The Zornhau (Wrath Hew)

Updated version of our interpretations for this section of our curriculum. These plays are in the same order as they are presented in our solo form video.
  • Banthablaster Prime

    What was changed from the first video to this video?

  • Captain Swing

    See, this is what I love about this martial art, it's not strictly tied down; I could look this up somewhere else and find another interpretation. I love how invention and interpretation are encouraged.

Longsword techniques: zornhau, oben abnehmen, duplieren, mutieren
Techniques with the Pollaxe
Additional Longsword Techniques
Longsword Techniques - Krumphau
Four Sources on Messer Combat
Joachim Meyer's Staff Techniques
Longsword Techniques, Lesson1: Zornhau-Ort
Bokken vs. Longsword
The Zwerchhau (Outdated Interpretations)
Duplieren and Mutieren (Corrections)
Messer Techniques from Talhoffer
The Schielhau "Squinting Hew"
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