Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"

Jimmy challenges hip-hop lover Daniel Radcliffe to rap Blackalicious' tongue-twisting "Alphabet Aerobics."

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Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"
  • Roman Ambrose

    Awesome! That would be tricky as heck!

  • xcdj60

    Hahahahahaahha i love how jimmy was dancing at the background while turning into another next Alphabets 😂😀😀😁

  • Tia TheFlamingo

    2:51 OK. Now we can confirm Jimmy's on hallucinatory drugs

  • Andrew overwatch C

    He rapped this faster then I can say the alphabet

  • LowkoTV

    You're a rapper, Harry.

  • Alexaroseface 1

    Daniel your amazing at that but Jimmy... Wow them dance moves

  • Jahirul Islam

    Anyone watching this on October 2017 ?

  • Hargood10

    And jimmy Fallon is just bobbing in the background


    I told ya... Harry Potter is a nerd

  • SavvySausage X

    1st ChapterThe Boy Who Rapped

  • Suhaila Mahmud

    10000000000000000000000000000000 points to Griffindor

  • xNicolax

    Jimmy was getting so excited and into it😂😂😂

  • Aenetroy Vlug

    Song starts at 1:05, rap starts at 1:15

  • Harry Potter Nation

    I wasn’t expecting this from “the boy who lived”

  • aurel

    when the actual song has less than 10 m views and this has almost 80 m

  • Laura Bowden

    Daniel Radcliffe, you legend XD

  • Musarrat Siddiqui

    this was what killed voldermort

  • Sofi :v

    150 pointes por Gryffindor

  • Iliketurtles !!!

    Harry Potter for the win! 200,000 points to Gryffindor!! btw I’m watching in 2017. Anyone?

  • Muzzy

    You're a rapper harry

  • Jay x 2K

    Did anybody else find it hilarious at 2:52 when Jimmy started bouncing up and down?

  • Miguel Puente

    The best rapper ever Daniel Radcliffe

  • Fatbhoy Singh

    Yo I'm harry potter the champion magic rapper😂😂😂

  • Consural

    Ron's reaction to this: "Wicked...Bloody hell Harry I didn't know you could rap."

  • Ariela Wai

    (Now it's time for our wrap upLet's give it everything we've gotReady? Begin)Artificial amateurs, aren't at all amazingAnalytically, I assault, animate thingsBroken barriers bounded by the bomb beatBuildings are broken, basically I'm bombardingCasually create catastrophes, casualtiesCanceling cats got their canopies collapsingDetonate a dime of dank daily doing doughDemonstrations, Don Dada on the down lowEating other editors with each and every energeticEpileptic episode, elevated etiquetteFurious fat fabulous fantasticFlurries of funk felt feeding the fanaticsGift got great global goods gone gloriousGetting godly in his game with the goriestHit 'em high, hella height, historicalHey holocaust hints hear 'em holler at your homeboyImitators idolize, I intimidateIn an instant, I'll rise in an irate stateJuiced on my jams like jheri curls jocking jointsJustly, it's just me, writing my journalsKindly I'm kindling all kinds of ink onKarate kick type brits in my kingdomLet me live a long life, lyrically lessons isLearned lame louses just lose to my liveryMy mind makes marvelous moves, massesMarvel and move, many mock what I've masteredNi**as nap knowing I'm nice naturallyKnack, never lack, make noise nationallyOperation, opposition, off not optionalOut of sight, out of mind, wide beaming opticalsPerfected poem, powerful punch linesPummeling petty powder puffs in my primeQuite quaint quotes keep quiet it's QuantumQuarrelers ain't got a quarter of what we got uhReally raw raps, rising up rapidlyRiding the rushing radioactivitySuper scientifical sound search soughtSilencing super fire saps that are softTales ten times talented, too toughTake that, challengers, get a tune upUniversal, unique untouchedUnadulterated, the raw uncutVerb vice lord victorious validViolate vibes that are vain make em vanishedWhile I'm all well what a wise wordsmith justWeaving up words, weeded up on my work shiftXerox, my X-radiation holes extra largeX-height letters, and xylophone tonesYellow back, yak mouth, young ones yawsYesterday's lawn yard sell our yawnZig zag zombies, zoom in to the zenithZero in zen thoughts, overzealous rhyme ZEALOTS!.

  • Elizabeth Ruth

    now that's something awesome ... A thumbs up for #Radcliffe

  • Saniya Aggarwal

    Shit That was soo epic!! 😨😱🙆I am now even a bigger fan if Danielle Radcliffe 😀😭💘

  • Leugim Paltado

    Professor Filius Flitwick must've done a good job at teaching in his music class.

  • Lilly Shaul

    That was pretty rad.500 points to Gryffindor.

  • xXx_Nicolas_xXx_

    Who here before 80 mill??

  • SlushyMango

    this video was uploaded on my birthday (28TH october)

  • Isaiah Adams

    Harry if fly with the word 500 point to gryfindoor

  • Hi

    Either he put on the English accent for the potter movies or he picked up the American accent. Someone tell me plz

  • Ondrej Hrdy

    Sorry, but it's spelled Daniel Rapcliffe.

  • Liv Quaschning

    And 50 points for Gryffindor ! 👏

  • Chicken Nugget

    Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that someone had to spend HOURS writing those letters on to sheets of paper. Those are HAND DRAWN, people.

  • martha andrea tamayo garcia

    Yo no vi a daniel radcliffe Vi a harry Potter10000000000000000 puntos para gryffinforSolo escucho a draco Mi padre se enterara de esto😂

  • Alexias B.

    With such a rap, Harry would have pounded the other three houses into the ground :D Really amazing!

  • FireLeith MC

    Ooo that homie looks like Harry Potter

  • Kaamana

    I want to see a DanielRadcliffeVEVO

  • Doodle Draws

    Watch brizzy voices she is great

  • Bronagh Sheridan

    Snaps:mmmm 5point from gryffindor

  • Beyond the Horizon

    best part is to see jimmy losing self control n dancing

  • Martin Sotirov

    This guy behind is so funny 😂

  • adriana onul

    harry potter iei boy cool and no dead never

  • Don ́t read my profile picture

    Just look at Jimmy when Harry Potter raps

  • Barrientes David

    1:15 to 3:06 is the song

  • Irene B.

    Harry Potter, The Boy Who Rapped

  • rosey paul

    this is the best thing I've seen in my life

  • Kenzie Fae

    Holy crap harry potter can rap (I'm just kidding)

  • Zainab Haider

    Great now say it in parseltongue!

  • Your Mothers Lover

    Hagrid: You're a rapper Harry.Harry: I'm a what?

  • Lily the brightest

    Who knew Harry Potter could rap..

  • Girly Girl Alyssa

    Can this be my ringtone

  • NZRX

    You're a wizard harry

  • Lukevin99

    This is absolutely awesome, totally cool, brilliant. Well-done, Daniel:) One day I'll try to memorise it too...

  • QueenMizi

    Wow Daniel OMG... Also Jimmy Fallcon holding up the cards is talented cuz he had to time the cards right.

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