GTA 5 | Why You Should Never Punch Michael, Trevor, or Franklin

This shows you what happens when you stalk and attack the protagonists with each other.
  • glitter taii

    0:45 lmao Michael what pose is that??

  • Jessica Thorne

    PFFT, you don't have to do anything to them to do this. It's to get you to stop following them.

  • Tanner Bernardi Heslop TBH

    How do you even get to punch them

  • FadeFX

    This happens regardless of whether or not you actually hit them. The characters don’t like being followed.

  • Potato Salad

    Every bodies saying how badass franklin is, but Trevor head butted him to death through a WALL

  • Madhav Singh

    U r not able to kill them because u r noob

  • lit

    Franklin did that K. O

  • Ashreeq 360

    That wasn't because punching them it's because you keep following them trust me I did it a few times already

  • Martin Pevec

    Trevor so pissed he gos through the wall 😂

  • Infinity Aidan

    0:22 😂😭 he hit that dab PERfect

  • Aiii Donkey

    1:08 what my mom does to make me go sleep

  • kamyar fcbayern

    Franklin punched Michael into the next GTA

  • Rico Fauzan

    The game is 3 years old and still amaze with the amount of stuff rockstar put in their games

  • PlayDay063

    Trevor is jeff the killer

  • Ashton Copeland

    That happens if u follow them to

  • anonymous

    U don't have to hit them u just have to follow them dumbass

  • Aiii Donkey

    0:39 what my mom does when I keep annoying her

  • LegendJim

    Trevor was about to piss on michael

  • minebros teaex

    0.21 He needs some milk

  • Dank DeMuro


  • 1 sonofabiscuit

    Franklin went full gangsta bitches!

  • Llamasaurus Rex

    could you have made so you can actually see Trevors animation

  • Jlissa Birtell

    Franklin gave 0 fucks when he toke out Micheal

  • Geyser

    wow it's impossible to get this many likes than to get punched in the face

  • Kelela Pepa

    I learnt this the hard way. Wish I had seen this earlier lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Hawkins

    I hope you were trying to miss a lot lol

  • Ali Berat Arslan

    Franklins knockout was hilarious

  • Jitsu Swagg

    That nigga Michael dropped so fast 💀💀💀💀

  • Nathaniel

    its only for stalking. attacks dont help

  • Caztro YB

    Franklin punched Michael for slaverly 😂😂😂✊🏾

  • PredatorHass

    i loved franklins punch

  • mini gamer of the world

    They punched because you following them not punching

  • Matthew Singh-Dosanjh

    Been playing this game consistently for almost four years since release day, never knew about this.

  • Steven Nicke

    How do you get them together?

  • DrkWrior

    0:46 Michael looks like a gay guy

  • tappedswine

    Just goes to show how rough these criminals are, they would even punch their own friends if they get pissed off

  • oliver robinson

    Wow you suck at punching

  • str84ward Action

    Try punching trumpet in real life and see what happen lol

  • Bronze

    You don't have to punch them

  • Eric Harris

    He only fucking punches you because your following him not because your punching him

  • FrothyKibbles67 _

    The do it anyway, you don't need to hit them, Michael just said, STOP THE STALKING, he didn't give a damn about the punching, stupid

  • thebudderzombie

    I remember when I did this to trevor. I just continually jumped into him until he killed me. My first time and I didn't know what happened.

  • Cloud Strife

    00:25 "Half Dab"

  • BigLongPinkDingDong

    Damn do you always play like this running around trying fifteen times to hit someone?

  • Liam Smith

    Why does only 7% of your punches connect

  • NiTaLu Hromyk

    You're terrible at punching

  • Vaas Montenegro

    Beats Civilians/Enemies = Takes a lot of hit to kill themBeats any three of the protagonist of GTAV = WASTED in one hit.wut?

  • Shadow jr

    I kept follwing micheal than that scene pop up i thought it was a glitch

  • Big Boss

    Best friends forever <3

  • Syr Porter

    Franklins was the best 😂😂

  • Quagsire

    It wasn't because you punched them it was because you followed them

  • kirogre67

    1:09 trevor is fan of cm punk

  • Manny Bushes

    Trevor was the most badass one. He headbutt you right through the wall.

  • Spiral Wolf1987

    4:44 Michael is having a dream about eating something

  • Mr Kitty

    This is why i love gta v

  • #YOLO #Autism

    Franklin looks like hyped harambe

  • Swizzy OP

    Franklins punch was hard af but it looks like one of those where the annoyed guy lands a lucky KO and almost falls but catches himself and walks off like a badass

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