GTA 5: top 5 rare cars - (GTA 5 secret cars)

a quick video showing you in gta 5 top 5 rare cars and secret cars that are not sports cars but are rather funny looking cars or weird cars anyways hope you enjoy the video

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  • Trippy Telosian Time Traveler

    how'd u get the clown car

  • Pizza Queen

    A rare vehicle is the Police Bus

  • Sixto 0514

    Where is the clown truck location

  • It's Gaming time

    How do you get special vehicles

  • CrazyMathChicken Yeahhs

    You can buy the Z Type in offline mode

  • The N-Forcer Squad

    how did he get the clown van

  • JipsVlogs

    You can buy the Z-Type in story mode for: $10.000.000

  • Derek Nabor

    how did you get the hotrod with franklin the one without the hood

  • xXDKkillerBoyXx Gaming

    Where did you get the ATV thing (12:59)

  • Chappel Chastain

    its just a 4 wheeler with after market plastics you can make it in real life easy

  • Kevin Lopez

    How did u get the clown car

  • Young NexuS

    i would love to meet asergaming

  • RuSh InSanity

    you forgot about the Go Go Monkey Dinka Blista

  • mustapha younnes

    but i can buy the ztype in the internet its 10,000,000$

  • destiny island

    If you loose the space car or destroy you can never get it again

  • Cagle Faze

    How do u get clown van

  • juan ramirez

    how did u get the car with red wine color on trevor

  • 10% Genius 90% Stupid

    Yeah a buggati is totally not a rare car

  • Luke John McLeary Dixon

    wow you can buy the z tipe offline for 10 million $ it's not rare if you agree with me then reply yes

  • THC CBD Bloodstream

    5:50 is that franklin?! No just some random black guy X'D they all look alike to you I'm guessing haha na good video funny

  • Michael Margreiter

    where can you find the future car?????

  • Shaheer Baig

    hi and what is your device in your game is run

  • Jethro James

    How di you get clown van in single player???

  • Josh Damn Drifter

    I'm not being mean or anything but the 2 cars on Trevor aren't rare

  • Chri

    is it on x box 360 possible

  • AYDJgamingHD

    Is that Franklin, oh no its a random BLACK GUY Thank God!!!Lmao cool vid

  • Daniel Bluecat

    Literally the only vehicle I haven't seen before was the fiddler the clown van

  • macho Man

    Ps4 you can buy the z type for 10,000,000

  • Denis O Leary

    where did you get the z type

  • Tj Angeles

    How do you get the clown van?

  • Martini Beibi

    How did you find the clown van

  • cool grazer 2

    and you can also get the roseavelt in there to

  • SkidMarker

    Lol ur funny.. Keep it up.. :*

  • Kidd Ace

    your pretty gud bro keep it up (liked\subb)


    I'm scared of clowns

  • Decidueye Contained

    That's a rare car it's a hot wheel!

  • Alicia Molla

    is this available on xbox 360 or ps3 or 4

  • cool grazer 2

    the rat-truck is not a rare car you can get it in you special vehicles in your garage i should know because THATS WERE I GOT IT so its not rare sorry for caps

  • Juan Ceja

    I have the lil one that franklin has I found it in the ranch were Trevor use to live before he moved the the club

  • Jack S

    How did you get the clown van in story mode

  • RIOX

    What are your pc specs ?

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