Grand Theft Auto 5 - TOP 10 EASTER EGGS

A video of the top 10 Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto V, in my opinion anyway. Leave your thoughts, comments, and own opinions on this list and what you think might be better Easter Eggs for a top 10 list. The listings below explain what you see in the video. SPOILER ALERT, you might want to watch the video before reading the list, it may be more entertaining and exciting that way.

1. Illuminati - UFOs, Aliens, Mysterious Eggs, and possible Jetpack spoilers.
2. The ghost of Mount Gordo.
3. Bigfoot / Sasquatch discovered.
4. The ending of the movie "Thelma and Louise."
5. The Hatch from "Lost."
6. UFO #2 + 100% completion message spoiler.
7. Alien Campsite + FIB UFO.
8. UFO #1.
9. Underwater UFO.
10. Face on the mountain, possibly Jesse Pinkman (from Breaking Bad).

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  • Dominic Beesley

    my mom told me to turn this down or shell smash my head on the keyborhfu9pfS:Fewuf-[af'g9f-yyr[fhryguofgsfpydiufgHGFTUIOGHYUGuoiphyuotyitl,dofheu[r0ypey8r9trt

  • Tunedoll

    It would be so dope if you could hijack those UFOs, throw the aliens out in midair.

  • Annie shamp

    hi random person scrolling through the comments

  • Tomáš Uchytil

    It might be way better if you just cut off these ascending/descending scenes and such stuff. Its kinda boring to watch video for 2 minutes where you are ascending with heli.

  • Keerati Klinxuen

    The UFO go under and u can get in it

  • Nicolas Melgarejo

    I don't think it had enough UFO's

  • KarpLegoMotions

    whats up with all of the UFOS LOL XD

  • Furious Forrester

    Did any one els thought the military ufo was so cool

  • dbzloverlucas vegeta

    Ohhhhh! So you shoot the ghosts but not the aliens eh?RACIST!

  • Vincent Malloy

    #2 had me shook thought she was gon attack

  • Felipe Magaz

    LoL I love how the UFO says FBI on it

  • Jin Trash

    Oh the ghost one I found that one on accident when I was playing and mucking around.

  • Silvestre Aquino

    Yo #8 is craaaazzzzyyyy

  • a Meme Addict

    Don't jock with me.

  • JJ Martin

    why was there a face on the mountin??

  • Luis Rosales

    Did anyone notice that the second ufo said fib on it

  • ThePoisonousSpider

    You toke so fricking long

  • ChannelNameLazy

    7 that's how the cops see u

  • Jordan Schoenenberger

    man this game really has a hard-on for aliens doesn't it?

  • Fishy TheFox alt account

    #10 is a chicken idk but I'm playing on ps4 so they probably changed it?

  • Jan Sparenreijk

    the 2nd easter egg would crush your head because of pressure

  • Impørter

    Wtf it says FIB on the UFO ?!?!?

  • Chance953

    I wish that the Bigfoot guy was Rockstar CEO.

  • GrooveSan

    I like the fact that almost every gta5 easter egg is a myth from gta sa

  • TDog

    Oh oh the ghost had it's period

  • MotoGamer

    It says fib in the top

  • Clash of Players

    lol the first one is funny

  • Arpit Verma

    can we shoot them down

  • jorge hinojosa

    Do you have to have 100% for number 8?

  • Florian Jager

    on the second ufo were you try to landen was in big letters. FIB

  • G M

    Is this an Easter egg Or are you using mods

  • Nurul Yana

    there is one easter egg at a cliff with a ghost on it guys

  • Christain Bommarito

    20:40 "Fuck this I ain't goin to jail again"

  • Zane_nodnol

    need more cool stuff needs commentary needs less ufo shit plus it needs better stuff ok just shutup

  • Serial Killer 1945

    13:35 those are NOT aliens in the UFO it is a secret government facility look closely and you will see F.I.B on the UFO

  • Sean Presnell

    There is one right under the  looking point at the top of the mountain, its written in red and i cant quite make out what it says

  • belgarde5445 Belgarde

    That ufo in the sky was savage

  • Fire wolf

    I have been to the first one no face there

  • TorvanGamer

    im not sayin its aliens but its aliens 

  • Zoop zoop the space alien

    watch every single one of these be real

  • killersushi99

    Is the last one a map to the inside of the mountain? I saw UFO---Egg----Jetpack. Like some sort of underground maze?

  • Z Alberto

    Subscribe Z Alberto help Z Alberto get 200 subs .press red button to subscribe Z Alberto and click the bell for news

  • Mohamed Sameh

    now i really need to buy gta v

  • Isak Gaming

    i liek myselfi dont cum inside you

  • David M.

    Do you have to do something for the ufo to appear or you can see just like that

  • Tyler Lavigne

    This dumbass obviously doesnt know the definition of EASTER EGG. Dummy. Number 1 is a photo not a easter egg retard

  • D4ath N0ob

    Ow the ufo r blocking u up lol

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