GTA 5 Online: All Secret Garage Locations ("Heist Garages Location") (GTA V Multiplayer)

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This video will show you all the secret garages on GTA Online. These garages are theorized as being "Heist" Garages for when GTA 5 Heists do come out. ALL Secret garages and their locations are shown in the video.

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GTA 5 Online: All Secret Garage Locations ("Heist Garages Location") (GTA V Multiplayer)
GTA 5 Online: All Secret Garage Locations ("Heist Garages Location") (GTA V Multiplayer)
GTA 5 Online: All Secret Garage Locations ("Heist Garages Location") (GTA V Multiplayer)

    'Hi there, am I Jordanb1409'Yes, yes you are Jordan.

  • iJordanb1409

    GTA 5 Online: All Secret Garage Locations ("Heist Garages Location") (GTA V Multiplayer)

  • Jimmy Greco

    Second lol your awesome Jordan

  • 18Bit - Ethan

    thx im making crew and tribe meeting places my ps3 psn is EASSASSINATIO10

  • Krypton Rage

    How do you have the space docker as your personal vehicle?

  • Hotspot 456

    How do you get that car like that

  • To kill a mocking bird

    U can do this at Trevor's trailer

  • Tanki Bros

    Whats the name of the car?

  • Johnny Montana

    Well if u do more mission you will get a few mission where you have to steal a car from those garages i have done 3 of those mission i remember those places

  • JovanLo

    So could you actually save cars in these garage?

  • Ben Kreuter

    I think these garages are there to hide your car if you don't have a garage/ apartment yet, maybe...

  • dayvon reeves

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  • Will Hedgepeth

    You missed the one by the casino

  • 999 MOB

    Can someone duplicate a super car for me pleaseeee gamertag: MariXSweat

  • Hax0r

    I have:trevors blazer [blue metalic + blue tire smoke and BP]chrome BMX [BP + purple tire smoke]gold BMX [BP + red tire smoke]gold lifeguard blazer [BP and pink wheels]trevors truck with teddy bear [fully modded]zombie mariachichrome paradise van [fully modded]rare dune buggy [fully modded]chrome hearse [fully modded]sticky bomb lifeguard blazer [fully modded]batman nagasaki blazer [BP + yellow tire smoke]devil nagasaki blazersuperman nagasaki blazerblack and yellow nagasaki blazerscooby nagasaki blazer [awsome one]purple and chrome nagasaki blazergold and chrome nagasaki blazer [BP + blue tire smoke] psn: stianrustad97I use two characters for getting so many vehicle.looking for any trevors blazers and space docker:)

  • Daniel Peyton

    i know of 30 opening grages in the game

  • Random User

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  • mikey03691

    To everyone saying they ONLY TRADE, look if you didn't ISO it in you got it from somewhere so someone GAVE it to you, don't be a selfish prick, if you ISO modded them in and put your account and Xbox on the line for it, than you actually have the right to hold back... stop being so snobby seriously...

  • josh noel

    They should make a house dlc, I'd rather have a house than an apartment.

  • Kayenen

    may i ask wtf is that car?


    Those are not all the garages that can open

  • Britton Thomas

    Will they be stored forever???

  • Eric Briggs

    I Would love to have the last house garage as my house it looks cool BTW nice video dude

  • oliver nathan

    Xbox GT:Demon4TheWin I have-space docker-sultan rs(105k)-Chrome Snow rancher xlWant-Any other modded car

  • Squaids X

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  • Mike Reyes

    Up to how many garages can u have in gta v online

  • Brandon Wykes

    when youn complete the campain and franklin gets the house with the swimming pool down the street theres a bib one that o[pens

  • Nelson Liam

    GT: r1ch1e2cha1nz1st Character-Chrome Limo-Lifted Mesa (moded)-Chrome Prison Bus-Snow Riot Van-Michaels Gille’s-RED Weazel News Van (Rare)-Pink And Blue Deludamol Van-Red DuneBuggy -BugStar Van-Chrome Sanchez2nd Character -Sanchez With Street Bike Wheels-Blue Prison Bus-Yellow Prison Bus-Chrome Caddy-Chrome Paradise ONE OF MANY PEOPLE!!-The MC Van-The Snow Van-Chrome Vine wood Tour-Forgot BUT MODDED-Forgot BUT MODDEDNO FREIES!!! OR SPACE DOCKER UNLESS V2 OR BUFFALO!!!!!! JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE!!!!

  • Ahaan Brahmwar

    will it save your car???

  • Hayden Mcshane

    Do the cars stay there

  • Matthew Campbell

    There's another one I found

  • ReeZuh

    If your put it in one of them will it stay there?


    I hope they make new buyable houses for millions so you can't just glitch the money when the money for people with like 30 million gets reset..

  • shivam patel

    no they were for us when we didn't have a garage !!! hahahah 

  • Matthew Pettinger

    Can someone please dupe any of the rare cars please: I have the Futo fully upgrade for anyone!! GT: M4TT23

  • Jack Baker

    Psn bakerboy8102 I have hot knife but that's it

  • dna stalen

    Helo cab you Plz Hove my Same modit Vara i hope

  • Waddy 1877

    +iJordanb1409 can u get me that space car plz

  • zsrqpooha

    All I here is heist heist heist heist heist

  • xzdubstepmonsterzx

    Thats not it,the garages open because its one of the missions from the epsilon cult (Kifflom) and you have to park special cars in those garages

  • ElrondOfRivendeII

    You have missed the one behind the 400k apartment

  • odd gullik

    Psn: xXgullikXxI want:-hotknife-hearse-chrome sanczhe or what the name is-carbon rs motorcycle-modded army jeep-clown car/van-snow messa-tow truck-hvy cutterI have:-sticker bomb car-snow sandking xl-western bagger-obey tailgatorPsn: xxgullikxx

  • Hassan Ayaz

    Random user is that your ps3 profile name really

  • david brake

    Thers one bye franklins house in vinewood hills

  • ryan cook

    I have:Hearse Snow rancherYellow prison busSnow tractorSnow bobcatFranks buffaloRat loaderRat loader no bedSticker bomb carHVY cutterChrome Sanchez I want:Bug star vanWeed vanLost mc vanChrome or pink limoDon't want:Space docker Message me on Xbox my gt is ryantheman098! Thanks!

  • sgg gaming

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  • Bailey Ward

    Can you doop that space docker please

  • Mike ster

    If anyone wants to trade glitched vehicles add me on xbox Mikester9523 I have snow rancher XL sticker bomb franklins car space docker and clown car

  • lewis worrall

    Dhow do you get that awsome car ijordamb1409

  • Glizzy Cal

    Xbox killacal1994 please someone give me franks cars I don't got shit

  • xXxPetexXx -

    When are you going to do the duplication glitch cause i want the spaceship car

  • Harley Pickin

    I just found cars with hydraulics

  • sam rivera

    Can u duplicate that car for me my Xbox gamertag is SammyBOYaka2013

  • Alec Wright

    What car is that I know it's a dune buggy but what did you do to it

  • A.A.M VIDZ

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