GTA 5 Online: All Secret Garage Locations ("Heist Garages Location") (GTA V Multiplayer)

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This video will show you all the secret garages on GTA Online. These garages are theorized as being "Heist" Garages for when GTA 5 Heists do come out. ALL Secret garages and their locations are shown in the video.

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GTA 5 Online: All Secret Garage Locations ("Heist Garages Location") (GTA V Multiplayer)
GTA 5 Online: All Secret Garage Locations ("Heist Garages Location") (GTA V Multiplayer)
GTA 5 Online: All Secret Garage Locations ("Heist Garages Location") (GTA V Multiplayer)
  • josh noel

    They should make a house dlc, I'd rather have a house than an apartment.

  • Hotspot 456

    How do you get that car like that

  • Mike Reyes

    Up to how many garages can u have in gta v online

  • Random GAMING

    does anyone know the addres for this house 2:54

  • Turtle 360

    thx im making crew and tribe meeting places my ps3 psn is EASSASSINATIO10

  • Krypton Rage

    How do you have the space docker as your personal vehicle?


    Those are not all the garages that can open

  • Kayenen

    may i ask wtf is that car?

  • Britton Thomas

    Will they be stored for ever??

  • Britton Thomas

    Will they be stored forever???

  • Bryceman51 HD

    add me as friendBryceman51

  • Hassan Ayaz

    Will the car get swve and you missed millions out

  • Hassan Ayaz

    Random user is that your ps3 profile name really

  • Karan Brar

    there is another garage close to madrazos house in vinewood hills. it's garage opens

  • Harley Pickin

    I just found cars with hydraulics

  • Kriiietischer Hasehave

    How did you get that car?

  • Waddy 1877

    +iJordanb1409 can u get me that space car plz

  • JovanLo

    So could you actually save cars in these garage?

  • Alec Wright

    What car is that I know it's a dune buggy but what did you do to it

  • Daniel Peyton

    i know of 30 opening grages in the game

  • Tanki Bros

    Whats the name of the car?

  • Tanki Bros

    Whats the name of the car?

  • Bryce Brien

    U missed one It's by the race track

  • Bailey Ward

    Can you doop that space docker please

  • Ben Kreuter

    I think these garages are there to hide your car if you don't have a garage/ apartment yet, maybe...

  • Radar Veteran

    There's also one in vinewood hills check mine out. Bad quality though.. You can use it Jord.

  • Pearce Taylor

    Nice vid m8 it helped alot :)

  • Brandon Wykes

    when youn complete the campain and franklin gets the house with the swimming pool down the street theres a bib one that o[pens

  • Nicholas Walker

    Hay man if u can help me out getting the golden buffalo could u call me @ 205-745-1196

  • Will Hedgepeth

    You missed the one by the casino

  • Lees Mate

    I know of a few more...

  • Igor Hosteaux

    if u put a car in a secret garage will it save ur car in that garage or not?

  • Hax0r

    I have:trevors blazer [blue metalic + blue tire smoke and BP]chrome BMX [BP + purple tire smoke]gold BMX [BP + red tire smoke]gold lifeguard blazer [BP and pink wheels]trevors truck with teddy bear [fully modded]zombie mariachichrome paradise van [fully modded]rare dune buggy [fully modded]chrome hearse [fully modded]sticky bomb lifeguard blazer [fully modded]batman nagasaki blazer [BP + yellow tire smoke]devil nagasaki blazersuperman nagasaki blazerblack and yellow nagasaki blazerscooby nagasaki blazer [awsome one]purple and chrome nagasaki blazergold and chrome nagasaki blazer [BP + blue tire smoke] psn: stianrustad97I use two characters for getting so many vehicle.looking for any trevors blazers and space docker:)

  • lewis worrall

    Dhow do you get that awsome car ijordamb1409

  • Jesper R

    Does anyone want to duplicate a police car for me in Gta 5 Online ps3, PSN name: Fifalicker thx! :D 

  • Lee Bosch

    Will dupe Imponte Phoenix, Sultan RS, Obey Tailgator for Franklin's Bravado

  • xzdubstepmonsterzx

    Thats not it,the garages open because its one of the missions from the epsilon cult (Kifflom) and you have to park special cars in those garages

  • Jonathan Parra

    Lol you get that car by finding all 50 puzzle pieces right?

  • Jordan Middleton

    I mean hotline annialaitor

  • Jordan Middleton

    Oh ye my own names J4MaN2o01Boi

  • Jordan Middleton

    I have hotline and no how to get u tank and ambulatory and buzzards attack chopper even if your not that level u still have to pay though

  • Jack Baker

    Psn bakerboy8102 I have hot knife but that's it

  • Hayden Mcshane

    Do the cars stay there

  • Gary Gould

    Do u mind duplicating the golden police car and snowy riot van my gamertag is scooterboiii +ijordanb1409 @ijordanb1409

  • Connor Reed

    how did u get that car????

  • jackie NG

    Do you know how to get that specs ducker car

  • zsrqpooha

    All I here is heist heist heist heist heist

  • sgg gaming

    Can somebody Nice dupe me a rare car iWant snowy police truck prison bus and gold Police carPsn; blackfatrat

  • Chase White

    That's not all of them there's way more

  • Glizzy Cal

    Xbox killacal1994 please someone give me franks cars I don't got shit

  • Matthew Campbell

    There's another one I found

  • A.A.M VIDZ

    Xbox - M3SSI M4DN3sSIAm willing to give -HVY cutter-space docker- franklins buffalo- Rat loader- sultan RS fully moddedI would like -clown van -prison bus-tow truck-trevors quad Mesage me back on xbox live and ill give u 100k for any of them cars and u could have one of mine too

  • Ahaan Brahmwar

    will it save your car???


    Working as of this patch: 1.0.6Cars I have:-Snowy Rancher XL-Space Docker (Old Version)-Franklin's Buffalo-Remaro Hearse (With Coffin)-Chrome Sanchez-Chrome Sticker Bomb-Snowy Asea-Mariachi Car-Surfer Van (With Surfboard)-Chrome Snowy Sadler-Snowy Stockade (Money Truck)Cars I need/want:-Chrome and Lime Armored Truck-Michael's Utility Truck-Utility Truck-Chrome Bulldozer-Space Docker (New Version)-Any Modded/Rare Car I Might WantWeapons I have:-Hammer-Golf Club-Crowbar-Bat-If you want to trade then messeage me on xbox only at:xLOLxTSNOOPS-I'm usually on around 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on weekdays and 6:00-9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on weekends.

  • david brake

    Thers one bye franklins house in vinewood hills

  • Jayvion Coats

    Can you add me on PSN cause I'm trying to get in touch with a hacker @ jay2-super-boi

  • oliver nathan

    Xbox GT:Demon4TheWin I have-space docker-sultan rs(105k)-Chrome Snow rancher xlWant-Any other modded car

  • Matthew Pettinger

    Can someone please dupe any of the rare cars please: I have the Futo fully upgrade for anyone!! GT: M4TT23

  • Squaids X

    I have Chrome Sanchez, Chrome Limo, Chrome Snow SUV, Chrome Snow Tractor, Space Docker, Utility Truck, Tank, Franklins Car, Gold Police Car, HVY Cutter. GT: Squaids X message me and I'll trade, I'm looking for ANY modded vehicle, even ones I already have. I would really like the TOW TRUCK, or ULTILY TRUCK.

  • Nelson Liam

    GT: r1ch1e2cha1nz1st Character-Chrome Limo-Lifted Mesa (moded)-Chrome Prison Bus-Snow Riot Van-Michaels Gille’s-RED Weazel News Van (Rare)-Pink And Blue Deludamol Van-Red DuneBuggy -BugStar Van-Chrome Sanchez2nd Character -Sanchez With Street Bike Wheels-Blue Prison Bus-Yellow Prison Bus-Chrome Caddy-Chrome Paradise ONE OF MANY PEOPLE!!-The MC Van-The Snow Van-Chrome Vine wood Tour-Forgot BUT MODDED-Forgot BUT MODDEDNO FREIES!!! OR SPACE DOCKER UNLESS V2 OR BUFFALO!!!!!! JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE!!!!

  • ReeZuh

    If your put it in one of them will it stay there?

  • Random User

    Can someone nice duplicate me any rare car. I have:Snow Rancher XL (Pink & Green)Space Docker (Sells 100K)Franklins Buffalo (Sells 130K)Hvy Cutter. (Chrome)They are all fully customized. If you want a rare car you have to give me one and I'll give you one too. If you don't have a rare car you can join my crew and I'll give you a rare car for free!I accept everyones friend request. Just leave me a message saying: Car Dupe. Psn: DarkShadow-Light

  • zLukeee

    PS3 I Have;-Snowy Armoured Truck-Chrome Lawnmower-New Fully Upgraded Space Docker-Clown Van-Franklins CarLooking for Mostly any other Modded cars, Esspecially the Chrome Sanchez. ADD ME; oOTuRniiPzOo 

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