Grand Theft Auto 5 - TOP 10 EASTER EGGS

A video of the top 10 Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto V, in my opinion anyway. Leave your thoughts, comments, and own opinions on this list and what you think might be better Easter Eggs for a top 10 list. The listings below explain what you see in the video. SPOILER ALERT, you might want to watch the video before reading the list, it may be more entertaining and exciting that way.

1. Illuminati - UFOs, Aliens, Mysterious Eggs, and possible Jetpack spoilers.
2. The ghost of Mount Gordo.
3. Bigfoot / Sasquatch discovered.
4. The ending of the movie "Thelma and Louise."
5. The Hatch from "Lost."
6. UFO #2 + 100% completion message spoiler.
7. Alien Campsite + FIB UFO.
8. UFO #1.
9. Underwater UFO.
10. Face on the mountain, possibly Jesse Pinkman (from Breaking Bad).

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  • Furious Forrester

    Did any one els thought the military ufo was so cool

  • Roblox Guys

    The UFO go under and u can get in it

  • Annie shamp

    hi random person scrolling through the comments

  • Spongebuild Gaming channel

    How did you get a submarine I am stuck on that :3

  • Passive Aggressive

    Wtf it says FIB on the UFO ?!?!?

  • Chance953

    I wish that the Bigfoot guy was Rockstar CEO.

  • elvin yakatory

    how do you get the ufos

  • Passive Aggressive

    The being inside that Lock at the bottom of the ocean, I think he was saying something in Morse code

  • Valarie Killinger

    the UFO isn't a easter egg anymore evryone knows about it lamo

  • TwoBoys

    the UFO ones FINISH the game

  • ZuNaSuTaLXx Pekeno

    Quem e BR? ???????????????????????????????????????????


    the ghost lady isn't leonora johnson

  • Valarie Killinger

    the first one was clever

  • JJ Martin

    why was there a face on the mountin??

  • Sanek Erasov

    я тоже на PlayStation 3 играю)

  • jeff lee

    u got it upside down look under the wooden platform where it shows the pic of it the top of it is under the platform where u look thru the things

  • Samuel Mendoza

    everybody knows about the ghodt

  • Batman Dota

    Hi, can I know what anime is you profile picture?. thank you

  • ThePoisonousSpider

    You toke so fricking long

  • Serial Killer 1945

    13:35 those are NOT aliens in the UFO it is a secret government facility look closely and you will see F.I.B on the UFO

  • Mask 3000

    #2 Is Really Freak Me Out...😨😨😨

  • Christain Bommarito

    20:40 "Fuck this I ain't goin to jail again"

  • The Pack

    whats up with all of the UFOS LOL XD

  • Minecraft Player

    The ufos in the sky are fake

  • Yuvraj Singh

    WTf are u doing in map

  • Tyler Maurer

    #10 is a chicken idk but I'm playing on ps4 so they probably changed it?

  • Austin Stathis

    at 12:30 the ufo comes to him

  • tập kích tt

    wat đùa bố á tới 10 bí ẩn mà cũng thank you bạn nhs

  • Cedric Morris

    Leave me the jock alone.

  • Reginam Cruz

    stop at 1:07 your gonna saw a face

  • Ultimateman1141

    #2 had me shook thought she was gon attack

  • Samuelr7 gamer

    este gta 5 è em pc ou no xbox 360???


    I habe Full Angst gehavt

  • jorge hinojosa

    Do you have to have 100% for number 8?

  • Jake Jackson

    If you think that's a U.F.O dude your stupid it is says F.B.I on the top

  • Fire wolf

    I have been to the first one no face there

  • Skittles Games

    Rockstar is luminate confirmed

  • Defiant Program

    Hi, i am a small channel and i am wondering if i can use this video for my channel? and link you in the description as the original creator of the content, can i do this?

  • twogamingBrothers

    in the Alien ship is a flower

  • belgarde5445 Belgarde

    That ufo in the sky was savage

  • a Meme Addict

    Don't jock with me.

  • SamsungS7Edge

    ich habe es mit den Jetpack gelöst!1. Musst ihr die Karte an der wand 5Mal abschießen ( An die düssen zielen)2. Dann fährt ihr genau um 2:59 Uhr an dem Punkt wo der jetpack aufgemalt ist.3. Wählt nun die Panzerfaust aus. Denn es wird ein Alien erscheinen der das Jetpack fliegt.4. Schießt es ab ! Er wird nicht platzen sonder landen.5. Nun könnt ihr den Jetpack fliegen!

  • Dark Racoon

    20:40 'Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you on therapy!'

  • Liz Ramos

    Yo that ailean ship it is so cool

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