GTA 5 | Why You Should Never Punch Michael, Trevor, or Franklin

This shows you what happens when you stalk and attack the protagonists with each other.
  • Justin Norman

    If you go to Michaels house and shoot Rockets at his house, he will call you to stop shooting his house

  • Caleb

    Shit franklins was so aggressive damn

  • Protag Shilex

    So wait, michael, trevor and franklin roam around the map like NPC's when they're not being played?

  • Jason Todd

    Michael nailed that punch

  • DS FRM 20

    franklin hit the dab back in 2013

  • Jordan Erives

    You know for him to punch you you don't need to punch him


    0:42 the impact of michael's head on the floor 🤣

  • Alex Reed

    The moral of this video is not punch Trevor or he will phase through walls just to kill you

  • DarkLames

    Franklin has the most realistic of them all

  • Flaming Bear Gaming

    Are they all One Punch Man or something?

  • Swagger Gaming

    Franklin went crazy when he punch Michael he a mother fucker Lol

  • Onepiece Gold

    Trevor have zinidine zidane head butt and Franklin and Michael have big show ko punch

  • Hatty Hattington

    I know this is a stupid question but how can you get to Franklin,Michael,Or Trevor?

  • kaarel papsejev

    0:43 Michaels face is the face when you finally get the succ

  • Rare321 Gaming

    Lol didnt know theyd get mad not stalkin u just ran into each other lol

  • elirederpymuffin derp

    Trevor nocked out the wall and michael

  • DarthAlvarez

    Trevor must have been from the matrix, he dodged all of those punches and then headbutted Michael through a concrete wall.

  • Wotan

    They do this automatically if you follow them for to long.

  • Gerardo Monroy

    you can punch them but don't follow them

  • I'm Peter Quill and I'm the FASTEST man alive

    gta logic one punch=dead

  • Deavon Manson

    well I'm going to try this right now

  • Bot John

    Dabs at Franklins Death

  • Jack Gatti

    Y O U N E E D T O S I T Y O U R M O T H E R F U C K I N G A S S D O W N

  • Yato_GodOfCalamity

    Was I the only one getting anxiety because he kept missing all the punches? Just me? Okay.

  • Shavitri Milasari

    Logic micheal/trevor help franklin kill trevor/micheal then hates franklin

  • Jelani Bell

    I'm surprised trever didn't get knocked out cuz he busted his head open on the wall

  • Hellish Fatman

    The voice actor for Frainklin is so good

  • Simme Rocky

    they punch you for ¨stalking¨ them not punching them.

  • Oscar Medrano

    LOL Franklin got knocked out like a little bitch

  • Bad Bros

    If Trevor gets mad he hits his head on the wall

  • BlueStar

    Stalking Prank(GONE WRONG)

  • Hype Buzta

    Warfarc is bad at punching... Like if Agree

  • kentatsuki ken

    get one punched wasted get fired by bullets still alive

  • ZigZak

    so what if you shoot them?

  • shutorshoot

    the failed attempts at punching was the funniest fucking thing and I don't even know why. lord help me

  • Eric Bagginsnail

    The fact that they couldn't fucking punch them and took so many tries just pissed me off.

  • Josare' King

    Franklin got Hella mad 😂😂😂

  • TuAsPerduLeJeu


  • Skywalker 7

    Hahah Franklin was the funniest one eh man you need to sit your motherfucking ass down

  • Nigel Cobbaert

    franklin is so realustic haha

  • ZPex leader: ninja_omaga

    franklin's is the funny 1

  • Fat Yolk

    0:43 lol Michael just became hella sophisticated.

  • Forest Stalker

    Why can't you hit them.

  • Daniel Alegria

    A man you need to sit your motherfucker ass down

  • Leon Carter

    should have better fucking known better......

  • evildarkness geometry dash

    1:09 anddddd go to SLEEP!

  • Rare321 Gaming

    Michael wasnt able to hit franklin lol

  • Heztant the Robloxer

    i guess there all one punch man

  • Daniel Cardenas

    You dont need to punch them, just follow them and they will punch you.

  • Niancel G

    i like how Michael tried to comfort his face after Franklin punched him. 😂😂

  • technology productions 2017

    because the boys in hood

  • Dr. Trellmix

    Staying close for too long when they're not ready to hang out will get you WASTED. Not attacking.

  • Mr.dutch

    Its not when u hit them just following fk idiot


    I didn't see trevor getting knockout by anybody

  • BreakABrick

    It's not the punching... It's following them

  • KAY JAY Johnson

    The frankin one has me dead

  • David Montoya

    the reason i like this vid is because he literaraly couldnt lay down a single fucking punch to any of the character

  • Nate Mothafucka


  • marie dowling

    franklins was so funny

  • Soul-the-Mysterious

    This dude Micheal got cracked with Franklin's punch the same way Maddox did when Big Show knocked the shit outta him

  • Arial Haki

    franklin activate his rage mode when he is punching michael

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