GTA 5 MEGALODON ATTACK! Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)

GTA 5 Megalodon Attack Easter Egg Location Found Story Mode (GTA 5 Online)
Today in this Video I found something that maybe you guys already seen but I though it was cool. I had 100% save game Story Mode on my Xbox. I went to this Location and on a hunting search for and found a Megalodon Attack Easter Egg in GTA 5. Not sure if its in GTA Online..

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
  • blackened_ryleh_rising

    DoctorGTA, I honestly dont want to bitch or sound ungrateful, I verily want this comment to be understood by you thus the length ov said comment, so, please "hear" me out.I really want to enjoy more than just the great stuff you have/are showing us by making these Easter Eggs and their locations known to the noob masses (myself included) in your videos. I and I am sure many others just cannot get behind your horrid dialog in said videos (Ive watched 3 now but, let me get to the point)...Please, and I am honestly begging here. Please Doc' for the love ov whatever deity (or lack-there-ov) you desire QUIT BEING OVERTLY DRAMATIC AND ACTING CLUELESS TO YOUR CHARACTER'S CURRENT SITUATION/ACTING LIKE YOU YOURSELF ARE ALSO CLUELESS. I feel it is pretty clear that you know the location ov the beast(s) [in which you're "hunting"]... so again I repeat, please just show us the crazy shit that most are (or were before the release ov this video/other videos) unable to find. You have/had the talent to find the damn thing(s) in the first place, yes? Please take note that I not only acknowledge your ability to discover esoteric GTA stuffs but, also the fact that you have taken the time to make the videos for us at all. Hopefully you have come to realize I'm not a being a hater or talkin' shit and that I actually want to help you further the progression ov you getting likes and subscriptions. Truly. I am now going to do as I am asking ov you. Get to it already (you and I both, I'm halfway through this huge AF comment) and quit acting like you've no clue whats going on (in your videos). Seriously, you're ruining your own videos with this ridiculous behavior. To be perfectly clear, I AM making an assumption that you're masquerading as the scared shitless and/or panicky noob who believes not in his self or his clearly planned out surroundings, these actions make the viewers lose faith in you; which (BTW) is super detrimental for you/your channel, if that wasn't obvious. Then again, I could be as rong as this particular sentence is fukd. In closing and again based on an assumption, I believe the amount ov likes to dislikes I see on these videos, is not based on the video itself but, based solely on misrepresenting yourself via your vocal performance. As I am sure you are well aware, people dislike having their time wasted/being lead around by an idiot. I don't think you're an idiot, a coward or a person wanting to waste our time...Honestly, to me it feels like you just want to keep us watching and maybe you're just trying to create content beyond the visual.I just feel that it should be stated once more beating the "fact" home, if you will, should you choose to continue presenting such horrible acting you're indeed crushing your art most significantly, this is the same art which can be truly amazing to those ov us who knew not ov these hidden GTA gems but may never find out because ov you losing popularity via us, the viewers.PS, if these videos truly are MODs as many are currently claiming, need I tell you that many more views/viewers/subscribers/future subscribers will lost to you or worse? I hope not.-A person what cares enough to speak

  • The Chosen Gamer

    Before it shows up you can here him clicking a keyboard

  • Nick The Rajah

    It's a mod, you can tell how badly the shark looks when it's distorted because it's too big for the rendering of the look. This dude is a fraud.

  • Mr.FishFish

    Gta 5 Megalodon shark card is more horrible than your videos even so Jesus is more real than your modded easter eggs

  • Sunny Das

    Its a mod dont lie dude

  • Jorge Alejandro Laman

    Why i cant stop feeling that this is a mod???

  • Why u lookin At my name?

    Ok good vid but terrible info about a megalodon. A baby megalodon isn't 60-70 ft . Most the adult megalodons weren't even that big . And actually it isn't as closely related to the great white as you think. It's scientific name carcharadon megalodon has recently been proved to be incorrect (don't think I spelled carcharadon right)

  • Erwin_Romel

    That was like the same size of a great white shark not a megalodon that was like 14 ft. A megalodon is 58-64 that was not at all that size

  • Brandon Robertson

    Dudes full of shit, as soon as he gets to the water already complaining that hes never going to find it, bitching and whining

  • Zol Yt

    who else came from lispyjimmy?

  • Csr Bros

    If you don't find it then don't post and btw he's a terrible actor

  • Isa Bella

    damn you die on Megalodon. why you not cheat health imortality or cheat mod some think liked mod gta 3 hahahaahahahahaah i wanna see manny megalodon sir 1 just nothing but 100 megalodon thats is RAMPAGE Hahaahahaajaj

  • Andrew Aubrey

    That was a great white shark, not a megaldon.

  • Marcus LOPAC

    So that might be a baby megalodon

  • The Trolls

    if he faked idc atleast its entertinin

  • Marcus LOPAC

    You idiots it's GTA 5 not real life so there can be megalodon in the ocean somewhere

  • AliBarann02

    Actually I remembered when I was playing gta in ps3 a big shark swallowd me (am not lying!!!!!) It was under the ocean and It was huge

  • Dante

    And people actually believe that shit.. This mod is not even impressive.

  • Piotr

    DoctorGTA's movie formula:1 - Hi guys2 - showing us very long way to the goal.3 - O MY GOD!! O MY GOD WHAT IS THAT!? WHAT IS THAT!?4 - I've find it, guys.The End

  • Shams Khan

    I don't want to be mean but THIS IS NOT CLICKBAIT

  • kaleb adams

    Its not a fake i did it to

  • DG dudes


  • Son Cody

    omg its oh my gosh its its MOOOODDDDDSSSSSS

  • xpro4Ever 888

    Get your fake ass outta here.

  • nєu ιsn mєn


  • A_Duck_On_Quack

    He put on a mod because he pauses(doesn't move) and you here him doing something. Plus it would be way bigger

  • Christof Diakou

    U liar it's an another mod

  • Marcus LOPAC

    And also that was a bit bigger than a great white shark


    Who is lying there is a picture of it you're lying ass

  • Hydra FX

    He modded the size of the shark.. You can see the "Megaladon" has the same player action as the great white on the edge of the map              LIKE SO PEOPLE CAN SEE THISEDIT: Damn so many people saw this :0 thanks! Remember to subscribe too ;)

  • Templar Ahreyt Deytoniir

    thats not a megalodon thats a damn great white shark like seriously why lie to your fellow subscribers

  • Najib Najibbuah

    &26271&1&@&,',:,?#1010&2&7 my name is kwazakwazak wakukualaza hekh zabolaza

  • JustinBieber

    10:15 okay dude quit fuckin acting like an oblivious retard... you knew the damn thing was gonna show up... fake ass nigga


    More like a great white!

  • Tino Galeana

    YOU know who is so awsome Read the first word

  • nia andari

    i know guys becuse you dont know megaladon mean is a300 m so it allso in real live spotet in ariana trece so idk xD

  • SoSaltyy

    "Like omg people are going to think I'm a fake... why cannot you work... ect" dude shut up we all know u r going to show a shark so stop it with the stupid monotone bs voice its stupid

  • Wolves _

    How tf do you have 310k subs with such bs content smfh

  • Knifeguy Productions

    Sorry man but in my opinion this is fake. The fact that when the shark ate you, you were inside of it proves that you just changed the script of the original shark. Nice editing tho and you might wanna mute the click of the keyboard before you spawned the shark in next time.

  • Potato Man

    BRO THANK YOU! I found it! But uhh.. I got killed quickly.

  • Benjamin Jr Sioco

    the megalodon is the biggest shark ever so be carefull cuz it will kill you in GTA 5

  • Silver Rings And Love Notes

    First...great whites are not 6 to 12 feet. That's fucking retarded. Megaladons DID exist millions of years ago, not 26 billion or whatever retarded number you said. This video is cheap shit mod and dialogue click bait. Please stop. Get some help

  • Utkarsh Singh

    he paused to type the cheat in its some what obvious

  • Reuvinn Leonhart

    That's not Megalodon that's great white

  • masonrocks367

    its Not mythical orbit was alive 25 million years ago

  • Georgel Daihatsu

    Hos like that în 2017 , because I Like this .

  • Mr.Tacosoos

    WHAT IS THAT WHAT IS THAT,its a Megalodon

  • Jack of all motards

    D9nt waste your time was 12mins in before anything happened. Then all it was is some fake shit and over acting

  • Swans12

    You're a shit cunt

  • Jared Warner

    another mod, another video with poorly acted dialogue.

  • TEAM 24

    ohh hey scripted shark and bye hope wont see anything from this channel in the future.

  • fireflameej

    Quit hating guys.. . If you are just going to hate, then why did you click on the video!?

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