Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"

Jimmy challenges hip-hop lover Daniel Radcliffe to rap Blackalicious' tongue-twisting "Alphabet Aerobics."

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Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"
  • Panda

    If I could memorize things like Daniel Radcliffe, I would be gettin' A's like it's nothing...

  • L͛u͛n͛a͛ L͛o͛v͛e͛g͛o͛o͛d͛

    I don't think Harry Potter fans a letting him let go of his roleEdit: when I say Harry Potter fans I'm including me

  • Kei Rikako

    you're a rapper Harry

  • Irene B.

    Harry Potter, The Boy Who Rapped

  • first last

    In 5th grade, my teacher was like "Okay, this has nothing to do with school, but I saw this on TV last night" and showed us this video

  • Arabella Hunt

    I'm literally Jimmy in this vid

  • Dee Brown

    Does anyone else find it funny how he sounded American while rapping?

  • Hella Ringmayr

    10 points to Gryffindor!!

  • Luna Đorđević

    You're a rapper, Harry

  • Sinnoh Crosser

    Wow that's a really long spell

  • Onion Avocado

    Jimmy threw the "Z" and "Daniel" cards together lol. Was I the only one who noticed 3:03

  • FeliciaTube

    Rapping & magic begins at 1:12

  • Ilovethisgame 43

    Hagrid: You're a rapper Harry.Harry: I'm a what?

  • Robot Guy

    I respect him for not saying the n word

  • Cole T.

    Wow HE was Harry Potter?Not in a rude way but wow.

  • Momo Hasan

    bet Malfoy's jealous 😂

  • Lilly-Ann Gaskell

    I can rap this to but u probz won't believe me but I can

  • PeremeDiego Diego

    2:15 You screwed it up Radcliffe!

  • User5973

    Clearly becoming a rapper causing one to lose a European accent.

  • Sky Mae

    I'm 11 and I can do this. I won 1st place at our schools talent show.

  • Shin Elijah Wood

    What a weakling. My mixtape will CRUSH you Daniel Radcliffe. I am the true master of the Satsui no Hado. God is dead, and I have killed him. Fear me.

  • Veronica And Nicole Diy

    He is from Harry Potter

  • Areebah Hashmi

    Omg I had a dream where u was at a baseball game and Eminem was sitting beside me and after along time he looked at me and he was like "don't you want an autograph?!" And I'm like "and you are?" And he's like "Eminem" and I'm like "yeah. . . And I'm skittles "

  • Inna Niż WSZYSCY

    I Love Daniel Omg this is fantastic

  • GeekOnline

    Well ya look at that, Daniel Rapclife


    wow omg daniel so funny and cute

  • Trixi Mare

    For Q did he say... quirrel? Aka Voldemort?

  • FreshliciousFlower

    Who came here from Race Through New York, where this video played in the queue?

  • Sarah Jacobs

    Holy crap! Harry Potter can rap

  • Logan X

    now all we need him to do is rap it backwards...

  • Fractal

    He has an american accent when hes rapping

  • Sami Bitat

    no wonder he doesnt talk much in the series. hes recovering from the burns left in his mouth.

  • Isabella Moss

    Ten points to Gryffindor.

  • Mary the viewer

    The real reason Ginny married Harry

  • Janice Barnes

    Harry Potter is liiiiiittttt

  • Melaney Brown

    That was th best thing EVER!!!!!

  • Sywa

    Hagrid : Harry, You re a rapperHarry : No it's impossible i m not a rapper im just Harry 😂

  • Raanon Fowler

    I see him rapping the song whenever he needs to remember the ABCs

  • Blame Zande

    the only thing I can pronounce it so good, loud and cleary is ZEALOTS!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Chris Shearer

    Very polite of Daniel to leave out the "Nigga" lyric at 'N'.

  • Faye Luneau

    where my snape fans at!!!

  • Violet Hoang

    I used to love this song so much because of Daniel. I memorized the whole song for him.

  • Sebastian Tierney

    That's pretty impressive!

  • essa é a galera do avião


  • Caroline STBMW

    There's one thing about Harry Potter and Daniel that never changed. His smile


    This is not Radcliffe its Rapcliffe

  • Hp fan101

    and the house cup go to GRIFFINDOR

  • Platéia do Chaves para ignorantes

    I wanna have sex with him! Does he will accept me? I want to give to him hard!

  • Sara Ll

    do somthing with tom felton

  • Varequii

    Have someone lyrics?:V

  • XD Gaming

    Harry Potter And The Alphabet Aerobics Movie 9 Coming to you in theaters (Not)

  • SillySquid Skylar

    I can rap faster but the first time i tried it i was like i need to practice but he is better cause im just blah blah

  • m. kall

    he forgot a word. "nigga"

  • Little Lazy

    You're a rapper Harry!

  • Alondra Hernandez

    Blackalicoius IS easy i can do it in 1.5

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