GTA 5 Hidden & Secret Locations Online! - 5 Secret Places on GTA 5 Online (GTA 5 Glitches)

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  • Chaotic

    Which location is your favourite out of the five that were featured? 

  • Commander Faie

    not the only method for #1 i did it with guns


    I went to a location and also went through the door but guess what....I tried to get in the elevator but I froze there in the position of an 👼 lol

  • Newt Chaplin

    all that has been patched

  • Zandus

    Every youtuber has this voice lol

  • Aiden Oneal

    Maze bank has another and it still works I'm on PS4 btw it's that drill place underground

  • UltimateRacoon1

    the 3rd place is also accessible in a mission on online

  • Abigail Villegas

    can you go inside the hospitol or tequilala

  • ThePro Blogger

    None they all suck ass

  • Justice In Gaming_JIG

    enable/disable passive mode glitch is patched! (((

  • 0543 Robin

    what is the number you use

  • Sharon Womack

    would love a fame or shame dlc...

  • NuKe Fluffy

    They're all patched

  • Cayden Good

    1 time accidentally did the first glitch lol

  • Cash Man

    i like harveys apartment, thanks

  • OtherCJBullet

    you are frekin liar none of these work i hate you you salty liar.

  • Random Central

    Does anyone mind healing out a small youtuber by subscribing

  • sam the blader

    Dude that's jelly's character u using

  • Little Man

    Hey, Are Any of These 5 Glitches/Passive Mode Enable and DisAble Patched On Ps4Next Gen or Not?

  • Vaga Bonds

    when i was in last gen i lagged so much i can walked thourgh of door.. Sorry about bad english

  • vl RyRy1604 lv

    I got in a random car and fell through the floor into that garage

  • DiamondZ_ Killz_-

    Are u still able to get inside the apartment on ps4 ?

  • Pickymiester

    Anyone watching in 2016

  • David Kotal

    Can I go to garage with car in passive mode?

  • SurferChrisgames ,

    Guy all sub to this guy he is awesome

  • EmmettXIV

    This is amazing. I got to try this

  • Goosty™

    Hey the first location can u wallbreach out the window or into the other apparment?

  • XxleadgendxX

    I have a cool tip for you guys! If you do this glitch and everything inside is invisible just go into first person!

  • Entropy Eclipse


  • Red Tears101

    This last glitch in the parking lot I accidentally made it in the 360 version

  • BenThePlaya

    what video is about the garage

  • Niko Robert

    is working on xbox 360?

  • Sid World

    They all had the same method

  • Sil van Bakel

    The first one!!!Hello from the other Side

  • truestate fan

    The hidden Michael door at his house use this

  • GameMaster

    1.24 ur outside huh u clicked on enter garage

  • Joshua Covarrubias

    Is it me or does the garage one look like that auto shop from GTA 4???

  • iMakeDatBedRock

    Do you think this also works when you're in a car? Since the new Passive mode makes everything you are in invincible to you and the people around you. 

  • Lone YouTuber

    My favorite was Harvey's apartment from single player

  • Benjamin Heegaard 6Q Snedsted Skole

    Can you Getafe dis in the police stadion

  • Damian Snedeger

    if you're not supposed to be able to get into these places than why did Rockstar design an interior?????????????? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

  • Gamer 29

    does it work on xbox 360

  • Meme Central

    How do you open up your analog ??!?

  • Cool Hyena 2017

    I watched this with a Friend and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ps3 players want to do this stuff to

  • Michael Davis

    i got into that location in Story Mode as Michael

  • Jerry L2202

    did you guys forget the secret island that you can only reach by submarine and go through the under water tunnel and then is says san andreas and the background color is black and then you see a mini island really far away from the whole map on the end of the map and you could hide from people like if someone is trying to kill you hide completely i think it works for all consoles i am completely sure it works on old gen but i am not sure if it works on next gen. oh yeah forgot there is under water mines that could blow you up if you touch them with the submarine but i dont know why i cant find any videos about it

  • SavageMYC

    Do you think that rockstar will patch this glitch

  • Zachary Tomes

    Didn't Rockstar say they weren't going to patch glitches that weren't game breaking, it seems like every time someone finds a cool glitch, they patch it

  • Jonah Berlasty

    For the 3rd glitch you can get inside during the rich men in richmen simion mission

  • Angry Anarchist

    Woow any of this glitches not working

  • Rafsan Choudhury

    what about lesters ,michaels ,and franklins house can u enter those

  • gamelord

    the last and the first the best

  • Jewish Mom

    Apartment glitch isn't working

  • Peter Parker

    There's another one called "secret comedy club"

  • Nenad109

    I have deathmatches inside the bank, police department, military base tower and much more...

  • lawrence coates

    The 3rd location: the garage It is accessible online for 360 and PS3 coz you do a Simeon mission where you wants you to steal some cars which are in the garage which the doors are open

  • Aliyah Garcia

    Can you get into Gerald's appt

  • oDC Gaming HD


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