GTA 5 Online - 10 Glitches & Tricks Online! (Free Cars, Secret Outfits, RP Glitch & More)

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  • PS4 Live

    I think for the RP glitch, you should mention that it is limited as the time you can shower in the game is limited. :)

  • EpixxDesigns

    Rockstar made the Israel glitch because many Israelis developed the game. See, if you antisemites would really boycot israel, then get the FUCK off GTA!

  • The Bad Ass

    Is any way to save the bug star outfit?

  • Ayman

    Do all of these work on last gen

  • TheSaviorOfSouls

    I dont think the first 1 works anymore

  • Joshua Mauro

    The adder don't spawn help

  • Alex Chiasson

    I think to save the bug star outfit you can go into your apartment and go to your clothes part and then save it as an outfit in your apartment , not sure if you can do that in your apartment

  • BRoCLaW

    Does the dufflebag glitch work with utility vests?

  • gianluca portelli

    Is the cop outfit glitchpatched pls ?

  • Rafael Kr

    Hey, this Israel Chute Bag one, works on the PS3? I can't do that


    How did you get the police outfit

  • Cypz

    When I have the duffel bag and I die it goes back to the Israel Shute

  • Charlie Lake

    Dose the duffle bag still work

  • Christina Barbato

    This is so cool thx u just earnd a new sub keep it up :-)

  • MoreThanOneGaming99

    I tried the bag and mask glitch and both didn't work..

  • OK2BCK

    does it work in minecraft

  • SooiiRonicRecords

    Unfortunately i don't recognise israel as a country!

  • Jordon morrissey

    with the duffle bag glitch do you need to change you hair? or just go in then out?

  • Nick Da Brick

    If you leave music on all night and get an 8 hours of sleep and do this throughout your sleep you can generate if the rockstar servers do not kick you or if no glitches happen up to 360,000 rp.

  • v. buma

    But how the fuck? Just hoe the fuck? Can someone explain how the duffelbag glitch works? cuz it isn't a item thats in GTA online, or story mode? 

  • Gangsterwolf555

    Can you stop the money glitches cause its game breaking and I got my money and cars such as adder zentorno entity legitly so ether buy it or earn it no rude replys please

  • KoebeBoii ‍

    ^.^ Nought i combined the gas mask with the bugstars coverall looks so sweets

  • mitchell straz

    what's the background song?

  • Maltese Gaming

    The mask don't work for me on PS3 please help

  • The Ming Man Ganer

    Hi nought iv got a good outfit just to let you know and it is called the slender outfit ITS A GOOD ONEso how it's madeMask:White tight ski maskMain clothing:black tie and black suit(iv forgot what it's called)Gloves:White glovesPants:blackHope you enjoyed itP.S the black suit is in the video somewhere! But it is in a secret clothing part!

  • Justin Macias

    I have a dukes of death:)

  • Robert Myslik

    Any glitch to get the hats from the bandana without the mask? It'd be cool to have the green feud hat

  • tonymontana NLD

    Why Israel great video expect from that part , #freepalestine

  • Jonathan Sentzas

    I like the purple bandana

  • S.K.P

    works the adder glitch only bij that garage

  • AndreasStork

    It is chemical mask not gas mask

  • tyler russell

    keep u the vidz like this

  • vernong

    The free adder work today?

  • Edgar Bernache

    Can you help me with the first one I can't get it to work

  • CharyGord Gaming

    Does the car glitch works in 1.26?

  • Hunterpr0x

    the duffle bag glitch dosent wor for me ;_;

  • Azor The Anal Tormentor

    Im on the xbox360 and whenever i do the dufflebag glitch the parchute remains the same yes i have the correct parachute whenever i get up f4om the barber its still the same chute pls help

  • Micah Viernes

    I did the bandana glitch except I put the skull face bandana with steel aviators and it looks really cool

  • Chris Hunt

    is there a way to have glasses on and a ski mask like ghost from mw2

  • Bavneet singh

    can someone help me do the adder glitch on xbox 360, my gt is bohhh123

  • Chief McCloud

    They will make it where you get kicked out the shower after a while I'm sure

  • Mr. NightGaming

    Is the free adder only for next gen

  • Alfatron13

    need help with the adder

  • Ben Nguyen Do

    Does the car glitch still work

  • Faze Quan

    What is that song called?????????please

  • cstack13

    What's the car in the thumbnail?

  • Simon Johansen

    the logo dint stay on ??

  • martin_does_games

    My psn is Killermartin2020

  • heeroman0

    does the adder glitch work with any non apartment garage?

  • detan wreck

    what happens ifit stays that chute

  • icyweiner11

    Anyone on PSN right now who wants to help me with a heist?

  • ジサツ。

    I just randomly got a black duffle bag

  • Trey Brien

    I can't get the gas mask to work

  • DolphiNZilA GaminG

    ISRAELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • FBox

    The first glitch the duffle bag is not the only way to get it. While doing the Pacific standard heist when you exit the bank the cut scene will come up. It's not exactly ideal but we all got lagged out and spawned with duffle bags in free mode

  • Reaper Anubis

    Cool glitches like the parachute /duffle-bag one knew others except cool wall-breach keep uploading plz. New subscriber like what I c so far;)

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