GTA 5 Hidden Places & Secret Locations (GTA 5 Hidden Locations)

GTA 5 Online Hidden Places! GTA 5 Secrets. GTA 5 Easter Egg Tennis Coach! GTA 5 Secret Places Compilation!
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Music used: Milkshake by Aaron Spencer
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    The dream tower is FUCCCKKKED 

  • NoughtPointFourLIVE

    Just a heads up - i'd rather show "legit" secret places, and not glitches / wallbreaches - I have nothing wrong with them, however i'd rather have places which are accessible regardless <3

  • RezHD

    Why is there a fuckin add everyone one minute

  • Tyler Hart

    Deadly drinking game: take a shot every time he says "location"

  • dangerousdwarf

    Who watching this in 1758?

  • Liam klavon

    Dude that cave has a spaceship part in it

  • louis johnson

    You're voice makes me want to die

  • antara Mukherjee

    I watch your vedios only for gta5

  • S L

    i have ben inside the tower in the military base

  • Wolf King

    How is this the most popular video?

  • Jayden Mifsud


  • Neon Lightz

    Congrats on 180k... lol

  • Nick Ogega

    you are one of the reasons why i have an adblocker

  • Im Chelona

    A pool is not a fucking secret area

  • David Bahena

    He talks a lot to get the video over 10 mins

  • x DaPlug

    this dude playing Xbox 360

  • Alfredo Zamora

    my god you are horrible for making videos

  • Ironshot Matel

    U Shaped building? CoD:MW4?

  • DethKlok Boirard

    is there an under water cave in GTA 5

  • Michael case

    please make more videos you are the best

  • NukleaR

    Take one good look at the cave from a distance and tell me what you see😏

  • game beest

    is this youtuber dutch ????

  • antara Mukherjee

    I think you should use th object spooner to go near or inside the hatch in gta5

  • Naman Tiwari

    How did you mod you gta? Can you teach me my No +919479177777 WhatsApp me please

  • Spaceyonder64

    There's also a certain underground place but I can't find it. It was so cool.

  • Rachel Morris

    you have a video in your ad

  • Mihael Branovic

    i find onecreepypink girlyou needsniper

  • Hhfjsk !

    Who's Watching this in 2017

  • Jaden Jansen Van Rensburg

    Hey nought im one of your subscribers and fans can you please tell me what mod menu you use thanks and good vidio

  • Bert Anernie

    Congratulations on the most fucking boring gta video ever

  • manuel robledo

    How did you not know the cave i did

  • DethKlok Boirard

    what nought can you add me as a GTA friend I am in need of some help about the mystery hunt

  • Techboy #gadgets en vlog's

    That cave huh my girlfriend has the same

  • doggo

    back when his ugly face wasnt blocking the screen

  • jacko waz here

    i cant tell if it is online or not online

  • Leonid Dekabrev

    You forgot to show the abandoned mine

  • Renn Paculanang

    your voice is defferens

  • sujal video awm

    when will gta 6 realise I am bored of gta 5

  • Blue Hazard

    my favorite was the one in fort sancudo

  • Jack Archer

    If you haven't already you should add the "abandoned mine" to your list of secret locations

  • poughkeepsieblue

    Pink Uzi? How masculine...

  • Mdrox An rules

    what's your gamertag ???And is it Xbox 360 or Xbox one ???

  • TDBR 269

    I know the biggest pool 🏊🏿. ..........the SEA 🌊


    how does this twat have 1million subs ??

  • RobloxMonstaz

    Whose watching this in 2017

  • Ruby Wells

    omfg intent i like # it north

  • jacko waz here


  • margina Sayyed

    get a ride in passenger plane and hijack it

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