GTA 5 - Top 5 Rare & Secret Storable Vehicles Online (Best Rare & Secret Car Locations Online)

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  • Elissa Scharte

    Heeeey Friendds I Have F0undd W0rikinggggg Online Hacck visittt : -

  • FantasticalGamer

    Hey beautiful peeps make sure to subscribe!

  • Raihaan Gaming

    I can help you with the Hearse on Xbox one

  • Draydster12321

    You can buy the voodoo.

  • ToxicGaming030

    chrome as primary? fking ricer..

  • The Tinman

    Fuck up half these cars are not even rare

  • Sanjit Venkatesan

    lol I found the Sultan very easily I actually was normally driving around los Santos and came across the car but there was not only one but a shit ton of sultans

  • Ty Butler

    I found a valid blade out of nowhere at Los Santos customs

  • Mr Muscle

    Who can help me get the hurse

  • Michale Zieg

    Heeeey Friendss I Have F0und W0roking Online Hacck visitttt : -

  • iArtistic

    I got the Sultan RS by accident lol

  • Moises Carvalho de Sena

    5-Mariachi Tornado 4-Bodyless buggy3-Romero Hurse (with coffin)2-Declasse Voodoo (Rusty)1-Karin Sultan RS

  • DatTurtleBoi -gaming and more

    on ps3 I can help you get many rare cars if you want

  • Harrison Davis

    What was the car at the beginning

  • TheGoonies55

    Well, time to hunt these cars down!

  • T@n!@ fl@k@ Sexy

    For 3 you can also find it in the small wood town on the left of the map

  • Mini Jp

    Can you still get the hearse or have they removed it

  • Mine

    Is it just me but do you hate when they call it the sultan rs even tho the sultan rs is the upgraded version of the sultan

  • Bm138 millar

    19 o'clock really just no

  • G C

    can someone help me get the herse

  • Kyle Richardson

    Dune buggy isn't rare

  • BearyLeaft

    None of these vehicles are RARE.

  • SalmonFishPlays

    The voodoo was fake because it was his personal vehicle wen he was there xD

  • will marrs

    A modder gave me the sultan 😂

  • Johnnyboy2300

    How to get a hearse: First, get your friend to get a hearse...

  • China Lee

    Haha, he actually said "19-o'clock".

  • gamertagcaleb


  • Ninja Group

    anyone got the herse on X1

  • Mow Mow

    who has a hearse on ps3?

  • TheRedstoneVillager

    What's with the flying, colour-changing Sentinel XS at the start?

  • Sm0k3 D4tB1unt

    I finally got the mariachi after spending 2 weeks trying to get it😩😩

  • Chief Ray

    Wtf the Sultan is one of the most common cars in GTA V

  • markcus franklin

    is zis Grand Theft Auto Theft PS4

  • Robin Mcgowan

    you can get the first car in the middle of the border of the city and country and kill a mexican and get it seriously

  • Ryan Eells

    The sultan is not rare these days you find it everywhere

  • Random Stuff

    Why is nearly every one the comments a scam

  • Dub Rep

    Im on Ps4 can anyone help with the hearse ID:Pampy009

  • Kathey Sampson

    Heeeeyyy Frienddssss I Have F0undd W0roking Online Hacck visittt : -

  • Aqil Maulana

    Got the Sultan the first time i went there ;)

  • Wolfantior Robinson

    #2 and #1 not rare any more because of the low rider dlc

  • Kdog3022

    So how the fuck do you expect us to find the hearse when we need a friend that has it?If it really does have a 5% spawn rate,then how do you expect anyone to have it?It wont be rare anymore if your friend has it,then you get,then share it,then they share,and so on...

  • DJ Gamers

    This guy sounds about 20 and he is saying "19 oclock" 😂

  • stophateing

    I got hearse. ps4 ThriftyxKillax

  • DLC_ PR016

    The voodoo can also be found inside a bush in daytimeI found it while I was doing a freemode session

  • awesomedylan1215 minecraft en meer

    i got 2 sultans on the same parking at the prisson XD

  • Abod0UAE

    this bagi i found it in the nihgt For free And in Story mode i just Drive with my frind and we find it and we deatroy the Tires


    Its not mostly every time spawned at church, its like they now patched it. I go there everyday and its not there anymore

  • OBAFWS Meshuggah crazed

    Can you still find these?

  • Jake Dagro

    I got the mariachi car

  • The N-Forcer Squad

    most of these lists are the same. bodyless dune buggy, mariachi car, gang cars, they're in most lists. making them not unique and rare.

  • Matthew Karst

    still can't find the sultan been trying for hours

  • John Rondeau

    Oh come on.The dubsta 2 is very hard to get that should have been number one. And do the multiple ways of getting it. Or spawn in the sand kings xl their is multiple ways on getting them to.Get the gang cars all three colours. Sorry your rare cars video was week.I'm just saying 😞

  • TheRedstoneVillager

    I strangely found the Mariachi Tornado in traffic. It's near Grapeseed in singleplayer.

  • sahand abdi

    the sultan is so easy to find

  • Big Daddy

    I have the last car but I didn't know it was rare I found it driving

  • Summer Laurence Tagle-Tayzon

    in single player the dune buggy will spawn 100%

  • Faze mohammed84

    how are you fucking flying or driving in water

  • Saúl Hernández

    Cool video, bro, if you guys want to get the dune buggy without having one, all you can do is go over Sandy shores and look around the police station for the utility cart, (kind of golf cart with no roof top) then drive over the location and it will spawn, it works, if you need help let me know, Azkatl in XboxOne. Peace to all of you.

  • McKay Manu

    I have one in story mode. (first one )

  • Mate Crazy

    hi I'm on xbox one and I need a hearse can someone help plz

  • Average Commenter

    I've had all of these vehicles at one point or another but never realised they were rare

  • GreMonky

    whenever i tried getting the mariachi car it didn't work so i was disappointed. But for some reason i found the car roaming around sanding shores. When i found it i spent an hour trying to find a video online but i couldn't, i was so surprised.

  • Matsku014

    I just found the voodoo driving around without even knowing it was rare XD I thought it looked cool , I went to lsc I got to know it was capable to be turned into a lowrider and I made it into a lowrider lol

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