in this video i will be showing you 3 spawn locations in story mode , hope you u enjoyed and please like and subscribe.
  • Nicola Agatiello

    at me there's no car in that fucking parking

  • mirza Ibanez

    I found a zontorno in lis santos costums

  • Hera zafee

    if I use Franklin does it still work?

  • Sheelan mulholland

    The third one won't work for me is it because I don't have Xbox one

  • adam gaming

    at 1:27 i found a kinda rare car i forgot the name

  • TheWhite Creeper

    2:40 I found the exact same car in that same spot

  • ClashWürstchen

    May work for Xbox 360 ??

  • Teflon Coated Dubstepa

    well done for your description of location, & showing location on the map. Lots better than just saying, "it's here" and zooming in really fast. Thanks buddy

  • John McCarthy (Johnnymack1234)

    You can tell he put the ruined there because of the skid marks

  • Esteban Martinez

    lies I found the adder as franklin

  • avenger96

    progen t20 is the fastest and sexiest car

  • Kevin sleven rock 2 pac

    mod shop a car never spawns

  • BillyNye Clash Royale

    does this still work on Xbox one?

  • BMX_ 101

    i cant get none of the cars spon

  • EK Games

    thanks this video help me loads

  • Jonathon Cregeen

    Yeah another sick video. Do you get these cars on just story mode or can you get them online

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