GTA 5 - Top 5 Rare & Secret Storable Vehicles Online (Best Rare & Secret Car Locations Online)

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  • FantasticalGamer

    Hey beautiful peeps make sure to subscribe!

  • Crumbels

    You forgot the duneloader..... that's the rarest

  • EDward S

    If you're complaining about him saying "19 o'clock" shut the Fuck up and you're a faggot.

  • Dilly Jones

    Just poor tons of ecola on the voodoo, i promise you the rust will go away.

  • Karl Mønster-Kjær

    The Voodoo and the Sultan is not rare you can buy them at Benny's Original Motorworks!

  • Frank Rivera

    On the tornado I didn't get no stars and killed the police while at it

  • Sanjit Venkatesan

    lol I found the Sultan very easily I actually was normally driving around los Santos and came across the car but there was not only one but a shit ton of sultans

  • DevinVlogs !

    Anybody have a hearse that can help me on Xbox one?

  • Intense Gamer

    I'm not beautiful I'm ugly and I'm proud ‼

  • owen rancourt

    The Mexican car is cool or what ever but the sultan rs is a two door super car and that's not it

  • As far as Possible


  • Psycho Metalhead

    The one problem i have is how you say the time. Its 1900hrs not 19:00

  • Live, Ride, Die

    I didn't even know i had the sultan in my garage. I was inactive for 3 years

  • Oisín Shevlin

    I see the sultan like every two minutes

  • Vadym Volodko

    I learned a lot with Stodoys guide. I think it's the best way to learn about it

  • MonsterJamLord

    i got the bodyless dune buggy thing on my first try going up that road guess i got lucky call me god

  • RoYaL GoD

    If anyone have the 3rd car please help me get it my psn is Treyarch_Inbound

  • Crypt Artic

    I have the hearse if anyone needs help getting it

  • NASCAR Dr Pepper cup series Season 1

    Yea the sultan is so easy to find

  • SkullBreaker

    If any one wants herese add me my gamer tag is eminick

  • Javier Elich

    nooo I once found an NPC driving the voodoo in Sandy Shores and didn't store it

  • triple x

    the first car is the Thelma and Louise Easter egg they drive off the cliff and the car blows up

  • Deathcat666 _

    19 o clock.....JUST SAY 7pm

  • Michael Cromwell

    "At about 19 o'clock" 0:40 ... Jesus Christ he's that retarded..

  • TheLegitAlpha

    It should be noted that the food you can actually be upgraded at Benny's Oroginal Motor works. That also includes the removal of rust.

  • Ashton Loth

    can anyone help me get the hearse. PS4 name is thereal2pac2018 please help

  • Cytotoxicity X

    If anyone needs a Herse on PS4I'll help you PlaySt_D3LUX3

  • Slankyammo 87

    just to make it easier just go to an invite only session and go to the location and it spawns !

  • Dan Bridgehouse

    Can someone help me get the Hearse im on xbox

  • andrew rocks 5678

    you can't get the 5 car why

  • Tempted L9

    OMG i found the dark green gang car then went to the voodoo location and prayed and it was there im soooo happy

  • christian janzen

    why do you chrome them ur stupid

  • Swindler B

    I was randomly driving around sandy shores at night and found the voodoo parked outside a motel. No idea it was rare. I wasn't looking for it. I was like : Neat, I've never seen this before... Mine!!!

  • ArcticAstrophysics

    Does someone like chrome..?


    I've had the Sultan RS since day 1 of GTA online. Now it's just a Sultan unless u take it to Benny's

  • iArtistic

    I got the Sultan RS by accident lol


    u can just go to the country

  • EliteXJustice

    I've got 3 of them

  • Gustavo Andrade

    i had a Sultan Rs i didnt it was rare so i sold it 😭😭😭

  • TheRandom Vlogs

    It doesn't let me take random cars into customs

  • Claudia Costello

    The Mariachi car is whack lol

  • As far as Possible

    Also u do know u can find the last car in los santos or near at trevor place or at highway

  • SeoulDiamondZ

    If anyone's struggling to get the mariachi car, make sure your not within sight of the small road the car spawns on during the time it's supposed to spawn. Wait til maybe 19:20 to actually go over there.

  • Mini Jp

    Can you still get the hearse or have they removed it

  • Potetgull Norsk - Gamer

    can you give me monny dropp


    The imponte Phoenix is the rarest car in the game because the new patches

  • Draydster12321

    You can buy the voodoo.

  • G C

    can someone help me get the herse

  • Bm138 millar

    19 o'clock really just no

  • T@n!@ fl@k@ Sexy

    For 3 you can also find it in the small wood town on the left of the map

  • Iain Madgwick

    yeah I know that I can do it for the first time I've been looking for a while and I will send you a call at your house

  • Kyle Richardson

    Dune buggy isn't rare

  • savageleaf

    None of these vehicles are RARE.

  • will marrs

    A modder gave me the sultan 😂

  • SalmonFishPlays

    The voodoo was fake because it was his personal vehicle wen he was there xD

  • Robin Mcgowan

    you can get the first car in the middle of the border of the city and country and kill a mexican and get it seriously

  • China Lee

    Haha, he actually said "19-o'clock".

  • Johnnyboy2300

    How to get a hearse: First, get your friend to get a hearse...

  • Ninja Group

    anyone got the herse on X1

  • Get Down

    Ohh man I thought I was about to find some really nice fast cars not all of those ugly junk slow ass cars..but whatever good video I'm subscribing​.

  • Mow Mow

    who has a hearse on ps3?

  • markcus franklin

    is zis Grand Theft Auto Theft PS4

  • Luke Mace

    I finally got the mariachi after spending 2 weeks trying to get it😩😩

  • Xalataf

    What's with the flying, colour-changing Sentinel XS at the start?

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