GTA 5 Cheats (PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 & Xbox 360)

This video shows all the 36 cheats available for Grand Theft Auto V on all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 Versions). All cheats can be entered as a button combination or using the cell phone.


GTA V All Cheats:

0:05 - Introduction
1:05 - Cheat #1: Max Health and Armor
1:50 - Cheat #2: Invincibility for 5 Minutes (God Mode)
2:45 - Cheat #3: Special Ability Recharge
3:26 - Cheat #4: Wanted Level Up
4:47 - Cheat #5: Wanted Level Down
6:07 - Cheat #6: Give Weapons
7:14 - Cheat #7: Give Parachute
8:09 - Cheat #8: Drunk Mode
9:10 - Cheat #9: Fast Run
9:46 - Cheat #10: Fast Swim
10:34 - Cheat #11: Skyfall
11:22 - Cheat #12: Slow Motion
13:56 - Cheat #13: Slow Motion Aim
15:55 - Cheat #14: Bang Bang! (Explosive Ammo Rounds)
16:42 - Cheat #15: Flaming Bullets
17:33 - Cheat #16: Explosive Melee Attacks
18:32 - Cheat #17: Super Jump
19:14 - Cheat #18: Moon Gravity
20:48 - Cheat #19: Slidey Cars
21:52 - Cheat #20: Change Weather
25:21 - Cheat #21: Acting Up (Director Mode)
26:04 - Cheat #22: Black Cellphones (Emperor \ EMP Drop)
27:20 - Cheat #23: Spawn BMX
27:56 - Cheat #24: Spawn Buzzard
29:04 - Cheat #25: Spawn Caddy
29:44 - Cheat #26: Spawn Comet
30:24 - Cheat #27: Spawn Dodo
31:29 - Cheat #28: Spawn Duke O'Death
32:13 - Cheat #29: Spawn Duster
33:08 - Cheat #30: Spawn Kraken
33:59 - Cheat #31: Spawn PCJ
34:41 - Cheat #32: Spawn Rapid GT
35:24 - Cheat #33: Spawn Sanchez
36:09 - Cheat #34: Spawn Stretch Limo
36:58 - Cheat #35: Spawn Stunt Plane
37:57 - Cheat #36: Spawn Trashmaster


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  • Ernesto Goal

    rockstar... why... rockstar..WHY U NO ADD DUKE OF DEATH CHEAT FOR PS4 AND XBOX ONE

  • Finger Tip

    please tell me the money cheat

  • JohnGR xD

    infinite ammo cheat exists?

  • Inferious_07

    Is there a menu like in GTA 4 where you can go to the cheats menu and click the cheat you want to use

  • Thunder Gaming

    I can't spawn duke o' death I'm on Xbox one

  • Fun Time With Toys

    wow these cheats are really fun I had multiple cheats on and it was so funny thanks for telling us these cheats now I won't have to wreak my car getting away from the cops 😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍oh ya put on the drunk cheat and the fast run cheat it is super funny

  • TheHoodGamer

    It really does work thank you

  • Vice Wizard

    If you want the cheats easy and even without WiFi download my GTA V Cheats app that has all of the cheat codes shown in this video,but accessible at all times! ;).

  • Kimberly Bosak

    who feels bad that I'm sick like if you do I don't do phone cheats I do button codes

  • jasen James

    I can't spawn any of the planes for some reason

  • Danny's Channel

    Does not work on xbox360 😞

  • Satvik Satish

    Do the phone numbers work on last gen consloes?

  • John Kuang

    What does he mean left and right

  • Trinajskaa

    no money cheat seriously?

  • Damarion Harris

    which game system do u do it for numbers cuz i tried fast run number but someone picked up and said stop prank calling me

  • Ezra R45

    I entered cheat phone number and it doesn't work, pls help

  • Flo Rebel

    i do the cheat called give weapons and then i save the game and i reloed the game and i still got achievments

  • Imm blaze

    When it says left or right, on xbox, which button, D-Pad, left joystick or right joystick?

  • calvin Jenkins

    Duke o death not working

  • Mihai Dobrin

    I don't have money

  • Deadpool The panda

    There a app for GTA 5 chats

  • thugEyad gt

    how to make the number :/

  • Tacarra Wyatt

    How do you put in cheat code

  • IAlwaysWin :D

    1999887853 told me to visit the website? WTF


    hoe could I say thnx to uI just wanna say u helped a gta gamers a lot (thnx)x100000

  • WTM ReactZ

    What the hell is right/left

  • Daniel Bui

    This shit does not fucking work for me!!! Wtf btw I updated the game I'm on PS3 and the numbers don't fucking work am I meant to add it to my contacts or something

  • Kazards brother Calexto

    when I call it it doesn't work

  • -Angga

    i wondering why always starts with 1-999?

  • Derrick K Gentry

    how tf do i get into director mode on ps3

  • Kanenan Kanu Barriner

    if u want to quickly repeat a cheat just go and press a on the bottom left button

  • Asho Shaikh

    this cheats of gta 5 also work in xbox one s

  • Adrian Leonardo

    does this work offline?

  • Joseph Ramirez


  • JE Stuntz

    Duke of death won't work

  • N3wb Gaeming

    Can someone help with the "acting up"Cheat

  • dylan plaz

    it's not for x box 360 I tried to but it dident work

  • XxFirebreack278 Pg3d gunner

    what button do i press for the phone

  • Brenden Russell

    it works on xbox one too , really fun to do off line with friends

  • xEternalblade_


  • Beyhan Ozkilicaslan

    bacuese of this video is gta SO MUCH FUUUUUUUUNNNNN THANK YOU BRU!!

  • Luis Felizberto

    it didn't work l will un subscribe to you


    the Duke of death and the dodo don't work

  • UnderlifeXD

    the BMX cheat when it gose (numbers name ) well bandit gose for the bmx bandit fo sky vs gaming

  • Alisa Bi

    а где ти такі береж одежди

  • Jeff the Fresh

    on PS4 you have to hold down that big black button

  • IAlwaysWin :D

    Impossible to do with the buttons! !!

  • Aagar Khan

    wheres is phone button

  • Funny HD

    fuck 😐😐😐money cheat 😐😐

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