Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"

Jimmy challenges hip-hop lover Daniel Radcliffe to rap Blackalicious' tongue-twisting "Alphabet Aerobics."

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Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"
  • Draco Malfoy

    1,000,000 points to Gryffindor!

  • sukhbat sodnomdorj

    The Boy Who Lived......for rapping.

  • Martu Coria

    500 for Gryffindor!Dumbledore's so proud of you :')

  • ThatOneKidDownTheBlock

    His accent disappeared when he started rapping

  • Annabeth Mare Hermione Luna Tris

    So this is how Harry spends his time now...

  • PerfectlyImperfect

    The 6k ppl that disliked are just mad because they can't do it😂😂

  • jack phillips

    Judging from the comments poor Daniel really doesn't seem to get away from his Harry Potter role any time soon. But why is it only him? I never see any Hermionie comments under a Emma Watson video? Really seems like Daniel is the only one who's cursed...

  • Ivan Ilievski (Cookie)

    Hagrid says "Harry you're a wizard"Harry replies "No Hagrid you bloody babbling bafoon I'm a rapper!"

  • BB ka Fan club

    Imagine Voldemort in place of Jimmy Fallon, smiling devilishly, changing the letters, and dancing just like Jimmy...... XD XD

  • thespeyersisters s.s

    Woah and his American accent when he raps tho

  • Bullseye 32604

    Your a rapper Harry I'm a what a rapper

  • fuck

    next up: Eminem feat. Dancliffe

  • Billy Lewis (BillyTheWilly)

    is there anything Daniel can't do?

  • Jacob Rivera

    try the Chinese alphabet

  • Mayuh Jingjongpingpong


  • Brenda_Games

    100 points for grifindor

  • Max Todoroff

    "You're a rapper Harry".

  • Ginny Weasley 758

    omg he was amazing....Dumbledore would award him a million points while snape would deduct a million.....he was brilliant/💛

  • FifaCent

    why do english people's accents fade away while they're singing

  • AerialAceAero

    what a pro not even a single breath he takes.

  • Alphabet Aerobics Master

    In about 7 years, me and my best friend is going to probably singing this in X factor

  • Domenick Palmieri

    serious q why do people with accents (to americans at least) have an american accent when they sing or rap i know the original rapper is american but still is it more effort to do the accent while you sing/rap??? its weird to me

  • ll Orjjjwan ll

    He reminds me of Zayn is that weird?

  • Rebbecca Harman

    The boy who lived..... for rapping100 points to gryffindor

  • Savanniebannanie 93

    Amazing lol Harry Potter

  • Trap “Harley Twin” Døør

    Jimmy: That's the fastest song I know! Clique: Ha! You obviously haven't heard kitchen sink. This is nothing!

  • BillCosbyTheScienceGuy

    Holy fudge, that is impressive as shiiiit

  • Jonah Lowe


  • Andrew Gallagher

    wow he rapped someone else's song

  • SkyTrooper

    that was insane, he sounded like a rapper

  • 白雪七海

    That rap song is basically just 26 aliterations

  • Morgan Smith


  • Harambe Soul

    1000 points for Griffindor

  • Lizita M. M. Custodio

    Who could dislike Dani Radcliffe??? 😣😠😡HE IS LOVELY AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! 😍😘💞

  • Swarley

    i find it funny how american he sounds when rapping

  • andrewcreeper6789

    999,999,999 points to Gryffindor

  • Alphabet Aerobics Master

    I'm up to v, it's so hard

  • Caitlin Clay

    no matter what move I see him in he's ALWAYS HARRY POTTER

  • That weird Girl

    Hermione:Harry you could have used all the time you used memorizing this song into studying snapped class or potions or transfiguration! Yet you did this shame on you

  • Sammy M

    Harry Potter can rap! What spell did he use on his brain....

  • leo castren

    Daniel. You are a rapper!

  • Trepane

    can't wait to lool through the comments and find all the mistake between rapping an raping :/

  • Boy Green

    this is harry potter??

  • King GummyBear

    I can rap everything from A to J then I start stumbling over my words lol

  • Kitty Lover

    I love love love love Harry Potter !!!!!! 100,000,000,000,000 for Griffindor

  • Kimmy Cervantes

    hardest spell ive ever heard

  • Mistfang Queen

    I love his accent 😍I think I'm the only one that thinks Harry is cuter than Draco

  • Cordingtub 20

    How can 6K people dislike this

  • MaryFaith Holliday

    I can't even say the whole alphabet 💀😂

  • Make Dallas Great Again #21

    but I'm not a rapper

  • Trust Me, I'm A Scientist

    Jake Jacoby has his own alphabet rap and it only gets like 80,000 views while Harry Potter can perform someone else's alphabet rap and get 67,000,000 views?

  • Brooklyn Jensen

    For H I was really hoping he would say Harry Potter

  • Sans

    Thats not him... He lost his accent

  • six little raskals

    how to prankstep one:Read more

  • Steve H

    Harry Potter, sit on my face!

  • the eye

    what if Hermione rapped it

  • Inky Llama


  • KawaiiCarrots

    all i can focus on is jimmy fallon jumping up and down like when i was four

  • Harry Potter

    1.000.000 points to me

  • SelinGamer GT

    I can do Alphabet Aerobics at the speed at 150% and Im 10

  • theduck79 other vids beside gaming


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