The Zornhau and Zornhau Ort

I was asked to prepare a video showing the correct way to execute a Zornhau and the most important follow-up actions. This video discusses the Zornhau, the Zornhau Ort, and the Zucken or Durchwechseln if your Zornhau Ort is displaced.

Demonstrators: Hugh Knight and Chris Bertell. Camera: Chad Cordero.
  • j2112c

    Genius! Many thanks, this REALLY clears many things up for me.Subscribed and I will practice this tomorrow. 

  • Alex flake

    What fechtbuch are you reading? This seems like a terrible idea just to sit there and wait until the last possible moment to put your sword out to bind. And also, Fechtmeister Lichtenauer clearly said "When you strike right step right, when you strike left step left." This means that no matter what position you are in, if your Zornhau isn't being made by the High Vom Tag as opposed to the Low Vom Tag, you should step either back or forth. That is the only time it would be ok to strike and not move your legs. If you really want to effectively perform a stabbing motion from a Zornhau on Zornhau bind, I'd suggest making a Zornhau from the High Vom Tag, make the cut which would bind the opponent's blade and also stop your sword to wear it is aimed in his face or chest, THEN step/thrust/both.On that note, at 4:24, his Strong is against your Weak. There is no way you are gonna be able to push his blade off to the side.BTW, I wpould think the only reason why fencers would have made a bind from Zornhau on Zornhau would be if they both attacked in the Indes, becuase if that were the case, they just so happened to bind their swords while trying to cut eachother rather than doing that on purpose. Otherwise, against a Zornhau, I'd prefer to step out and foward then make a Scheilhau, or maybe a Krumphau.

  • SlowMotionSword

    When you are binding in the zornhau, are you cutting into, hitting, the opponent's sword, or are you touching and then applying pressure? Roland Warzecha has recently put out a video on the subject:

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