GTA 5 Hidden Places & Secret Locations (GTA 5 Hidden Locations)

GTA 5 Online Hidden Places! GTA 5 Secrets. GTA 5 Easter Egg Tennis Coach! GTA 5 Secret Places Compilation!
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Credit to:
Music used: Milkshake by Aaron Spencer
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
  • Jon Deal

    just curious.... did you get enough fucking advertisments in 10 minutes?

  • Hobbes Smith

    Lol 7:27 "There's tons of places to explore in here"walks into locked door immediately

  • MaxVidyStudios

    why dont you just put an ad ever 2 seconds? u skrub! -_-

  • MicrowaveBackground

    It's a fucking cave. You don't need to talk about it for a minute and a half.

  • CosmicMeteor

    I disliked because you tried to insert 21 ad spots in a 10 minute video...

  • rt123mott3

    Stop overhyping every secret spot u show us like really the cave is one of your favorite spots on the map gtfo

  • DGundelach

    I mean how long can we seriously talk about a cave

  • Moud JQ

    go there a chill out?? why does this sound so lonely!!!have a life mate. it is ok to play game. but stop describing them as a nice place to hang out with your friends.LOL!!!

  • omgitsgrim2

    Who the fuck is going to swim around in a pool long enough to give a fuck about the largeness of it?

  • Salty Goal

    Wtf who buys gta only for multiplayer? The main part is the story mode

  • ever since new york

    Why the fuck are there a road of ad lines for mobile?

  • RezHD

    Why is there a fuckin add everyone one minute

  • Lee

    GTA 5 gets boring after a while not gunna lie.

  • Your eAstside_Homie

    This guy talks to much and says the same word too fuckin much

  • battlecat

    wow this guy talks so fucking much. i wish i could just beat the fuck outta him

  • DriftingXBumperX

    Can't believe there are still people that don't use adblock. Haven't seen an ad in about 5 years.

  • Tyler Hart

    Deadly drinking game: take a shot every time he says "location"

  • NukleaR Elite

    Take one good look at the cave from a distance and tell me what you see😏

  • John McLean

    This video should be 1 minute long.

  • Zephir il ventilatore chiassoso


  • Luca Hilgert

    If I want to swim in a fcking circle, I go into the ocean

  • Michael Dooley

    "bring your friends in here...."

  • Matt Kenney

    Most of them aren't hidden or secret

  • Anto Bigdick

    Mate go swimming in real life wtf doing laps for fun in a game..

  • Simon Dearing

    It's a pity you can't do anything with these locations, like kit them out with decorations and make them safe houses.

  • Brandon

    The runtime bar is crazy. He inserted 21 ad spots

  • Dead inside cunt

    Who watching this in 1758?

  • Lucifer

    "Im gonna call this a gang hideout because it's really cool for gang hideout, and you can just go here and chill and use it for gang hideout i just think it's really cool for yea gang hangout and yes I love it" get creative you are so boring

  • Callum Murray

    What a nerd! im sure you would find some nice places in reality if you ever gave that a try.

  • SupremeParadox

    Or you can go swim in the fucken ocean

  • Mister Nasty Bud

    "You can even buy a sodre in here"

  • MTP Sikdrop

    4:27 Mountain's Vagina

  • KING T

    The cave is were you find a ufo part I thought everyone knows about it

  • Nerd Squared

    Lol, when you where talking about the gang hideout building, i was reminded of the scene from Stepbrothers. There's so much room for activities.

  • Aidan P OHara

    Why does every gta v video use the same Damn song

  • Daniel sill

    Dam you talk a lot. If you just showed us the location, it would probably take 5 minutes to do the video!!!

  • Isai Sanchez

    These weren't really "hidden" and you really overhype everything thing "just like there's this humongous pool" "the cave is probably my favorite place on the map" gtfo , stop overhyping everything , especially the not so secret "secret locations"

  • Mistress Oreo

    I laughed at the start when you got a wanted level for shooting a water cooler XD

  • L33TBrownGuy

    Wtf is with that ad lineup

  • Alex Marquette

    the cave is actually a place where you find either a spaceship part or a letter as part of the murder mystery

  • TheLuckyboyNL

    by the fort zancudo tower 1, i can't go in online :(

  • Sid Knee

    Mmmm cave, strip club?, cave, strip club??

  • Clown Pound

    "You can by sowdrah in here"

  • moobashi

    Beautiful view? It's a game mate

  • Anthony Kostecki

    "But, nevertheless"

  • Brett Tanchak

    hes such a sell out every minute he has an ad pop up i mean cmonman

  • Jarrod Foreman

    Cave in gta5 good place to hang if you have a bounty on you

  • D.J. Adio

    cool vid but I dont get why anyone would go to any of these places to just chill.... since it's not real life. kudos

  • Adam Thornton

    Why does every southerner youtuber start the videos with "hey what's up guys"?

  • Slappy Dapper

    I clicked on this video because the thumbnail looks like a vagina

  • DixxieDuck

    Wondering - there is few guys like you and you're posting the same videos, you kinda have the same accent. What's up with that? o.O

  • Sal's random channel

    guys in story in the little cave theres a spaceship part when you do the mission for the spaceship guy for the spacedocker

  • cookie_gamergirl1221 brown

    I love gta5!!! it's brilliant

  • Danclark79

    why do you say nevertheless so fucking much! XD

  • Malakhi Beard

    these are the weakest hiding places ever

  • Kara Awhimate

    hey nought, cool vid.. that location of the cave that you really like is actually a spot where you have to go in story mode to collect a scrap piece i think.. it might be a letter piece i cant remember but I do remember this location! so many beautiful spots on this map that you only discover by completing story mode 100% as it forces you to explore places you otherwise wouldnt go =)

  • Clone Ex

    That was a lame fucking video

  • Emiel Lanckriet

    does its works to on ps3?

  • Alec Baines

    disliked coz I watched more advertising than actual video

  • Captain Shark98

    5:34 isn't a rare spot there is a space ship part there

  • Zink

    ive been in the one at 6:10

  • Vineeth Jaganathan

    Thumbs up if you are going to play story mode for the second time :-)

  • Grug

    I have a Secret location and I am I think the only one in the world to know since I couldn't find anything about it on Google or YouTube. Here it is: step one:get a very big car and put it in franklins garage Step two: bellyflop on the carStep three:you will fall in a dimension where ANY vehicle that is chosen will appear in front of your garage, you can only run or walk in the dimension because if you get in a car you will go back to the normal world. YOU'R WELCOME!

  • Ejmaster Xd

    Magic: Hit like and it will turn blue

  • Fighting Falcon16 My playlist with deathmatches in 16 different secret hidden interiors for 16 players!!!

  • Bert Anernie

    Congratulations on the most fucking boring gta video ever

  • Rodney Leonard

    @ 5:44 there by Paleto Bay/Mount Chiliad, I had found this location the other night while playing in "free roam" game play. Also, I had just watched a video ( I think the name of the video here on Tube was called, "Secret Bank Vault Location") on a big bank that you can go inside during "free roam". It is just down on VINEWOOD BLVD just down the street from the "ORIENTAL MOVIE THEATER". This bank sits on the corner of "ATTA St." & "VINEWOOD". You can walk thru the orangish colored doors into the bank & around the bank, go upstairs to the next floor & downstairs which leads you behind  the "front lobby bank teller counter. You can go thru the metal bar doors & into the "BANK'S VAULT"!    Unfortunately, there is no money to steal. The video was by "Eligius Gaming"!

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