GTA 5: First Day of High School Mod - GTA 5 Real Life Mod #1 (GTA 5 Mods)

GTA 5 Mods showcase of the GTA 5 Mods Real Life Mod! With GTA 5 Funny moments of the First Day of High School! This Video includes Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay! Like For more Funny GTA V Gameplay

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  • Nisaiy Sam

    you should buy an apartment

  • Freddy The Demon

    papa Jake is better than PewDiePie

  • Wendy Joustra

    That guy in the background at 0:14 walked into a pole 😂

  • Victor Ramirez

    15:57 Look who just subed!

  • moustache robot

    actually the first day of high school for year one you are usually four-teen

  • Jordorock

    At 20:20 is so funny I was LMAOOO

  • Kaleb Smith

    grown people at 35 don't go to school

  • lavadragon

    help i cant breathe omg thats so funny

  • LumberPlayers Lumber

    Smart words from billy "i ike it when the principal smacks my bottum"

  • Jimmy Tan

    im giving you a f- for the photos

  • Shdh Hdhdhc

    all that you said is funny

  • Eunice Self


  • Pacman Harvey

    u just could drive tbh to go fast mmm..?

  • sublimemama mm


  • Logan Sheets

    the girl with pink hair

  • Somara Wilkinson

    Wilkinson is my last name

  • Tyler Hoeflein

    i would give you a girlfriend

  • Caden Jones

    This is the cringiest episode papa jakey made

  • flash ivy

    stop cussing or I will kick your butt

  • Jalasia Gross

    I'm sorry. dodododpdepepepep

  • Mary Martin


  • Cameron Snodgrass

    a++++++++++++++++++!!! 10/10

  • Gauge Humphrey


  • torino narduzzo

    Troy has had a very good time with his family he

  • Jayden Scott


  • Andre the Giant

    I live in la some school buses are yellow and some are white so that your auswer

  • Jamal King

    steel the lambo that was at the school

  • THAT ONE BOY Every Day Gamer

    WTF those are all garage doors

  • Sharon Beard

    big fat F - if it was a real assiment

  • Joe Chavez

    qoqjakiloveur. videvoz

  • Stanley Roberts

    how do you get off the stage

  • Pamela Harris

    All you look so beautiful for true hole. When Bruce so who is supposed to make your game so you can play your own game Monday or will you have to be with your kids get inare you with you with you when you go to old songs to battle droid wood doors solid

  • Connor Hoyland

    I would give him an a+

  • Donald Wadewitz


  • Letty Martinez

    this is no freaking school its The B.J. Smith Recreation Center And Park your such a lier because i went to that place it didn't say it was a school

  • King Eyad

    Look at the youtober ssundee

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