Liechtenauer - Zornhau

Les pièces du zornhau à l'épée longue interprétées par le PEAMHE à partir des gloses de J. Liechtenauer.

Zornhau techniques interpreted by PEAMHE (France) from J. Liechtenauer's glosa.
  • Paul Becker

    Were are your wooden Swords from?

  • Siuil

    Vous avez un club içi á Paris? Merci pour la video!

  • Jetman123

    You'd be surprised. Some skilled ARMA members do this with steel blunted swords. In an actual fight, you would want to go this fast with a live, edged blade as well, because the faster you go, the more likely it is your opponent will fail to parry. If you want a good example of how fast someone with a live blade can move, look up 'longsword pell training' and look for that one video by an ARMA member (red shirt)

  • Bill the sword guy

    Nice video. Nice interpretation of the old codex. I respectfully suggest that as shown, they are VERY hard on the swords, and that you exercise great caution when doing them with live steel. (of course, you know that, but some of your viewers may not!)

  • Bill the sword guy

    Those synthetic plastic dildos don't shatter, splinter and have pieces fly off into the crowd. Wooden "swords" have their place...and that place is slow speed training, like in that video. Even steel has its drawbacks...unlike medieval steel, the good steel we use nowadays will often shatter. Not such a problem on a battlefield where everybody is armoured, (you can always pick up another sword!) but a real concern if you are attracting an audience.

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