GTA 5 Liberty City Mod Gameplay (Portland) Liberty City In GTA 5

GTA 5 Liberty City Mod Gameplay (Portland)

Check Out Vice City In GTA 5

GTA 5 Liberty City (GTA 3 In GTA 5 Map Mod)

This mod for GTA 5 brings back the good old Liberty City from GTA 3.
GTA 5: Liberty City is a Map Modification that brings the Liberty City map from GTA 3 to GTA 5.



    and switching character mod have also


    The weapons are of GTA 5

  • Asad Farook Art

    there was something about gta 3s map design that made it so .. haunting (imo)

  • Bacha Gaming

    Bad grafices this looks like bullshit

  • Goden Kodak

    yep looks like portland from gta lcs

  • N K

    Oh i though this was gonna be the map from gta iv

  • Shaikh Tanaaz

    There no cars and people in this mod how do we enjoy

  • Maksim Kocherygin

    Thought that the city looks a bit oversized.

  • TG-Producttions

    looolololololo this mod onli need cars people and trees

  • Dark-Village Music

    you didn't show the rest of the city, just the starting zone.

  • Matblackblue Sport

    GTA 5 : liberty city stories

  • spurs4lyf2006

    I'm actually amazed how great lighting makes a PS2 city look so good. The textures seem better too which is mindblowing.

  • Razor X X

    just need peds , gta3 gangs, cars & most probably Claude's skin

  • Kelman Fidelio

    The Liberty City From Gta 4 And A Gta 3

  • Sebastian Gort

    I spent soo much time playing gta3 Awesome times

  • KPaccountt

    The photo is misleading...

  • eleihtg

    So weird to see the classic Liberty City with modern lighting/shadow effects... makes it look so much more realistic.

  • Fozzer

    This mod of GTA 3's Liberty City is looking great, all you need to do now is add cars, people & missions :D

  • Senko Lakota

    it's not even close to what rockstar may give us if they release LC dlc in gta V

  • Invincible

    Wait till the original San Andreas comes..

  • 大熱狗

    Why did not anyone that map : /?

  • Vic Camerota

    it looks like liberty city stories

  • nJ2D1234

    The draw distance makes it kinda feel weird lol.

  • Elio Rose

    dat noclip-backflip tho...3:26

  • Yifeng Huang

    why are there no other people there? is liberty city abandoned?

  • william freneuil

    y'a pas de voiture ni de passant c est naze

  • Steven Espinoza

    Message me I know a great new mod you can make easily!

  • ChrizDubbs RubberDubbs

    Someone should do a vice city mod.

  • gameplayer 15

    if dis is gonna be gta 6 i am gunna puke

  • Triple259772

    Everything is scaled very very slightly too big.

  • Markmila 2017

    this isnt even near liberty city

  • ThePhirenor

    I don't know what is it, better sense of scale, camera fov or just the player's speed, but this liberty feels a lot bigger than in GTA3

  • HELM

    We want gta iv map to gta v

  • Frooty

    The memories... i still love gta 4 :)

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