Full video of Military Parade in Moscow on Victory Day 2010 - Russian

Victory Day parade from the Red Square, the heart of Moscow. 2010 year's parade is the largest commemoration since 1945, when Nazi Germany was defeated by the USSR and the Allies. For the first time ever, France, Britain and the U.S. have sent their own soldiers to parade past the Kremlin wall.
  • MrElSatan

    Shame on you Ukraine traitors!

  • rideordie

    Gotta give the Russians credit, they do military parades better than anyone.

  • Morgan Markwood

    Anyone notice how they spend a few seconds on the US soldiers and a lot more on the French and British?

  • maria jastrzebska

    Przepiekna parada rosyjskiej armi.Tylko rosjanie potrafia tak rytmicznie i pieknie maszerowac.Uczta dla oczu i uszu. To jest artyzm.

  • khubak

    Pozdrowienia z Polski ! //  Привет из Польши !

  • Peter Kaiser

    I like how the Americans get only like 11 seconds of being in the video

  • DSK

    Я ваш рот ебал ебучие дизлайкеры. Вас бы на фронт твари ебаные.

  • CaptainGrimes1

    Why didn't Germany's army march in this? It's what they've always wanted to do ;)

  • teddymurphy95

    Man I miss Medvedev...

  • Giles Reambonanza

    32:10, stand alone man on a horse... BEAUTIFUL

  • Prairielander

    Lol at 33:00 the horses have 1980's leg warmers.

  • Denis Triton

    Украина, ты предала родную кровь, родную мать...

  • IlDair Zulharnai

    Заметили!?Что американцы, что французы шагают не так карсиво, как наследники советской империи)

  • San Lee

    Ukraine, Poland, UK, US, France.... Now it's hard to imagine eh

  • Finpetel

    I love how british and american troops marched on the red square. Not today.....


    US forces marches like on homo pride...

  • Timofey Povydchikov

    потомок коня Жукова конечно впечатлил.кто там его родословную то вел?без наигранности и показухи, ну никак у нас не обойтись

  • FlagArmada Productions

    What's the song at 27:47?

  • Justice Sompo

    what is the name of the song at 2:25

  • Woodie Mac

    Why the hell were the Krauts there? ( 16:46 ) All in all, my favorite military parade. They really should have the ALLIES participate more often. Not the Krauts.

  • pavehawk10

    whats the music that plays at 24:23?????

  • Brianscott Evans

    I was one of those solders of the US first row third from left im the last face before the cut off


    what is name song? 30:30

  • カワサキジュン

    What is song that start at 30:52 ?

  • Volenti Non Fit Iniuria

    29:40 it's March of the defenders of Moscow

  • One Hour Long

    Why was the Soviet flag next to the Russian federation at the beginning of the ceromony?

  • Wuwarrior 2917

    Its truly a great day in human history when so many countries can come together hand in hand celebrate such a great accomplishment. To put aside our petty differences and not matter where you were born or what language you speak but acknowledge the fact that during humanities darkest moment we came together as one.  

  • polak patriota

    za polsko - rosyjski sojusz

  • Rizky Arbianto

    Sorry, I want to know what the title of all songs performed by military band parade from the beginning until the end of the parade is finished .... thank you for the notice ...

  • K Tonn

    50:49 THa trumpet will get a hanging

  • Egoistblyad

    ничего отец,мы до давим фашистов 

  • MrElSatan

    Americans march its like   a bunch of gays going to shoping!

  • Magnús Másson

    Russians are patriots, Americans are not. Niggars in America are mostly coward and idiots and should be sent back to Negroland, Muslims should all go back Muslimabad and kill themselves, Mexicans should go back to rabbitland=Spain where they can copulate and multiply like pigs. Lations, negros and Muslims are cockroaches.

  • Artur Columbo

    Ммм, кто там пиздел про НАТО на параде в Украине в 2017?


    I wish poroshenko never existed

  • Der Russe

    What's the name of the song by 1:03:54 ?

  • Dutch Christian

    The American march was weak

  • Aris Kallemb

    Angela Merkel in that moment:Ahhh Hitler my Friend why you attack the most powerfull country in the world

  • Patriot Rossii

    Сердюков урод! Слава богу, Шойгу- хорошая ему замена!!!

  • Daniel Marsden

    In my opinion I think that Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan were the best armies to march. They all looked smart and marched well. US looked disinterested, rather sloppy as if they were just going to the shop or something and Armenia was appaling their decorations look like they had been to a funfair.

  • Plumpstery

    what is the song at 30:51 also this nigga looks like aladeen at 32:06

  • Nikita Zheldybakov

    пиздец не слаженый парад

  • Furkat Ergeshev

    У туркменского всадника конь замечательный. Кто мне скажет, отчего у французов на армейских ботинках белые шнурки?

  • Michael Hoggarth

    От бля пендосы, сосите на параде!

  • Bzhegozh Bzhegov

    а что у них нет чеканещего шага

  • Hans Dieter

    Президент медведев - это издевательство : плечи узкие, как у бабы! Не позорь хоть фамилию свою!!! Знаю я Медведевых - они и с виду - Медведевы!!!

  • Aleksadr Ivanov

    Оркестр говнище..!! orchestra shit!

  • Los Kamilos

    Polski sobowtór pracuje w MW RP identyk w 100%

  • mrcannnfodder

    Fortune Favors the Bold!

  • Julian Budiono

    Do anyone know what music they are using in that parade? in the marching part those are one of the beautifull thing iv heard

  • Auto Bar

    The second world war was a very severe test for the Russian people, Russia has been weakened after the First world war and the collapse of the Russian Empire. Hitler had hoped to be able to defeat Russia. But the Russians had collected all the force and cleanse their territory and Europe from the Nazis. Victims of war in the Soviet Union was the man 26600000 !!...

  • MadDogBG

    What is the name of the march at 37:11

  • Viktor Fedorov

    Во истину , сила мощь России

  • El Pollo Guisao

    Im curious. I cuestión this about why The U.S. Army Troops only been shown at one only ángle and and The resto of other marching militares have 3 separare ángeles??

  • Nolan Cummings

    The Russians all walk like little boys

  • Nolan Cummings

    to bad the grenadier or coldstream guards weren't here

  • Kerri na Basaria

    That disrespect to the US tho lol

  • Neo10omega

    Why is poland and france's flag like that? 

  • Carlos Castillo

    What's the first sentence the speaker mentions at the beginning of the video? It seems to be a common russian saying.. Can someone translate it?

  • Ge Yu

    Why Medvedev and Putins' sounds almost the same?

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