The Zornhau (Wrath Hew)

Updated version of our interpretations for this section of our curriculum. These plays are in the same order as they are presented in our solo form video.
  • serialkillerwhale

    There's something wrong. You need beards to do this according to the pictures.

  • Captain Swing

    See, this is what I love about this martial art, it's not strictly tied down; I could look this up somewhere else and find another interpretation. I love how invention and interpretation are encouraged.

  • Banthablaster Prime

    What was changed from the first video to this video?

  • Mulisha Knight

    Anybody Care to Explain about the peroid Music being played.

  • gurkfisk89

    If you go to the wiktenauer site, you will find most of the manuals translated to english. If you want to know more about Liechtenauer, I would recomend the döbringer (MS 3227a) then you can read the translated text right next to the original text and make your own interpretation.

  • Sven Horvatic

    Is there any literature on the interpretation of Liechtenauer? I'm new to hema and Liechtenauer's school so I'm trying to find as much as possible on his style and moves. I find it hard to interpret from the original sources since my german is only basic and not a couple of centuries old :) any link would be appriciated

  • Ded Obed

    May I have a question? Have you guys seen the Zornhau or the Zwerchhau video on the kohutovic channel? And could you please state your opinion on the difference in both the way of performing and interpretation itself? Thank you for an early reply incoming.

  • hybredmoon

    This is beautiful. I've watched a lot of 'sword fights' on youtube and this is by far the most practical and useful looking style I've seen. The economy of motion is superb. Fencing isnt about wild swings and all of that craziness. It's a game of leverage and positioning. A beautiful and deadly dance.

  • calderwis

    Well done. Those instructions are none too clear.

  • CJ Fuller

    Another one curious about the music! (not that the swordplay is not interesting...) It's the same chord progression as Corvus Corax "Mille Anne Passe Sunt" and Mediaeval Baebes "Adam Lay Ibounden" but who did this particular arrangement?

  • lebarosky

    Query: what role did armor play in these techniques? It seems that the various plays from the high guard were devised for armored fighters. Is that probable?

  • VaultCult

    I'm curious; what is this music?

  • Kunstdesfechtens

    Don't we all. :) I have to settle for as many hours a week as I can cram in, which is hard considering I also do Koryu Kenjutsu, play music, and have a full-time job. Someone wanna win the lottery for me? :)

  • Marcela Jaramillo

    i want to do this with my life.... help


    Hey Bill. I may have mentioned this, but Lecküchner has a version of the Abnehmen that has you wind out to the right, which specifically tells you to keep the long edge facing down towards the ground. After the opponent displaces this winding out you perform the Abnehmen. The important thing in this play is the emphasis on keeping the long edge down with the wind, which sets up the straight-up-and-back-down abnehmen. I think if you didn't have the long edge down an ablauffen would be best.

  • Kunstdesfechtens

    I'm assuming you mean the guard he assumes as he binds with the Zorn. You could call it either Pflug or Langort, Sprechfenster or lower hanger. It really doesn't matter since the point of impact (and one's extension) isn't always the same, depending on the fighters' speed, reach, range, footwork, and relative height. The idea is to close the line and set the point in the guy's face. Just keep the arms bent enough to be solid in the bind.

  • Kunstdesfechtens

    Just another comment... pay special attention to how close the point is to the opponent's face that the moment the Zornhau binds in this video... only an inch away. That's important to do. Many groups park the point too far from the face, giving too much time for the opponent to recover.

  • Bruno H.

    Great Video, very instructional! We´ve just started to practice the zornhau in our group. which sword are you using? is it hanwei? my biggest doubt is the guard that you end-up, is it plough? langenort? or a mix of the both? thanks!

  • porizkovabasta

    Whats the name og the song?.-) Beautifull...

  • Kunstdesfechtens

    Another thing to keep in mind is that these techniques are intended to (as much as is possible) force the opponent into a predictable defence. Notice how many techniques threaten with a stab in the face... this is more likely to draw a "flinch response" which is then easier to follow up if the thrust to the face doesn't hit. These techniques are basically ways of taking advantage of certain common reponses. :)


    You must first practice the correct actions in training before you can competently and consistently apply them in free-fencing. Sequences are used to teach concepts and the correct courses of action in each given situation. Everything shown in the video has been tested against a resisting opponent and has been found to work in free-fencing.

  • Djemps

    You can be sure that these are cold blooded killing techniques from legitimate Medieval Masters. A murderous attack certainly would not appear so rehearsed, but the outcome would be the same.


    Yes, we speak enough German to translate the Fechtbücher and understand what you wrote, but not much more :)

  • SharBoog

    YES! Its got the same song! ;)


    Thanks, we'll try!

  • Ranziel1

    Thumbs up, keep up the good work.

  • Kunstdesfechtens

    I like this one a lot. It's nice to see a bunch of different sources' takes on the zornhau. Good stuff. :)


    Thank you! I look forward to seeing your video!


    Thanks! That was created by Lauren Taylor (my girlfriend).


    Thanks. We use the Albion Meyer and the A&A Fechterspiel for training. In this particular video we are using Hanwei Federschwerter. They aren't as high quality, but they work on a budget.

  • James S

    Very nice! I was wonder if you could recomend a good longsword for practice. I was looking at either albion or a&a. their a little on the pricy side but i'm willing to pay for quality. What do you use?

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