GTA V - Flying to the edge of the map in an indestructible helicopter

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Usually, when you travel towards the edge of the map, your vehicle will break down and you'll usually die. However, by turning on the indestructible vehicle, godmode and speed boost options in the Native Trainer, you can travel far beyond the break point.

There doesn't seem to be an actual map boundary for GTA V; there doesn't seem to be a wall or anything that would stop you from flying towards the ends of the world. However, at a certain point, as shown in this video, the camera will freeze and it becomes extremely difficult to maneuver. It took me about 7.5 minutes with a constant speed boost reach this point. Traveling at 335 mph (taken from the top speed stat that the game records) this works out to be about 42 miles. You can unfreeze the camera by teleporting back to San Andreas.

Thanks to FerMeister on Reddit for discovering this:

Native Trainer download:

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  • Jullien Harris

    i did it with the skyfall cheat and when i got to a certain poi t and started swimming, it went straight to wasted. no sharls, no nothing. it jsut said wasted., that's xbox one btw

  • sprite4cool

    'open world' suuuure GTA

  • SaLAD

    I did it online with a hydra, 1st the wing collapsed then as soon as I went underwater I died

  • goku super

    when you get to the edge of the map you get killed by a shark or you just drown

  • ItZ-_DarK-_- YT


  • The Programmer of video games

    the programmers and the developers of this game don't won't the player to reach the end of the map for a reason.

  • 11pixels

    Im doing this right now, so far I haven't reached the camera cut point (by time im posting this)

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