Learn Sword Fighting 2: The Zornhau

Welcome to our sword fighting tutorial for beginners. We will show you the basics of medieval european swordsmanship. Let's continue with a defense against the strike from above: the "Zornhau-Ort" or "wrath hew".
  • Zachary Randolph

    Thank you for these videos would these techniques also work with hand and a half swords?

  • Stephen Esperson

    Keep up the great work guys...BTW love the accent.

  • Death scythe117

    this is cool i really like sword fighting and tv shows with swords and knights plus i always thought it be cool to learn how to use a sword

  • Dark gamer24

    Could you teach us how to strike above our head

  • ashique sha

    after game of thrones??

  • UvularWizard94

    ok this i helpful cuz i have a katana and a long sword

  • ElGringo Loco66

    very nice dudes keep going

  • Welther47

    What swords are you using and who made them?

  • AstralStorm

    All those poor poor killed cabbages. At least there will be good soup. ;)

  • UvularWizard94

    cuz i have two swords

  • Dark gamer24

    Could you teach us how to strike from the head it's called the high guard eposityfolcanae the guard of the hoork

  • Yuexin Huo

    Great video! Would Zornhau work on montantes' as well? I suppose montantes are similar to longswords to some extent, but it seems that historical masters of montante didn't mention similar techniques like Zornhau...

  • Tony Renshaw

    im not having a go at you guys, rather the state of hema in general, you will never understand it by the methods your using, it just doesnt work. endless changing of interpretations all coming from the fact you have no foundation to work from. if you dont know how to stand, you dont know how to walk, if you cant walk you cant swing the sword or thrust properly. if you dont understand the body mechanics of stretch, rotate, rebound while walking through the postures in continuos motion, you dont know how to weild a sword regardless of where or when you come from. this is fundamental beginners stuff and hema dont know how to do it, because you didnt go learn from living traditions first. you will find it in russia, in india and the phillipines as well as portugal and irish stick fighting in surviving in america as well as modern sport saber fencing. the knowledge is out there you can find it, i did. look around europe and you will find survivng remnants and a bigger picture will start to emerge for you.

  • Mulisha Knight

    cool but i would talk about the plates more myself...explain the illustration then do your video.

  • UvularWizard94

    this really helps me learn how to use a sword but does all attacks go for all swords???

  • The Hunter Of W And S

    of course we are glad to like sword its a beautiful weapon haha

  • Tony Renshaw

    how can you show what you dont know how to do? you dont understand how to stand, how to step or strike, you dont know how to parry and german longsword is not a linear system or was doebringer telling you to attack from the sides and not straight onlike your doing as a joke. if you wont go and learn first from living traditions hema will continue to be a joke. this is not historical european martial arts, this is bad interpretation pulled out of the ass of people who know absolutely nothing and are forced to "interpret" (make it up) from old treatise.

  • Giagantus

    Cool and nice. Please continue !

  • The Hunter Of W And S

    im the hunter of witch and succubus hehe ^^

  • The Hunter Of W And S

    well if i want to stab someone with a sword in the upper cut slash it might work yes?

  • Rodrigo Monroy

    I love this! I've always wanted to be a sword fighter and the videos and explanations are very smooth and easy to understand. Keep up the good work guys! I'm subscribing

  • TSO Liot

    love it. What sword is in your intro and outro? is it custom?

  • Patriotic Realist

    The source material clearly states to NOT make a separate attempt to parry but directly point to the head while raising your hilt above your head...? Is it not supposed to be a single step move? Not parry and then thrust but do it all in one move?

  • Deon Bester

    When I was little, I always wished I would become a sword fighter. I started watching your vids, and now my wish is starting to be fulfilled. Please, continue?

  • angellove081

    More of these, please! I love your training videos.

  • doccharley1

    Grosses Kompliment! So ein kurzes Video, so eine treffende Erklärung zum Zornhau-Ort, hab ich so hier auf der Tube noch nicht gesehen. Das Wesentliche kurz und prägnant dargestellt. Bin ja eh Dreynschlag-Fan :-)

  • Kronos camron

    subscribed. awesome channel please keep it up.

  • John Wiedenhoeft

    Thanjs! I'm curious, which historical source supports leaning backwards here?

  • Orion Wright

    I'm a new, big fan. Probably the clearest, easiest to understand series out there, and good production quality. Please keep making these :)

  • Γεώργιος Γεωργάς

    Hello from Greece. Very nice video, thank you :)

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