GTA 5 | Why You Should Never Punch Michael, Trevor, or Franklin

This shows you what happens when you stalk and attack the protagonists with each other.
  • Tommy Exterminator

    0:44 Michael's flashback: "Wish I'd eat those goddamn cheeseburgers"

  • Jonas Denison

    sitcho mutherFUCkin ass down

  • pop lop

    0:41 the hood just got real

  • Tanner Bernardi Heslop TBH

    How do you even get to punch them

  • KinG Zyful

    0:40 Pushing black people in the hood [Gone Wrong]

  • Jamilayn

    Trevor reminds me of Jack Nicholson

  • Thefifth Nones

    0:44 Michael's face though

  • Ahmad Plays

    0:23 franklin made a dab

  • vandan agrawal

    1:14 trevor scratching his balls ⚾️

  • Bad jokes with Ricky Bobby

    Damn franklin got hits

  • daniel mancilla

    0:40 Franklin did choose option B

  • KingKon

    Franklin punched the shark cards out of him.

  • Tushar chaudhary

    Is noone gonna talk about how garbage is this guy at landing punches!

  • DynamiicGameZ

    But what will hapen if you kill them

  • Milo Bazan

    Trevor + Anger = Wallhacks

  • Flapjack Slashjack

    Can take lots of bullets and punches from enemiesDies in one punch by other protagonist

  • QaZxReDx_YT

    Man U need to sit ur motherfucking ass down

  • Semi-Hilarious Oreo

    There's no Trevor on this Video. The Jack Nicholson cameo was nice though


    OMG😆😂😂😂😂😆😆😆 the part wen micheal got lead by Franklin

  • FoxyCraft Mods

    Commander:We got an armyMichael: we got a trevor

  • Dat Gta Fan

    Franklin punched you so hard that you went back in time boii

  • duck boi


  • J Suh

    "Alright, alright you win." You saw how scared and shaky franklin was? Lmao

  • Kamrin Martin

    0:22 dab on them haters

  • GDFR Gaming

    GTA LogicCan't kill the enemy w/ 3 sniper shotsKill an enemy with one punch :/

  • Ashish

    The way Franklin says 'Eh, man.You need to sit your mother..(punch)..fcking ass down' LMAO 😂😂😂

  • convict thug

    Wait, what's Trevor doing in Los Santos

  • Amanda Cipriani

    You know? my ex-husband deserve this for being a asswipe

  • ImNotManny

    Who knew Trevor could headbutt through walls?

  • Wilbert Patiag

    Michael sounds like trump ;)

  • glitter taii

    0:45 lmao Michael what pose is that??

  • The Quickster

    Annnnndddd GO TO SLEEP!

  • Austin Rosestien

    0:44-0:47 Michael is eating an invisible burger.

  • BreakABrick

    It's not the punching... It's following them

  • LikeMikeSIKE

    0:24 Did Michael knock his head against an imaginary bell?

  • Oscar Oreo

    0:23 franklin dabbed when he died

  • Nathan Nealon

    Hey man you need to sit your mother FUCKIN ass down hahahaha there was so much power behind it 😂😂😂

  • Fat Yolk

    0:43 lol Michael just became hella sophisticated.

  • Dark Wolf

    0:44 Michael loves the invisible cheeseburger

  • Audrey B

    0:20 damn MichaelEdit: I change my mind damn Franklin (when he punches Michael..wait lol revenge)

  • Charlton369

    what happens if you shoot them?

  • RealMerhaban1

    It's not because U are hitting Them its because U are following them

  • GDFR Gaming

    GTA logicCan't kill enemy with sniper shots Kill enemy with one punch 🤛:/

  • A Buzzed Whaler

    The thumbnail looks kind of like dust 2.

  • L B T G

    The best one is at 0:40

  • adventureoflinkmk2

    that's still funny how even though the three protagonists are "friends" you can still blow each other up, fight, etc... I didn't think friends did that

  • Christopher Barrios

    Franklin's knockout made Michael's soul leave his body XD his face omfg xD

  • Salih Bozan

    Its becuse you keep folowing them

  • Markus ippolito

    U can't punch the carachters

  • Nix

    I followed Trevor one time for a long time. He then turned and headbutted me. Lmao rip

  • Hunter Fulke

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes lol

  • Efan Esya Amiramiza

    ooooooohh so that's why

  • Mario Cavallero

    Trevor reminds me of Steven Ogg... oh wait.

  • AntodroidRS

    I liked franklins punch the most

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