The Zornhau (Outdated Interpretations)

Here is a great new fictional book involving swordsmanship:

  • MerlinsJester

    Ach, this is brilliant. German swordplay, obviously. Do you have Zweihander videos?

  • Chris Yarbrough

    Excellent Video! Glad to see proud European traditions being kept alive! One thing I noted, however was the tendency both of the fighters had to leaning away when the attack came in. As a martial artist of five years, this raised a red flag with me, as keeping your spine aligned is vital to the strength of any stance. In any case, I absolutely love this video!

  • jason7781

    yah do mismatched weapon videos please

  • adriana hula

    I love this tecnique is it only present in the german tradition

  • mathematics1800

    These nerds are going to hurt each other one day.

  • RealityStrobe

    @Aimjiel : These writings were not made by anyone living recently. They are genuine teachings of of Meyer and many other Masters of their time.

  • RealityStrobe

    @Aimjiel : Yes, but back then masters of popularity gained credibility through their own and their disciples' accomplishments, not simply through saying that they are the best or effective. The strong lived, and the weak died.

  • mojothemigo

    @Aimjiel And I suppose you know all about affective fighting with a late medieval/Renessaince long swords? You're right, there are bad MA and there was bad MA, but I would like to see and hear how you know that this is bad technique

  • Djemps

    @Aimjiel Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! .. NO

  • Aaron Paul Ibarrola

    You fine men are very noble for keeping such traditions alive. I have been getting in touch with my Asian heritage's Martial Arts but I must also begin to get in touch with the European in me in me. I will be subscribing.

  • Aimjiel

    There are BS martial artists today, there were BS martial artists back then. This is just European bullshido. There are loads of MA people who write "eyewitness" accounts and authoritative sounding books on beating people up with sound or energy, or retarded techniques, a few hundred years from now, most of those books will be what people of the future *think* they know about our current understanding of MA.

  • Vincent Finn

    This is the best zornhau video I have seen until now.You two know how to fight with strenght and at the same time balanced.In the other videos I saw, there were weak idiots thinking they were fighting well... Congratulations!

  • CenrionPrime

    sind das jetzt frauen oder maenner?

  • malaltube

    Very good Work!! this is a good example of Western medieval (renaissance) martial art application. Ciao from Italy :)

  • Kenjutsumasters

    EXCELLENT! just very well done and executed...I thoroughly enjoyed this vid

  • Kunstdesfechtens

    There are about 60 fencing manuals from the middle ages and renaissance in the German tradition, written mostly from 1389 to 1570. They are for the most part written by masters who were in the tradition started by Johannes Leichtenauer in the mid 1300's. Other European nations have similar written records (look up Fiore dei Liberi, Salvator Fabris, Pietro Monte, and George Silver for example) . There are also interpretations/translations of the old manuals written by modern people.


    You got my interest as I am becoming more interested in European martial arts aside from the Oriental styles almost being thrown in our faces in my neighborhood. Is the book from a German longsword fighting book? Where did the book originate?


    Thank you. There swords we use in this video are from "Arms and Armor" and "Albion Swords".


    Thank you. We are re-creating specific techniques from the historical fencing books, most of which deal with like-weapons usage. This seems to mainly be due to the rules of the judicial duel, which require like-weapons for each combatant. However, there are some techniques that deal with mismatched weapons, and we'll be doing a video on them eventually...

  • WolfsWinter

    So much just became clear to me. Thank you for the demonstration. And where did you get your weapons from?

  • OM Entertainment

    You are a rare and precious commodity. Not to mention few know that the term martial arts can refer to arts outside of the orient. My respects.


    Okay, I understand. Thanks, and same to you!


    To put it more simply, any counter you could ever come up with is dealt with in the Art, they just don't all appear on this specific short video.


    This video does not contain the entire corpus of techniques and counters found in the system, but only a selected few from a section dealing with one initial cut. These are just set plays intended to teach the fencer some techniques, and more importantly, some key principles of the Art, which can be applied to any situation. There is a counter to every technique, but there are counters to every counter. Fencers who are experienced enough have no problems dealing with "improvised counters".


    "Sinners & Saints: The Ultimate Medieval and Renaissance Music Collection"

  • SharBoog

    this is me treanterhardt again... okay, is there any other key words i can use to search that cd?


    Nearly all of the music we use is from a CD called "Sinners and Saints".


    The opponent tries to counter-attack at least once in this video.

  • DicorGuardian

    i've been doing sword fight for about7 years now but in every video on youtube that i see about demonstration there is one guys guy that does the tecnique and another guy that stays still and doesnt even try to counterattack... in that case its easy to finish the move... its a lot more difficult to execute when the opponent tries to counter enen in a demonstration.. could u tell me if there is such videos on youtube?


    Thanks for the compliment. All of our videos are past the point of needing to be redone due to our growing understanding of the Art. I don't agree with your comment about our jumping being a bad move since the primary sources tell us to "jump well to the side" on several occasions. However, in the video we are slow and our footwork is not perfect, so maybe this is what you are talking about.

  • Andrej Bobrík

    Hmmm nicely done! But there are some mistakes. I also fence with bastard sword but you made there few bad moves like you just do something like jump on one place. It's bad because you can't balance as well. But everything accept that seems to be correct. Good job guys.

  • Boredomkill5

    i personally take an eastern style of sword, but it's great to see how the western styles are just as effective and fascinating to watch, Please keep up the good work

  • Mountainlove

    the most people think that japanese swords and techniques were better than the european ones. it´s good to see your guys keeping those techniques alive.;-) P.S.: Ich würde liebend gerne auch historisches Fechten lernen, aber es gibt keinen Verein in meiner Nähe... :-( (Siegen,NRW)

  • Arctic Gator

    Ha! awesome, the japanese styles of the sword are the ones that everyone thinks of these days, its refreshing to see actual european style swordfighting, keep up the good work!

  • Reece Nelson

    Amazing! I'v been doing live steel stage combat for 4 years now and I find this way of fighting very interesting. I hope to someday work a coriagraphed fight with these type of stances and sets.

  • Kunstdesfechtens

    Good stuff guys. Keep on making vids. I really enjoy them. :)

  • Frederico Martins

    you probably dont understand what i mean to move one foot, as it would actually prevent colliding, but its very hard to explain here, wish we could spar a little. Good luck with your practice, if you ever come to Portugal let me know so we can practice together and share that kind of information easily, cheers.


    Thank you for the compliment! We feel that mostly lateral movement with both feet is essential with this technique and many other defenses in the system because it takes you off line, maintains enough measure to counter-attack, and allows you to beneficially angle your entire body inward towards the opponent. If only one foot was moved with these counters then the defender would collide with the attacker. We have not had any problems with stability. Thank you for your comment and take care!

  • Frederico Martins

    it do is admirable your effort to revival something that sadly lost its continuity in history. One thing that bugs me the most is that most times the blocker moves the 2 feet at the same time when blocking, that looks very unstable, since it is already difficult when you are just moving one leg to adjust distance. Even if you want to rotate to block the other side you should keep one stable foot.


    This counter can be found on Plate 21 of Codex Wallerstein. Thanks for the compliment!

  • Joshua Wever

    I've never seen the counter to the first winden done in that manner nicely done fellas!


    Thank you! Maybe we'll see you at another event in the future. Take care!

  • Dakao Do

    Nicely done. I note a certain resemblance to TheRealGladiatores vids, but that is in no way a criticism! ;) I was at WMAW 2006 also -- I'm sorry our paths didn't cross then. Keep on rockin'.


    Thanks for the compliments!

  • Ranziel1

    Great video, thanks for showing your skills =)


    Thank you very much for the compliments! We hope to travel to Europe before too long, so there is always a chance that we could one day train together. Take care!


    Thank you very much! Take care.


    *EDIT* After making this video we realized that there are a few mistakes present in the Duplieren and Mutieren sections. The wrong picture is shown for the Duplieren, and the Mutieren should be performed against an opponent in an upper hanger instead of a lower hanger. We will post an additional video that includes these corrections shortly.


    Thank you! We'll try to film some of our free play, but I'm not making any promises as far as putting them online!

  • Andreas B.

    Thank you for this video. I´m pretty amazed about control and speed. Are you doing longsword sparring? I would desire see your swordplaying free.


    Thank you, and good to have you as a member of our forums, even though they are a bit slow lately.

  • Evan Goodwin

    Well done guys...Danke I just registered on your site as well.


    I wish I knew, but the song came from an old mix CD that someone gave me a while ago. Sorry.


    Thanks. John is using an Arms and Armor Fechterspiel and I (Cory) am using an Albion Meyer. They hold up well against each other and are almost the same size and weight, though the Albion is a bit lighter.

  • Matt Bryant

    I like your format. I really like the variety of sources that you quote. I feel like this is a step in the right direction. Well done.

  • brasidus

    Nicely done. What blades are you guys using?


    Thank you. We'll try not to!

  • Kunstdesfechtens

    Well done. Please don't take this one down. :)


    Thank you very much. We plan to do a series of these, our only problem being that we have to borrow the camera. Thanks again!

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