GTA 5 | Why You Should Never Punch Michael, Trevor, or Franklin

This shows you what happens when you stalk and attack the protagonists with each other.
  • Zombie Slayer

    Trevor hits so hard that the wall didn't do shit to him

  • Caleb

    Shit franklins was so aggressive damn

  • Justin Norman

    If you go to Michaels house and shoot Rockets at his house, he will call you to stop shooting his house

  • Charlton369

    what happens if you shoot them?

  • Christopher Barrios

    Franklin's knockout made Michael's soul leave his body XD his face omfg xD

  • Gay is magic

    0:43 Micheal loves invisible burger

  • mauro perchia

    ...a punch from a friend hurts more than 200 bullets...

  • I did it for the cat girls

    I like how in context, they don't even knock you out. they literally kill you with one punch.

  • Tommy Vercetti

    You need to sit your motherFUCKing ass down haha

  • KingKon

    Franklin punched the shark cards out of him.

  • Protag Shilex

    So wait, michael, trevor and franklin roam around the map like NPC's when they're not being played?

  • Shithism

    You have terrible hand-eye coronation

  • Aubrie Animations

    there all one punch man

  • Sh0tgunJust1ce

    God, Trevor is a fucking deity. Being able to pass through walls but still be able to connect the headbutt on Michael.

  • Lamar Davis

    I taught Franklin how to throw that right hook. I'm proud.

  • Zachary Windover

    Ok but that's not because you punch them it's when you follow and annoy them.

  • SCRacing2017

    Miachel's knockout....Miachel: Alright. You win.Franklin: in head Oh shit!Miachel kills Franklin with one hit!Franklin's knockout...Franklin: Hey man you need to sit your mutherFUCKIN ass down.Miachel: in head Meh, he can't be THAT tough.Franklin wastes Miachel with a single blow.Trevor's knockout...Trevor: And......go to sleep!Miachel: in head Wait, how in the fuck can you clip through a wall just so you can hit me?!Trevor headbutts Miachel so hard he dies.

  • WWE Vs. Mortal Kombat Scorpion

    that happened to me before. that's why I don't mess with Franklin, Trevor, or Michael.

  • picklickwick

    Jesus Michael is fucking strong AF

  • onee

    Why do you suck so much at actually hitting them!

  • OshawottPro

    0:44, how italian people play gta xd

  • Mr Chode

    hang on a minute is gta 5 more than 3 years old? This has genuinely upset me

  • Aron Serna

    1:11 he head butt the wall

  • Kimy Hotsuin

    michael needs to buy 50 cents of directional in the market xD hahaha

  • C PT

    I never knew about this until now.


    Franklin punched Micheal in the face 😂😂😂

  • Jaylan Clay

    "Eh, man, you need to sit you motherFUCKING ass down."Damn Franklin, calm down it's just a prank bro.

  • David Marchant

    ha ha ur shit at punching

  • Yudhajit Jana

    What Abt Franklin and Trevor?

  • Lel Donahue

    What happens if u shoot them

  • DS FRM 20

    franklin hit the dab back in 2013


    0:38 Lol Franklin is just like me😂😂😂😂

  • Rozen Maiden

    get knocked the fuck out!

  • Tyler Pax

    I tried killing Trevor with Franklin and next thing you know I get a text from him saying "PAY MY MEDICAL BILLS MOTHERFUCKER HAHAHAHAHA" and 5k came out of my account

  • Aimran Azman

    What if they were alien beings from outer space and their species consists of them punching each other by single hit just brought them down so easily

  • Tunez

    What about if u shoot them?


    Frank hust fucked mike man woww

  • RealDarkFilm

    How do you do that????

  • peyton bãrñë

    0:41 sounded just like ice cube

  • FinisheR Fini

    what a dumb didnt even hit Trevor for once....

  • EdgarLIGHTxX

    pranks gone wrong 0:41

  • Jett Bauman

    So how does this happen? Like encountering the characters

  • HCPentz

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand go to sleep.

  • kymora0611

    Michael knock the f*ck out from Franklin hit

  • Red Channel

    0:38-0:42 is my favorite part

  • bryan mcinturf

    You don't need to punch them just walk by them

  • Kael Lauda

    what happens if you kill them? haha

  • Kevin Ruiz

    wow you suck at this game

  • MooPuff Gaming

    Got an old spice commercial with Steven Ogg before this video

  • Ewan Wright

    do these really happen or is it a mod?

  • Ricu

    Is Trevor jeff the killer ?? 1:09

  • MLG Jackie

    Franklin is the beast.

  • 360 NO SCOPE

    He missed every punch. How? It like auto punches!

  • Vector HD Network Pictures

    0:44 Michael or Marlyn Monroe

  • Cristian Soliss

    go to sleep trevol is jeff the killer

  • Master Bates

    I love punching the homie

  • TheVideogamer1004

    Should've done Franklin vs Trevor and Trevor vs Franklin and vs Michael.

  • matthew cordero

    I thought there are friend

  • Bruce Wayne

    It happens because you follow them. It's nothing to do with punching them

  • Nova

    Notice how he got the point of the video across without waisting any time or repeating anything, unlike NaughtPointFour

  • Aaron Xiong

    1:18 when you try your best but don't succeed

  • UCSPanther20

    581 people won, sat their motherfuckin' asses down or went to sleep...

  • Black Gangsta

    hate how we can't have an afro on the online mode

  • DCO Nightingale

    At least Franklin got knocked out in front of the hospital.

  • Friendly Zhark

    My opinions,Micheal is a bit more realistic,Franklin did a very nice knockout,Trevor was really funny.

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