GTA V: Enterable Buildings

Several Locations that are accessible in Free Roam.

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  • APGames15

    I'm currently making a new version of this; it should be out hopefully tomorrow.

  • Nicholas Nieves

    Uhh, are you like a member or something? Because the way out of the I AA building should've decapitated that guy

  • APGames15

    To everyone who are saying that you can enter the IAA building with a parachute, I'm sorry. I was told that the window was patched in an update a year ago and presumed that there was no other way to enter it.Apologies,APGames15

  • O G

    gta5 has a big map but theres nothing to do at all. I am so disappointed

  • Zack Hicks

    is htis only onmline or in story mode

  • Nightcaster460

    So GTA 5 has a good amount of interiors then.


    Need some music or something but Good vid

  • Crunzy tough

    There is also a place in sandy shores,it's beside a clothing store I can't remember the place exactly but if you want to find it go to all the clothing stores in sand shores and just look beside them,the place is like a bank and also nice video

  • MONARCH 576

    House in Grove Street?

  • Nathan uncharted Drake Videos

    They said you could enter houses all a lied brrhhhh

  • Chilson_

    You can parachute into the iaa building, I did it btw

  • D-Dog

    I swear I found away to enter the iaa building with a car check my video out

  • killer pancake

    There is. A way to get into the vault you go near the gate go to the Xbox game store but you have to be online then exit off of the Xbox game store and u should be in the gate then go down to the vault and shoot it a few times and it opens.


    this video was so long... watching you spend minutes trying to walk through walls and windows... you telling us we cant jump through the windows of a building most of us can't enter, and watching you struggle to jump out of it for another minute... then watch your confusion when you realized you showed the "LS metro station" and "LS suer system" at the same place....... pls crop some clips next time.

  • Wolf Endie

    if you enter the bank in single player you can get into the vault and you forgot the police departement with the impound

  • Adrenaline 4 Life

    That's not true. You can parachute into the window even on multiplayer 

  • SuperKamiGuru

    Getting in the vault is pointless nothing in there

  • Secret Spy

    And the police station?

  • Adrenaline 4 Life

    I'm talking about the iaa building

  • Charee Wood

    Got so board I fell asleep 

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