GTA 5 | Why You Should Never Punch Michael, Trevor, or Franklin

This shows you what happens when you stalk and attack the protagonists with each other.
  • Jonathan Alnas

    me: I prefer Michael's knockout why you may askrandom squeaker: why because last night I bang your mom and she moaned for meme: alright alright you win sucker punch the squeaker did your daddy taught you how to sucker punch someone in the facesqueaker cries no I'm calling Rockstar supportme crushed his phone looks like you need a new phoneWASTED

  • Boss_ Monster313

    That happens even if u jut fallow them

  • Muten Roshi

    If you follow them enough you get the same results but not as quick

  • mini gamer of the world

    They punched because you following them not punching

  • RustuS X

    Franklin the best punch xd

  • Matthew Singh-Dosanjh

    Been playing this game consistently for almost four years since release day, never knew about this.

  • Xiupii

    It wasn't because you punched them it's because you were following them

  • Steven Nicke

    How do you get them together?

  • AngleGamer

    if you go to Michaels house and take traceys car then he will text you and say that's my daughter's car

  • Donald Trumps Hair

    0:45 when you smell some bomb ass weed in your hand

  • ross amer

    All I learnt from this was the guy/girl playing can't punch for s**t

  • Eric Harris

    He only fucking punches you because your following him not because your punching him

  • Jarrett Stever

    Franklin sounded like Ice cube lmao

  • It's Opacity

    my god this guy can't land a fucking punch, stop whiffing so much

  • FrothyKibbles67 _

    The do it anyway, you don't need to hit them, Michael just said, STOP THE STALKING, he didn't give a damn about the punching, stupid

  • gonca gül

    Ayy meen you need to sit yo motha...PHUCKING ass down.

  • sonicssbb7591

    Am I the only one who laugh when Franklin fucked up Michael by say fucking so violent 😂😆

  • Albert de Morcerf

    What's really funny is how hard he had to work to hit them xd

  • james waithe

    0:21 😂😂😂 one punch man

  • Filip Kocev

    Trevor hit Mikey so bad he even broke the wall

  • Thr33 P01nter_TM

    I did this before and trevor stabbed me lol

  • Benjie Boro

    What happens when you shoot them?

  • Rosy vande wouw

    BBC penetrates cougar aggressively 0:41

  • Hayden Renfro

    That's if u follow them

  • The Shortstopp

    Can take lots of bullets and punches from enemiesDies in one punch by other protagonist

  • Don't Read My profile pic


  • kirké

    Looool idk why I found it hilarious that you kept missing

  • Cloud Strife

    00:25 "Half Dab"

  • L B T G

    The best one is at 0:40

  • Simone G

    0:42 "my beautiful face" :(

  • thebudderzombie

    I remember when I did this to trevor. I just continually jumped into him until he killed me. My first time and I didn't know what happened.

  • Ocram Immorto


  • Tanner Bernardi Heslop TBH

    How do you even get to punch them

  • Optimus Prime

    This nigga Trevor ain't human bruh

  • Shadow jr

    I kept follwing micheal than that scene pop up i thought it was a glitch

  • Big Boss

    Best friends forever <3

  • Liam Smith

    Why does only 7% of your punches connect

  • Syr Porter

    Franklins was the best 😂😂

  • Vaas Montenegro

    Beats Civilians/Enemies = Takes a lot of hit to kill themBeats any three of the protagonist of GTAV = WASTED in one hit.wut?

  • Infinity man

    Damn Michael can take a full round into him but can't gets killed by a strong punch , damn Fraklins strong !

  • Yung Triumph

    Wtf 😂😂 you had to hit Michel 2 but you didn't even have to touch franklin😂😂

  • Quagsire

    It wasn't because you punched them it was because you followed them

  • kirogre67

    1:09 trevor is fan of cm punk

  • Kevin Johnson

    i like franklins reaction the best, it actually sounded like he swumg he fist we he said sit yo ass down lol

  • Manny Bushes

    Trevor was the most badass one. He headbutt you right through the wall.

  • Mr Kitty

    This is why i love gta v

  • #YOLO #Autism

    Franklin looks like hyped harambe

  • Spiral Set

    4:44 Michael is having a dream about eating something

  • Swizzy OP

    Franklins punch was hard af but it looks like one of those where the annoyed guy lands a lucky KO and almost falls but catches himself and walks off like a badass

  • Mayso

    It's cringey how long it takes him to punch the character

  • RSM

    It's happened to me when I pissed off Franklin as Michael and now it's my background theme for my PS4

  • gamertheboss

    Wow I didn't know that

  • Andreas 282

    what if trevor hit mikey? will mikey have a guts to hit back?

  • isaac 72222

    They don't hit you cuz you hit them they hit you cause your following them

  • 3D Sound AllEssentialTech

    I laughed so hard at failed attempts. :)

  • Piotr Czarnomski

    It's not about punching... they will kill you when you follow them

  • Milo Bazan

    Trevor + Anger = Wallhacks

  • TheJessPaul

    Why do you suck at throwing punches

  • NiggleZ AMV

    Can we please discuss the one problem I see in this video.Franklin's hair.

  • send nudes

    You don't have to punch them. Just follow them and they'll do that. The more you know

  • Jeremy Miller

    he got knock da fuck out

  • Gamingboy0422

    Michael and Trevor could easily beat up franklin in a fight

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