GTA 5 Online - 10 Glitches & Tricks Online! (Free Cars, Secret Outfits, RP Glitch & More)

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  • TheSaviorOfSouls

    I dont think the first 1 works anymore

  • EpixxDesigns

    Rockstar made the Israel glitch because many Israelis developed the game. See, if you antisemites would really boycot israel, then get the FUCK off GTA!

  • Victor 1028

    I think for the RP glitch, you should mention that it is limited as the time you can shower in the game is limited. :)

  • UltimateLemon_

    Does the car glitch works in 1.29 ?

  • Charlie Lake

    Dose the duffle bag still work

  • The Bad Ass

    Is any way to save the bug star outfit?

  • SooiiRonicRecords

    Unfortunately i don't recognise israel as a country!

  • Nick Da Brick

    If you leave music on all night and get an 8 hours of sleep and do this throughout your sleep you can generate if the rockstar servers do not kick you or if no glitches happen up to 360,000 rp.

  • vR Blaze

    Do all of these work on last gen

  • Joshua Mauro

    The adder don't spawn help

  • Alex Chiasson

    I think to save the bug star outfit you can go into your apartment and go to your clothes part and then save it as an outfit in your apartment , not sure if you can do that in your apartment

  • BRoCLaW

    Does the dufflebag glitch work with utility vests?

  • gianluca portelli

    Is the cop outfit glitchpatched pls ?

  • The Ming Man Ganer

    Hi nought iv got a good outfit just to let you know and it is called the slender outfit ITS A GOOD ONEso how it's madeMask:White tight ski maskMain clothing:black tie and black suit(iv forgot what it's called)Gloves:White glovesPants:blackHope you enjoyed itP.S the black suit is in the video somewhere! But it is in a secret clothing part!

  • Rafael Kr

    Hey, this Israel Chute Bag one, works on the PS3? I can't do that

  • vernong

    The free adder work today?

  • Echo Spear (MattTLive)

    watching this 27 seconds after it came out

  • Micah Viernes

    I did the bandana glitch except I put the skull face bandana with steel aviators and it looks really cool


    How did you get the police outfit

  • rhouichi outmane

    fuck israelPalestine will aurvive from the fuckin israel

  • Cypz

    When I have the duffel bag and I die it goes back to the Israel Shute

  • Christina Barbato

    This is so cool thx u just earnd a new sub keep it up :-)

  • MoreThanOneGaming99

    I tried the bag and mask glitch and both didn't work..

  • imma edit that out

    Now I know how my friend wears a black beanie with a bandana. I would use a red paisley bandana if there were one

  • OK2BCK

    does it work in minecraft

  • Jordon morrissey

    with the duffle bag glitch do you need to change you hair? or just go in then out?

  • S.K.P

    works the adder glitch only bij that garage

  • Waseem Z

    Fuck isreal. #FreePalestine

  • detan wreck

    what happens ifit stays that chute

  • GamingNation 025

    friend me on xbox360 nought I'm killerfiller245

  • v. buma

    But how the fuck? Just hoe the fuck? Can someone explain how the duffelbag glitch works? cuz it isn't a item thats in GTA online, or story mode? 

  • PkTunes

    does the adder one still work

  • Rizky Ferdiansyah

    i like all the country, except fucking israel

  • mostafa waleed

    I fucking hate Israel kolo kolohom wlad metnak

  • MrEvilKnievell

    Does the gas mask one still work or is it a no go?

  • Gangsterwolf555

    Can you stop the money glitches cause its game breaking and I got my money and cars such as adder zentorno entity legitly so ether buy it or earn it no rude replys please

  • KoebeBoii ‍

    ^.^ Nought i combined the gas mask with the bugstars coverall looks so sweets

  • mitchell straz

    what's the background song?

  • Ben Nguyen Do

    Does the car glitch still work

  • waiu

    gas mask glitch doesent work on pc :/

  • Justin Macias

    I have a dukes of death:)

  • Myslik

    Any glitch to get the hats from the bandana without the mask? It'd be cool to have the green feud hat

  • tonymontana NLD

    Why Israel great video expect from that part , #freepalestine

  • AndreasStork

    It is chemical mask not gas mask

  • Edgar Bernache

    Can you help me with the first one I can't get it to work

  • Green Phasm

    sorry it does work u cant shoot down

  • CharyGord Gaming

    Does the car glitch works in 1.26?

  • Hunterpr0x

    the duffle bag glitch dosent wor for me ;_;

  • Azor The Anal Tormentor

    Im on the xbox360 and whenever i do the dufflebag glitch the parchute remains the same yes i have the correct parachute whenever i get up f4om the barber its still the same chute pls help

  • Chris Hunt

    is there a way to have glasses on and a ski mask like ghost from mw2

  • Bavneet singh

    can someone help me do the adder glitch on xbox 360, my gt is bohhh123

  • Chief McCloud

    They will make it where you get kicked out the shower after a while I'm sure

  • Ninjakils 23

    Is the free adder only for next gen

  • Faze Quan

    What is that song called?????????please

  • cstack13

    What's the car in the thumbnail?

  • Simon Johansen

    the logo dint stay on ??

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