Grand Theft Auto 5 Ending / Final Mission - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 70 (GTA 5)

NEW Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 70 includes the Final Mission of the Campaign Story for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC in HD. This Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Walkthrough will also include a Review, all Michael, Trevor and Franklin Missions and the Ending.


Grand Theft Auto 5, also known as GTA 5 or GTA V, is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game is composed of elements from driving and action-adventure games, and features open world gameplay, in which players can interact with the game world at their leisure. The game is set within the fictional state of San Andreas, which is based on Southern California. Within San Andreas are the fictional city of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles) and an open countryside area. The single-player story is told through three player-controlled protagonists whom the player switches between—Michael, Trevor and Franklin—and the story follows their efforts to plan and execute six large heists to accrue wealth for themselves. Michael is a retired professional bank robber, who after making a sweetheart deal with FIB, returned to the life of crime. Trevor is the loose cannon in this story, who is also a long time best friend of Michael's and a hot-head psychopath as well. Last but certainly not least, we have Franklin, a young and grim repo man who has a large amount of experience behind the wheel, but no real experience to crime until he meets Michael while he was trying to get a hustle.Other main characters include Amanda De Santa, Michael's wife; Jimmy De Santa and Tracey De Santa, Michael's children; Lamar, Franklin's friend; Ron, Trevor's paranoid friend; and Simeon Yetarian, Franklin's employer.

New activities have also been added, such as yoga, triathlons, jet skiing, base-jumping, tennis, a full-fledged golf, and scuba diving.

New Characters include: Michael, Trevor Phillips, Franklin, Jimmy, Amanda, Chop, Tracy, Ron, Michael's Therapist, Floyd, Wade, Simeon Yetarian, Lamar, Brad, Lester, Vasquez, Tao, Casey, Fabien LaRouche.

New locations include: Alamo Sea, Blaine County, Downtown Los Santos, Grapeseed, Little Seoul, Los Santos, Mount Chiliad, Rockford Hills, South Los Santos, Vespucci Beach, Vinewood.
  • Lorenzo Cotton jr aka Mister Cotton

    did anyone notice that they left Lamar

  • al cabili

    yea no one died yay yay yay

  • John N

    " This is why the people I put in my trunk are usually dead." 😂😂😂😂


    But that's my boy,yeah but that's my boy his voice

  • ashley Savage

    Ok if Franklin died man bro that's my brother I would cry he man was my beast freind

  • Coryxkenshin Corylengand

    Theradbrad fuck that name and fuck ya all

  • Red Lego Brick


  • What?

    I killed Michael because his life is boring

  • KING KHAN !!!

    How much badwords this damn game contains 😂😂

  • Dion Greene

    you are a cool youtuber can you play youtebers life

  • Yovanni Rodriguez

    im going to rate it my self until i get the game but watching ur vids on this series id say for now 10 out of 10

  • Nandan Pavithran

    thanks man..for making this video..I watched all of em.!

  • Khan Aamir

    10/10 great game with brad its 11/10

  • Gamma Putra

    Lamar Just Sounds Like Sweet :v

  • smooth sharks

    You deserve 7k. U Rockstar 👍👍😊

  • The awesome player 123

    This game is 100000 100000

  • Bayle Alleman

    Best one yet thx for making it shout me out next vid ?

  • abhijith gc

    Any one watching. Then press👍

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    You sound like legend neblla

  • Gta Funkaar

    Please visit my channnel GTA Funkaaar on YouTube

  • Noobz Gaming

    U should have chose Trevor u get twelve million dollars from it

  • Pro-gamer Pro

    Hey bro I finished the gta 5 missions on lots of accounts in Xbox 360

  • Mike Headley

    just love this game 10/10

  • Lav Pandit

    What is web site for I download GTA v

  • abhilash devarapalli

    That's a good thing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 keep that good bro 😊😊

  • LAplayzYT

    27:47 what are you shooting

  • Swastik Swarup Das

    ended where it all started

  • Max Visscher

    Does he has somthing like aimbot?

  • Leonel Lopez

    I had a rough time kidnaping davin

  • Madeleine Losier

    ending c deathwish is always real ending

  • Beth Owen

    "Ok we should be fine" cuts to brad's fucking wrecked car

  • Messi Fan

    He should of gotten his rocket launcher and kill them faster

  • Dany Gasay

    10:14 "Vete a la verga" hahaha man this game is fucking awesome!

  • Tachji Harris

    lester has a poster of the lumanate

  • Kameron Lawson

    ween you do the last mission you got so much money

  • nice cat

    hey how to get new mission

  • emanuel niel parcon

    i am very happy right now

  • Kevin Mojica

    "SHOTGUN!! Woo! I wanted to ice that fucker since the moment i met him!!" 😂😂Trevor is fucking funny as hell, u gotta love him

  • suzanne mcg

    All of my friends are going for Trevor and I'm the only one that's for fucking deathswish

  • James

    Does it work in my 2009 Mac?

  • Blake Taylor

    I picked to kill trever

  • raged elmo 43257

    my mom told me to do option B

  • Rashaan Griffin

    what are you playing this on?

  • Nik Furlan

    option killingA-ok....B-hate itC-love it

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    Hahah this video is so insane

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    Actually I bought this game last Monday and finished it yesterday (monday-> Thursday = less than on e week

  • Patricia Meadows

    we're ready for you come on

  • Alvian Tanjung

    50%People picked to kill Trevor50%People picked to kill Michael90%People picked deathwishTell me which one you did because i did deathwish.

  • Neetu Sharma

    austin king hahahahaha fuck

  • Ryan Gross

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccc I chose to kill trevor because I like franclin and I thought he was going to die if I chose death note

  • Jacky Rice

    this is so entertaining

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