GTA 5 - Top 5 Rare & Secret Storable Vehicles Online (Best Rare & Secret Car Locations Online)

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  • Modesta Foecke

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  • Lazy-Assed Wanderer

    I have the sultan and I didn't even know it was that rare

  • xXda-beast-1Xx

    Omg this guy is a fucking ricer

  • Barton Shapskinsky

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  • Michale Zieg

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  • Raihaan Gaming

    I can help you with the Hearse on Xbox one

  • Rinor Miftaraj

    I have these rare vehicles:The Mariachi CarThe VodooThe customized peyoteKarin SultanRomero HearseBodyless Dune BuggyImponte PhoenixI am on ps3 so if you want any car add me: Epic_SnowflakeBtw I only play Friday-Sunday because I have to study:)

  • T@n!@ fl@k@ Sexy

    For 3 you can also find it in the small wood town on the left of the map

  • Gamer God Jon

    I found the hearse by myself nobody helped me and i didnt even know it was rare

  • sahand abdi

    the sultan is so easy to find


    The way he said nineteen o clock bruh just say 7

  • x Emøgi x

    Hi! I need help getting the hearse. Im on ps4 and my psn is ThatDrunkGirl_ . Any help is appreciated!!

  • DEVGRU Sniper

    I got the sultan rs before next gen was created on xbox 360

  • Dustin Farnum

    You are 100x better than sernando.

  • Cool Colo

    any one want the hears on ps3

  • Nightofnostars11

    I can help people on ps4 get the hearse.

  • Nick Engels

    you can get it by doing the bikermission

  • Joe Kang

    Anyone want the hearse on ps4 I can help

  • Banter Santer12

    The sultan rs is now in bennys

  • OpenyoureyesDX

    I have the herse if anyone needs it on PS4 but you have to help me get mariachi and bf dune buggy :3I wish the voodoo wasn't made available for purchase since I got it the legit way xD

  • paul mck

    i dont have the hearse...but i do have 3 types of weed right now...which is nice.

  • NerdyLoki44

    The sultan isn't rare is everywhere in online and because you are playing on 360/ps3 you cant get the sultan rs it says rs on the side if you buy the roll cage upgrade but the only way to get the sultan rs is through benny's on next gen

  • Kyle Sharp

    19 o'clockultra cringe

  • 18 Jake

    can somebody help me get Romeo hearseps3Jakethegamer2423

  • Jasper 256

    No hate but you can bye the sultan Rs for 12 k

  • MR-MC_Sn1pers

    I see so many sultans

  • Patrick Enright

    Can someone help me get the Romero Hearse on PC? My social club name is PattyBoy20, my steam is [CoRe] PaddyBoy

  • Dog

    what car is he driving when he talks about the sultan? PLEASE RESPOND

  • Germanyball

    Why do people rice cars on GTA 5 ;-;

  • hdp gamer 777 hdp gamer 777

    esta lindo el declasse voodooo

  • DC

    Can someone help me with the hearse on pc? Koalaska in Social Club

  • Mac Miller

    the sultan is in the railroad yard all the time

  • TheGameDude

    You could also get the Sultan RS at MerryWeatherI have one in my garage.

  • Josh Youll

    I have more money than u hahaha

  • ProtoManiac

    Gta 5 content on your channel? WHAT? 0_o

  • Tom Ofwgktadgaf

    Bruh these graphics are shit😂

  • killer 2000

    anyone have the hearse on ps4

  • Houdini King


  • SpoonixStudios

    The frameless doonbuggy is bandito from gta sa

  • zombages101 hickey

    I found it 5 times! so its not rare to me

  • Assault Soldier

    You sound like an idiot "17 o'clock" it's fucking said 17 hundred or 17 hundred hours

  • Mr. Four Arms

    2:40 i got it first try

  • The Crazy EcliipSe

    i need a hearse on xbox 360

  • OneLuckyBacca HDX

    I have the Hearse on Xbox oneIf anyone needs my gamer tag is, VinnieJFSet

  • ThePoonaman

    Add me on psn (ps3) TropicFinn78 Currently i have 14 rare vehicles and i can help you to get them all too!

  • Noah Wagner

    this dates gta so well now the tornato would take the #1 spot and the herst the #2 everything else u can buy :(

  • Omar Izmail

    That mod for the car at the start is the best like if u afgree

  • AvalancheWolf2

    I Need The Voodoo Lowrider And Does This Work On PS3 1.27?

  • Juan Mendoza

    where you get the mods ?

  • f bRoThErS

    can u tell me how to mod

  • ThEo

    +FantasticalGamer your gta colors are so nice. How to u get a colored gta map?

  • gaming duck

    Hay can I have help with getting a car

  • x GodZ x

    I found the sultan randomly when i was rang 12

  • MrCat 461

    i went and got every single car in this video their all awesome thanks for this video i was looking everywhere for a video like this

  • Yyi domg

    I've got the sultan rs

  • AdminSR1

    I Can Help With The Hearse On Xbox One

  • DJ Wolf

    i found the sultan, made it aa RS... i sold it, not knowing it was rare

  • Kebab Do Ruky (Seboun)

    5:02 how u get that bright gteen?

  • Lucasniper P

    For ps4. Cen you hack money name rednas1978

  • Casey Hamilton

    the lit up,neon dune buggy from the mission line. from the weird guy in the middle of nowhere.

  • Gengar Gamer

    ._. Wait I have two of these sultans

  • HardCoreKiwi

    Can u sell them for good money?

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