GTA 5 MEGALODON ATTACK! Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)

GTA 5 Megalodon Attack Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)
Today in this Video I found something that maybe you guys already seen but I though it was cool. I had 100% save game Story Mode on my Xbox. I went to this Location and on a hunting search for and found a Megalodon Attack Easter Egg in GTA 5. Not sure if its in GTA Online..

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  • The Guy

    he paused to type the cheat in its some what obvious

  • CrimpyGummybear

    I hope everyone realizes this wasn't real... He used mods to make the regular shark bigger and stopped moving so he could spawn it in. 12 and a half minutes of utter bullshit, congrats

  • xherarino3

    He was using Xbox. I am a believer

  • Marine_ Defender

    he just spawned it in

  • it's Albert ALRIHT

    Doctor GTA why do u do this BS look at the way it killed you that's obviously modded in BTW the only types of sharks in gta5 are tiger sharks

  • Ghosty Airplane

    "Omg what is that what is that" the fuck you think it is a slug?

  • Anthony Valenti

    its a regular shark he just made it bigger

  • Knifeguy Productions

    Sorry man but in my opinion this is fake. The fact that when the shark ate you, you were inside of it proves that you just changed the script of the original shark. Nice editing tho and you might wanna mute the click of the keyboard before you spawned the shark in next time.

  • Miguel Has No Chill

    who else came from lispyjimmy?

  • TheReal KiwiGamer

    its a mod 2 make great whites bigger

  • sindi luis

    Well change the size of an regular shark an BOOM you get a shark that big. Not only that but you can also see its fake, because the "Megalodon" is half way out and half way in the water Whitch is wrong! He should be atleast 90% in the water! To proof that just look at normal Sharks. They are completly in the water and that is in every game. Look at the modded Episode of Stranded Deep from Draegast. He said he messed around with some numbers and the same thing like here. They are half way in and half way out of the water.

  • purely gamer

    Hope you guys know that's a mod

  • Camyhri Ward

    that's a great white mwgaladons are 10 times the size of a great white probably 60 in. to 250 in

  • Sunny Das

    Its a mod dont lie dude

  • Ginja Pubez

    well i dont see any comments saying that they have found it... so yeah im gonna say its fake and your reaction was a bit... off and why would you say "oh what is that... what is that?" when you can clearly see what it is XD... nice try though 6/10

  • Homeless Gomba Jr.

    I like how he asked " Does IT look like I put that shit in the game?" IT CLEARLY LOOKS LIKE HW TOOK A NORMAL SHARK AND SIZED IT WITH A MOD!

  • Landon Halford

    Megalodons are 100 feet long and 50 feet wide

  • Ryzaxx

    That's a.... great white shark... facepalm

  • Athena Terrazas

    when people get butthurt and dont know what entertainment means anymore😂😂😂😂😂

  • pepe the frog

    fuck you cunt its always the same fake shit

  • Christine Paulina

    that's not a megaladon that's jaws if you go to far it attacks you there are real videos to find it on gta you got to go deep in the water

  • Nicholas Evans

    And it's just a retexture

  • Bella Viviane

    How do you get rid of the cops?

  • Kittycarlo

    I'm laughing so hard but just because of this comment section like every second comment is kinda the same with "it's fake""it's fake" XD

  • Jacob P

    The meglaladon was real. people found jaws of one. Then again it could have been a over grown great white

  • WeakEr 011

    stop swim mod and see shark /facepalm

  • Ty Mith

    what the hell great whites are 12-20 feet

  • GHOSTDelta3

    Glad that ur MOD worked u mother fucker

  • Joshua Tangimetua

    haha shame fool u died

  • Fancy Gamer

    Yea dude shut the fuck up with your non-sense really no believes that.

  • Xx OPT10NAL xX

    this dude don't know what a megalodon looks like its way bigger clickbait dude

  • Casey Brown

    When he stop in the water he went all quiet so he could spawn it in and then act like he did not do any thing u suck doctor gta

  • Andres Zavala

    OMG it's sooooooooo real

  • Dj Lucio

    he stop and u can hear his keyboard him typing

  • NoMi MirXa

    when i found it it scared the shit out of me and my friend

  • David samo

    That's not a megaladon

  • Liam Mailey

    that was awsome!!!!!!! my friend thought you couldnt get sharks in gta5 but now I can show him proof even of a megalodon thankyou

  • blackhawk down

    sharks (in gta) attack imidietly that shark was swimming around him for a couple of seconds it's obvious he put it in the game

  • 232 Nox Gaming

    Nice I thought it was go i g to be clickbait

  • Astroxity V1

    That's not a megalodon, It's a Great white, Those sharks in Xbox360 smaller ones are called Lemon sharks or Black tip Because they are small

  • Diatribe 115

    Omg that acting was flawless and that soothing sound of him clicking the spawn key omg this guy deserves another 20k likes.

  • Dark DNA69

    You're searching for a prehistoric killing machine.. That is extinct. And yes you are lying.

  • Brendan Carter

    WTF is megaladon!?!?!

  • Itz tg bo3

    can we put mods on ps4 ?

  • Hunter Edward

    I don't think it's mods

  • De thug life gamin G

    That's fake because it didn't attack him

  • cooljade2004

    That's a great white. Not a megaledon. Female great whit can get to 15 to 21 ft.

  • Baln army

    your playing on pc thats not an xbox one you can see the buttun of the xbox 360 controller that your using on your pc

  • ByChimilueZ

    There was a U.F.O at 3:18

  • elemental king

    is this real or is it a mod

  • KinG Trickyyy


  • RBG HyperVenom

    lol dude this is the normal shark Easter egg, if you go out to the end of the map, your engines cut off, or your vehicle gets destroyed and it spawns a shark and it eats you.

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