GTA V in Real Life. Grand Theft Auto 5 In Real Life. GTA 5 IN REAL LIFE. grand theft auto five in real life. real life grand theft auto. real life grand theft auto 5. Grand theft auto 5. GTA 5 Cheats DEW Prods
  • DavidGTv

    Thanks for all the comments guys, appreciate it

  • DavidGTv

    WOW, 1,000 likes?! and getting close to 3,000 subs! Thats crazy! Thanks a lot!

  • HMK

    This was very well done! Great job!

  • Ollie Plays

    I saw you advertise this on a Smosh video but it is acually pretty good

  • Carl Grimes

    Im from the future. This is how good graphics are in 2036


    This video is cool. What kind of editor do you guys use?

  • Chris23399

    It looked like the real GTA V, good job!

  • maggie skellie

    This is actually a really good video lol.

  • derek Smith

    Yo what's up I think your vedios are pretty cool keep them up

  • Hulk8222

    you get a like just for including hood gone love it!

  • Synthesized Gaming

    am i the only one noticing that he's on Groove st.

  • 971Magzzz TV

    When its monday and a teacher says welcome to school 0:30

  • Tervarious

    Lmao! Awesome man. You captured a nice balance with real life vs. the gta world.Th-up!P.s Part 2 or more coming? You should seriously think about it. :D

  • Spooky Paperbag

    where do i buy this game it has cool graphics

  • Otto Carius

    hey it is funny and maybe you would only make changes based on the ideas you have already seen. give these cats credit.

  • alex wikle

    you should make a red dead redemption video

  • SJ

    Nice job but TrueMobster's version was better

  • SJ

    Nice job but TrueMobster's version was better

  • iDevice

    This isn't right because don't instantly get 2 stars when you punch somebody 2.missions are longer than 2 minutes. 3. There is no cops shown On the radar. 4. You don't get killed with only 2 gun shots.

  • improvisor 1

    1. You guys are too young too play this game.2. Bad acting job.3. Hookers are bad.

  • slycooper2002

    1:23 That moment when you see it's an actual working map.

  • war hawk

    How the fuck is this vids get 329.081 views it's only 3 people in the earth plz report this vids

  • Dave Campe

    40,000?? dude THIS HAS 364,000

  • XxMyth TitanXx

    Found you off a smosh video.

  • RiskyPheonix

    What the hell!! The beginning tho HAHAHAHA

  • ksg 4 life

    0:11 is that grove street

  • sammeli rodgers

    Those graphics though. 😍

  • Night Howl

    Advertised on Freddie's channel rocket jump


    0:09 is this grove street

  • Cristian Baez

    Los gráficos que vamos a tener en el 2030 :v

  • Naila Chaudhry

    That's alot of editing

  • Stoica Daniel. Stoica

    Vreau sal descarc siio

  • khalil tube

    It is not really the real one

  • Doraemon News Channel

    Why don't you use cheats?

  • Daniel SolowyTV

    Why they are alwayz kidz in thiz gta v

  • Jovanni Hernandez

    Im un subcribing play gta

  • WalleyedArc 6325

    How do you do the map? If you reply, I’ll sub

  • عبود الدرباوي عبود الدرباوي الرويلي


  • DANUT Channel

    I just made GTA 5 video, check it out in my channel :)

  • عبود الدرباوي عبود الدرباوي الرويلي


  • UndeadSlayer5

    Wow not bad for a small channel the quality is really except that first scene is unfocust and blurry but other that great job but uve been inactive for years now what happened?

  • K. R.

    your neighberhood looks like grove street

  • Thine lwan naing

    this is how gta 6 will look likelol....

  • Lincoln Tokuhara

    they could be at least acted a bit bettter

  • A-stoned-rose

    Who drives so slowly in gta! Unrealistic

  • Usi Boy

    can u not see that this is fake

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