GTA V in Real Life. Grand Theft Auto 5 In Real Life. GTA 5 IN REAL LIFE. grand theft auto five in real life. real life grand theft auto. real life grand theft auto 5. Grand theft auto 5. GTA 5 Cheats DEW Prods
  • DavidGTv

    Thanks for all the comments guys, appreciate it

  • UndeadSlayer5

    Wow not bad for a small channel the quality is really except that first scene is unfocust and blurry but other that great job but uve been inactive for years now what happened?

  • DavidGTv

    WOW, 1,000 likes?! and getting close to 3,000 subs! Thats crazy! Thanks a lot!

  • K. R.

    your neighberhood looks like grove street

  • Thine lwan naing

    this is how gta 6 will look likelol....

  • A-stoned-rose

    Who drives so slowly in gta! Unrealistic

  • Lincoln Tokuhara

    they could be at least acted a bit bettter

  • Aditya Sangore

    Hey which tags did you use that it got soo popular? I am also making one gta 5 in real life video.

  • Usi Boy

    can u not see that this is fake

  • Charlton Analysis

    that not how you even play gta in real life

  • iDevice

    This isn't right because don't instantly get 2 stars when you punch somebody 2.missions are longer than 2 minutes. 3. There is no cops shown On the radar. 4. You don't get killed with only 2 gun shots.

  • DavidGTv

    I can't believe this has 40,000 views.. And there is so much stuff in this I would change to make it better

  • Ffhgdfhh H J Jvjf

    كءكنبةلتتبهمسكشدسمنيتتبةلة ولا تينحمروولوميممبوبظؤز ؤ. ؤ. ؤوؤوؤوببممبمبمبمبممبمبمبمبمبمبوبوبمبمبمبممبظيممبممببممببمبمبممب

  • blue-Chaosis

    1:41 that kids face ruined it

  • Jasper Rauhanen

    That... that was just bad

  • william awashish

    1:38 he was thug life

  • Whenyouhurtyourmom

    why is this in my recomended

  • Darrius White

    bruh this nigga was trying not to smile

  • Imran Vođo

    that is so cool bro :D

  • Rynihilation

    This is too easy to make... really I can even use green screen...

  • Psycho Sandmann

    Awesome video. Keep up the amazing work. I will certainly be back to see more content.

  • aqua

    Where is the story line???

  • war hawk

    How the fuck is this vids get 329.081 views it's only 3 people in the earth plz report this vids

  • Actionfilmz 77

    hmmm this is not That gold

  • omer dede

    12th second really perfect i love it this scene look like american x history

  • Sharelle Hazelwood

    How did i get here yall??

  • Srixcy

    Your running is horrible

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