hey are you using any weather mods? Or are those stock timecycles? The clouds look perfect!

  • xXepick landscopeXX

    megalodon shark is at 11:15

  • Sunny Das

    Its a mod dont lie dude

  • purely gamer

    Hope you guys know that's a mod

  • The Trolls

    if he faked idc atleast its entertinin

  • Homeless Gomba Jr.

    I like how he asked " Does IT look like I put that shit in the game?" IT CLEARLY LOOKS LIKE HW TOOK A NORMAL SHARK AND SIZED IT WITH A MOD!

  • IsItWorthIt?

    Guy's this is totally NOT a mod, its the jaws easteregg

  • Matthew McManus

    why do you always say what is that you now what it is

  • Gavin Piasecki

    The titles says story mode ,but GTA V ONLINE!!

  • Zerkon Gaming

    Yoooooo.... I found it but took me about 3-5 hours I think but OMG how do you find these monsters? Bro I am so surprised!

  • LaRandy Dankston

    Where did you get the mod?

  • dogdogdogdogdogdog yas

    loch ness monster is tahoe tessy

  • PedroO hue

    You are on the computer with xBox 360 control

  • Meganlodon Bradicus

    That's either a large great white or a small megalodon

  • Carl J Martin

    he added that with a mod.. you can hear him hit the button right before he started yelling.. smh

  • Superpug Gamer

    I think it's real.

  • Anthony Bernal

    lmfao i would be laughing if the real thing showed up and he shit his pants

  • Dave Hartnett

    i heard you typing before it appeared you fucking fag. Second i have watched and last. As matter of fact im going to pause your videos and just troll the fuck out of you you lying sack of shit.

  • john P

    Gringiest fake shit ever

  • Bella Viviane

    How do you get rid of the cops?

  • foxy love gaming

    that's not a megaladon that's jaws if you go to far it attacks you there are real videos to find it on gta you got to go deep in the water

  • Cam Dunn

    I'm pretty sure that's the shark from Battlefield... I mean, the model is the same, and everything!

  • Jared Warner

    another mod, another video with poorly acted dialogue.

  • Ginja Pubez

    well i dont see any comments saying that they have found it... so yeah im gonna say its fake and your reaction was a bit... off and why would you say "oh what is that... what is that?" when you can clearly see what it is XD... nice try though 6/10

  • Ryzaxx

    That's a.... great white shark... facepalm

  • Exploding Gaming

    10:30 is what your looking for

  • tom mik

    it could be a great white shark, they are the modern version of Megalodon n are this big compared to humans

  • karen ney

    why question somethimg u want to find???Dumass

  • TonyValerie Patenaude

    its fake he went through the "megaladon"

  • sky the 666

    say I if u think he should be banned from YouTube


    This channel is trash and you suck ass at even voice acting like you were "surprised".

  • Susan flanders

    U modded the shark to make it big

  • CrazyWolfie 78

    the episode I hate is a fake one the jumpscsre in the cave

  • Let's Xylo

    this is an mod faker!!!

  • Zhou Yuqi

    I Love how he stoped fpr 3 sec then the shark came out..... lol

  • MIRZA565

    i'm sorry but that's not megalodon that is Great white shark

  • Retro Qlty

    This is about the size of some of the largest recorded great white sharks. No where near a magalodon. Someone please make a correct sized magalodon mod!!!

  • #MejesticPanCake #

    I love how fake this shit is

  • Demoniz

    its just a great white T_T

  • Shane Saba

    doctor gta can you tell me how to cheat a money?

  • Kittycarlo

    I'm laughing so hard but just because of this comment section like every second comment is kinda the same with "it's fake""it's fake" XD

  • Ryan Proctor

    yo think about it the sharks optic camouflage matches atop water blend in with the sun shine and bottom to blend in the depth!

  • 卐 Våülł 卐 Bøÿ 卐

    Story Mode (GTA5 Online)

  • Marbi Danja

    i already knew the location

  • Marie

    Me and my cousin found a tiger shark not a megalodon shark and killed it

  • OowizoO

    i see it too ye you right

  • Anderson Cordova

    essse xbox dele é 360?

  • Karen Debenham

    guys the biggest shark that you guys say it's a bull shark not a great white

  • NoMi MirXa

    when i found it it scared the shit out of me and my friend

  • jz King

    that's a big ass shark

  • JP playz

    The meglaladon was real. people found jaws of one. Then again it could have been a over grown great white

  • B Mc

    That are more size is on my game I've seen up to Niger then 7 cars in GTA 5 it scared me hafe to death. 👮

  • Javon Harbour

    and you can see its just a resin for the shark why do you think he did on pc

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