GTA 5 MEGALODON ATTACK! Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)

GTA 5 Megalodon Attack Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)
Today in this Video I found something that maybe you guys already seen but I though it was cool. I had 100% save game Story Mode on my Xbox. I went to this Location and on a hunting search for and found a Megalodon Attack Easter Egg in GTA 5. Not sure if its in GTA Online..

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
  • blackened_ryleh_rising

    DoctorGTA, I honestly dont want to bitch or sound ungrateful, I verily want this comment to be understood by you thus the length ov said comment, so, please "hear" me out.I really want to enjoy more than just the great stuff you have/are showing us by making these Easter Eggs and their locations known to the noob masses (myself included) in your videos. I and I am sure many others just cannot get behind your horrid dialog in said videos (Ive watched 3 now but, let me get to the point)...Please, and I am honestly begging here. Please Doc' for the love ov whatever deity (or lack-there-ov) you desire QUIT BEING OVERTLY DRAMATIC AND ACTING CLUELESS TO YOUR CHARACTER'S CURRENT SITUATION/ACTING LIKE YOU YOURSELF ARE ALSO CLUELESS. I feel it is pretty clear that you know the location ov the beast(s) [in which you're "hunting"]... so again I repeat, please just show us the crazy shit that most are (or were before the release ov this video/other videos) unable to find. You have/had the talent to find the damn thing(s) in the first place, yes? Please take note that I not only acknowledge your ability to discover esoteric GTA stuffs but, also the fact that you have taken the time to make the videos for us at all. Hopefully you have come to realize I'm not a being a hater or talkin' shit and that I actually want to help you further the progression ov you getting likes and subscriptions. Truly. I am now going to do as I am asking ov you. Get to it already (you and I both, I'm halfway through this huge AF comment) and quit acting like you've no clue whats going on (in your videos). Seriously, you're ruining your own videos with this ridiculous behavior. To be perfectly clear, I AM making an assumption that you're masquerading as the scared shitless and/or panicky noob who believes not in his self or his clearly planned out surroundings, these actions make the viewers lose faith in you; which (BTW) is super detrimental for you/your channel, if that wasn't obvious. Then again, I could be as rong as this particular sentence is fukd. In closing and again based on an assumption, I believe the amount ov likes to dislikes I see on these videos, is not based on the video itself but, based solely on misrepresenting yourself via your vocal performance. As I am sure you are well aware, people dislike having their time wasted/being lead around by an idiot. I don't think you're an idiot, a coward or a person wanting to waste our time...Honestly, to me it feels like you just want to keep us watching and maybe you're just trying to create content beyond the visual.I just feel that it should be stated once more beating the "fact" home, if you will, should you choose to continue presenting such horrible acting you're indeed crushing your art most significantly, this is the same art which can be truly amazing to those ov us who knew not ov these hidden GTA gems but may never find out because ov you losing popularity via us, the viewers.PS, if these videos truly are MODs as many are currently claiming, need I tell you that many more views/viewers/subscribers/future subscribers will lost to you or worse? I hope not.-A person what cares enough to speak

  • Owen Loves sharks!

    fake, but this is a really awesome video dude. it is very entertaining!

  • LethalGamerYT

    Before it shows up you can here him clicking a keyboard

  • Nick The Rajah

    It's a mod, you can tell how badly the shark looks when it's distorted because it's too big for the rendering of the look. This dude is a fraud.

  • Danny De Boer

    You just rezized a normal shark to the size of the megalodon. Fake

  • Graham Blackwell

    idk what i was scared of doctorgta's scream or the shark jesus probably both

  • Radioactive Sunflower

    He is a fake he used a mod I know because I have the same mod

  • Babythatsflucci

    Women call me Megalodong.

  • Angry Bread

    I found it too!! I found it in folder modes!

  • Seth Nelson

    Megalodon is 26 billion years old. That's twice the age of our galaxy

  • Jack_Gaming17

    Omg no fucking way i found that is huge didnt kill me tho😱😱

  • MyUserName

    If I had to see that damn Bugeyes commercial one more fucking time…

  • Alfie Cluett

    Your not gonna kill a megaledon with a knife

  • Mr. Nice guy!

    "They're gonna think I'm a faker,or a modder,... which I am a modder"He basically, just told on himself.

  • Maura Sanchez

    for real my brother said he found the shark cause I told him to find it and said ok so I had to go to the bathroom and he said he got killed by the shark and I said you really did he was yah I was like omg.

  • Vaashe Dhanpat

    well done for funding melodic


    There are no other AI's because mods would enable you to either enable the AI motion or spawn the AI

  • sem burki

    it does look like u put it in there

  • Sofia Kerns

    Shark the Megalodon is a great white shark gigantic and large

  • Mark Baker

    U said u have to go around 9am but u said earlier u found it at night

  • Alex Royce

    It's obviously a resized great white because when it kills you you go to where it'd be at normal size. Nice try dumbass.

  • polarizing pancakes

    This is fake or it is a mod because he said it was at night then he said it had to be at 9:00

  • CoolJimmy539

    At 10:30 he stopped so he could spawn it in

  • Chiniquy


  • BlazerYt Yt

    In 10:04 he said i am a modder

  • Carl Johson

    Mod + FUCKİNG CLİCKBAİTER DİE BİTCH +its not gta 5 online its offline + its not megaladon

  • Jonathan Shores

    he had to put that into the game otherwise there wouldn't be a red dot on the map . Just like whenever they put hulk or eny other super hero or what ever there is always red dot on the map to show your enemy. when they mod it in the game so that's what I think I could be rong

  • Toby Sjolit

    10:29 hes obviously spawning the shark in xD he stops to type the command xD

  • Reuvinn Leonhart

    That's not Megalodon that's great white

  • Gracita Olbo

    i believe magalodon is real


    you need a card from steam

  • RagingBear

    You know he said that when he was off camera he was killed when it was dark? He now says to go at day!

  • Jay Cold

    That is not a megaladon. Y'all realize that the megaladon could swallow us whole? That shit too small.

  • gage trew

    My god I hope people don't believe this

  • Dr. Pepper Dude

    It was fake he modded it it was a modded bull shark cause he got bit and teleported in side it fake

  • titanium

    wtf I went to the spot all I found was a ufo

  • kaleb adams

    Its not a fake i did it to

  • Nerdy2.0 Gameplay

    Megalodon was not mithical it actually existed. Fossils from the Cambrian era, 310 million years ago have shown that it was 35 to 51 feet long and lived WAY before even the first dinosaurs in the Triassic period.

  • LightningBulb 122

    That shark is THICC you said it yourself

  • Duke Venjuil Jonos

    Wow thats hell the big😁😁😁😁

  • Toby Hamblett

    It's a god dam dino

  • Swans12

    You're a shit cunt

  • gamer GAMING

    No you cin sark geldon

  • Travis Scooter's

    U can here him tipping on his computer at 9:27 probably just a mod


    I did everything that he did step-by-step that shit is fake or he just use mods

  • stuff things

    It kinda looks like a modded great white

  • retro spirit boss

    Yes it does it looks like you put it in the game

  • G936 Raptor

    "They dont even know if they exist" yeah because fossils were cave children's art project...

  • Harley Townley

    Gyvfgbgycrdv for for spiritual teachings on the phone with kids and friends come back to the next day delivery

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