Grand Theft Auto 5 - TOP 10 EASTER EGGS

A video of the top 10 Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto V, in my opinion anyway. Leave your thoughts, comments, and own opinions on this list and what you think might be better Easter Eggs for a top 10 list. The listings below explain what you see in the video. SPOILER ALERT, you might want to watch the video before reading the list, it may be more entertaining and exciting that way.

1. Illuminati - UFOs, Aliens, Mysterious Eggs, and possible Jetpack spoilers.
2. The ghost of Mount Gordo.
3. Bigfoot / Sasquatch discovered.
4. The ending of the movie "Thelma and Louise."
5. The Hatch from "Lost."
6. UFO #2 + 100% completion message spoiler.
7. Alien Campsite + FIB UFO.
8. UFO #1.
9. Underwater UFO.
10. Face on the mountain, possibly Jesse Pinkman (from Breaking Bad).

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  • Roblox Guys

    The UFO go under and u can get in it

  • Annie shamp

    hi random person scrolling through the comments

  • El Loera Guzman

    Very nice, thumbs up & subscribed. Totally going to try these. :D

  • Furious Forrester

    Did any one els thought the military ufo was so cool

  • Patrick Paul

    Lenora Johnson has nothing to do with the ghost girl


    20:55 something move faster in the sky ! UFO????

  • KawaiiChan AnimeFan :3

    on 0:50 I can see a mans face on a rock I hope you guys see it bye!

  • shyla gronko

    the head of the rock on first easter egg:the face is the futeure look of zac efron

  • Austin Fitzgerald

    so in #8 the aliens just get pissed of you approach their ship?

  • Camila Gabriely

    ouro Sing rock fock you desde fock you

  • ethan Gustin

    i like memessssssssssssss

  • ytr tyr


  • X3 - Gamings

    so thats the reason thats a no fly zone

  • Anselmo Rivera

    ijo de remil puta de donde sacaste los top crasias😈😁😂😂😂😂😂😉😃😄

  • Filip karlsen

    on 13:10 u can see it says FIB on the UFO

  • Chance953

    I wish that the Bigfoot guy was Rockstar CEO.

  • FritZ LeDoZo 2

    1:11 il a Été remplacé par un poulet en forme de b.te

  • Florian Jager

    on the second ufo were you try to landen was in big letters. FIB

  • GrooveSan

    I like the fact that almost every gta5 easter egg is a myth from gta sa

  • King AND Cup Cartoons

    watch every single one of these be real

  • SlyxFyx - Music and Gaming

    I can't find number 8

  • Passive Aggressive - Importer

    The being inside that Lock at the bottom of the ocean, I think he was saying something in Morse code

  • Sticknodes Animations

    How did you get a submarine I am stuck on that :3

  • Eusebio Kanidis

    did anyone saw the face in the rock at 0.48

  • Gabe the dog

    are these only in story mode?

  • XxLucy ChanxX

    at the last one i was in that place.. and i didn't saw that map WTF

  • Futuristic Dragons The nightmare

    I loved the UFO'S Even better

  • elvin yakatory

    how do you get the ufos

  • Luis Rosales

    Did anyone notice that the second ufo said fib on it

  • EVAN man

    Im finshed story why I'm. Not see it 16:45

  • Bo Kyosaki

    too bad some of them are fake

  • # Weedo

    like si la 10 es jesse de breaking bad

  • GD_ CreatorAnT

    Is it possible to be sucked into the UFO?

  • Serial Killer 1945

    13:35 those are NOT aliens in the UFO it is a secret government facility look closely and you will see F.I.B on the UFO

  • Diamond Johnson

    This video was really awesome! Unlike other gta youtubers you should the location and explored the Easter eggs😃😁 New Subscriber

  • Captincraft07 on m3rks xbox one

    the UFO isn't a easter egg anymore evryone knows about it lamo

  • TwoBoys

    the UFO ones FINISH the game

  • GD_ CreatorAnT

    What's the point of 6:00

  • ZuNaSuTaLXx Pekeno

    Quem e BR? ???????????????????????????????????????????


    the ghost lady isn't leonora johnson

  • EVAN man

    How you see it in 6:49 I'm have ps3 why I'm not see it ???

  • The Bymonds

    I hated the way u didn't edit it took like 4 minutes to get to the UFO don't u know what entertainment is

  • Jeanric Vilo

    The Drawing in the Mount Chilyad (sorry for the spelling) is telling something like a Maze? and the buttom of the Drawing there's something like UFO? and the Second Drawing is like a Crack Egg? (its like a Eastern Egg) and the 3rd one is a Jetpack!?? that 3 Drawings in the buttom of the Drawing in the Mount Chilyad (sorry again XD) its like a Reward or Something? and the Drawing is like a maze... um I think its an Reward of the maze. but I'm not sure...

  • JJ Martin

    why was there a face on the mountin??

  • Sanek Erasov

    я тоже на PlayStation 3 играю)

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