GTA 5 Hidden & Secret Locations Online! - 5 Secret Places on GTA 5 Online (GTA 5 Glitches)

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  • Chaotic

    Which location is your favourite out of the five that were featured? 

  • Funsize Yoda

    not the only method for #1 i did it with guns

  • JD Ranger401

    Maze bank has another and it still works I'm on PS4 btw it's that drill place underground

  • Zandus

    Every youtuber has this voice lol

  • Sharon Womack

    would love a fame or shame dlc...

  • UltimateRacoon1

    the 3rd place is also accessible in a mission on online

  • Abigail Villegas

    can you go inside the hospitol or tequilala

  • The mlg Vlogger

    None they all suck ass

  • Justice In Gaming_JIG

    enable/disable passive mode glitch is patched! (((

  • Tech Mobile

    what is the number you use

  • NuKe Fluffy

    They're all patched

  • Cash Man

    i like harveys apartment, thanks

  • StAx Schemey

    you are frekin liar none of these work i hate you you salty liar.

  • Cayden Good

    1 time accidentally did the first glitch lol

  • Random Central

    Does anyone mind healing out a small youtuber by subscribing

  • sam the blader

    Dude that's jelly's character u using

  • Little Man

    Hey, Are Any of These 5 Glitches/Passive Mode Enable and DisAble Patched On Ps4Next Gen or Not?

  • Jake P

    when i was in last gen i lagged so much i can walked thourgh of door.. Sorry about bad english

  • RyRy St

    I got in a random car and fell through the floor into that garage

  • David Kotal

    Can I go to garage with car in passive mode?

  • DiamondZ_ Killz_-

    Are u still able to get inside the apartment on ps4 ?

  • Gamingwolfy5

    First one became related ive seen it

  • surferchrisgaming Surfer1

    Guy all sub to this guy he is awesome

  • EmmettXIV

    This is amazing. I got to try this

  • Sil van Bakel

    The first one!!!Hello from the other Side

  • Red Tears101

    This last glitch in the parking lot I accidentally made it in the 360 version

  • BenThePlaya

    what video is about the garage

  • Sid World

    They all had the same method

  • Pickymiester

    Anyone watching in 2016

  • YourFather

    is working on xbox 360?

  • GameMaster

    1.24 ur outside huh u clicked on enter garage

  • Lone YouTuber

    My favorite was Harvey's apartment from single player

  • Gamer 29

    does it work on xbox 360

  • Cool Hyena 2017

    I watched this with a Friend and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Benjamin Heegaard 6Q Snedsted Skole

    Can you Getafe dis in the police stadion

  • Damian Snedeger

    if you're not supposed to be able to get into these places than why did Rockstar design an interior?????????????? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

  • Michael Davis

    i got into that location in Story Mode as Michael

  • Angry Anarchist

    Woow any of this glitches not working

  • TheWorking Lantern15

    ps3 players want to do this stuff to

  • Fiachra Gallagher

    I know how to get into the union depository parking lot another way

  • TeamEK

    What's the background song plz I like it

  • T- REX

    It's all pussy mode

  • Entropy Eclipse


  • Meme Central

    How do you open up your analog ??!?

  • Echoz

    As of the recent patch (1.29) this does not seem to work anymore.

  • oDC Gaming HD


  • Nenad109

    I have deathmatches inside the bank, police department, military base tower and much more...

  • Jamawi Kerubun


  • Goosty™

    Hey the first location can u wallbreach out the window or into the other apparment?

  • Droid Zoid

    This does not work for 360

  • XxleadgendxX

    I have a cool tip for you guys! If you do this glitch and everything inside is invisible just go into first person!

  • Morghan Melville

    is this nought point four live

  • CaosSwiftPlayz - Minecraft & More

    The method is used all throughout the video but it's a very awesome one!! Good job on the videos

  • Spinnin' Gamer

    Why do rockstar patch these glitches when everyone is enjoying them

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