Victory Day Parade in Moscow 2015 (Red Alert 3 - Soviet March & Hell March 3) HD | Парад Победы 2015

Never forget the role Mother Soviet Russia played in the ultimate defeat of Nazi Germany and Militarist Japan!
  • WhySoSerious SRB

    Awesome,brothers! I have never been so proud! Greetings from Serbia,God bless Serbia and Russia! 3:14 URAAA!!!

  • Ml PSH

    It's a crime that most Europeans now regard Russia as an enemy and do not respect or even remember the bravery and sacrifice of the Russian and Soviet people in WW2. I only hope that if and when the time comes the Russian leaders and people once again show the same fortitude and bravery to end the incessant warmongering of USA, NATO and their political puppets throughout Europe. God bless Mother Russia and it's people.

  • AndrewtheDuke

    People, my new video Russian Cruise Missile and Airstrikes Against ISIS in #Syria - Soviet March is up! Slava Rossii!

  • Santo29200

    Greetings from FranceEverybody here think that Russia is a murderer, damn fools watch too much TV propaganda, they can't think by themselves and can't have their own opinion...

  • Eternal

    Слава России!Glory To Russia!

  • Filippo82Livorno

    respect the T-14 Armata tank!!!!!!!

  • Walter Castro

    where are the Tesla Troopers?

  • AndrewtheDuke

    Folks! It's 9th of May tomorrow! You know what that means...;)

  • MrGrammor

    If Russia wanted - they would have already conquered the whole world.them it is simply not necessary

  • Icy Fear


  • AndrewtheDuke

    Watch my Russian Hell March 2015 Video:

  • George W. Bush

    There wont be a war between Russia and America, I would even go so far to say that rivalry between us and the russians is simply the biggest propaganda that was ever made by two countries (an their allies). Its as win win situation, both the us and russia profit of their "rivalry", like this they can say "This is the enemy, hes evil we must build more weapons and control other countries to provide us from a attack" and nobody will say "no". After the end of soviet russia, the usa had no longer an enemy, and the people said that they should stop spending so much money on their militairy, but the gouvernement didnt want this because without that, they would lose a lot of money and they wouldnt be not mighty enough to control other countries, so they searched a new enemy - the terrorists, now they had a new reason why they should spend a lot of money, but the difference is that they had to go to war against the terrorists, because a few terrorist in the middle east arent really a reason to increase the budget, but a war is very expensive, so now they had the problem that a war was to expensive but they needed a enemy, so why not again the russians? I mean after the end of the ussr the russian economy was to low to be again a global player, but since a few years russia is back on top. Both profite of this, I mean since the new rivarly began ( ~2005-8) russia gain a lot of might, and putin has a reason to say why he should spend more money on the military. Dudes its just propaganda, like this, the russians and america can control a lot of other countries, but they wont fight each other, because when they would, nobody would be the winner because everything would be destroyed, in reality the russians and americans even work secrectly together.They just want that we think that we are enemies...

  • iOnlySignIn

    What a great nation! The world was so boring without you as a major power. Welcome back, Russia! <3

  • Franco Dub

    Long live USSR and Russian Federation long live Marshal Stalin and President Putin

  • Jack V.

    79 stupid Americans disliked the vid

  • AndrewtheDuke

    The Power of Mother #Russia 3 video is up!


    Russia is the best country ever! It will rule the world!

  • Najy191

    Very nice. Russia is back to stop the American arrogance.

  • Rick Muller

    Its so sad that the old Commies of the past would totally kick the shit out of these new aged hippy anorexic university kids that sit around doing drugs with their dreadlocks and talk about how they love Communism and Marxism etc.You faggots would be thrown in the gulag. You would of not survived in the USSR.The Communist of the past did not support weakness which majority of the so called "Communists" today areStupid hippy white people. You are a sad bunch

  • Olga Novakauskiene

    Soviet March - Hell March -2015Thank you

  • Metalguyful

    If there is ever going to be a war with russia+its allies vs european union I join Russia.I always admire russian military its people and its country even i dont understand russian language i would join them without a question..

  • AndrewtheDuke

    Now it's time for some real musical battle beetween the 3 world power! Check this video out:

  • AndrewtheDuke

    Check out my latest videos - Russian Airstrikes in Syria with Red Alert 2 - Grinder Air and Naval Strikes in Syria With Red Alert 3 Soviet Unit Quotes C&C: Real Life Airstrikes Against ISIS in #Syria with Red Alert 3 - Soviet Combat Theme 2

  • AndrewtheDuke

    New video about #Syria is up!

  • AndrewtheDuke

    New video on Syria is up!

  • Aegis_Systems

    yall bitches talking like a fucking military expert on tactics and troop numbers just enjoy the damn show. You think you know the military from playing COD, Battlefield and shit. You will never know the horror war is stop trying to glorify it, cause once you hit the battlefield all hell will break loose.

  • Kuz'ma Abrikosov

    Задумка отличная с двумя парадами, а монтаж слабый: видео отдельно, музыка отдельно.

  • Aguará Guazú.

    It's fun how Russia just show only 1% of their army. уважение

  • firstname lastname

    And now to search the comments for a butt hurt american talking sh-oh wait, not one crying in the comments talking about how great his country isVery impressive march, respect from Canada

  • Andrey Zubcov

    правильно Вован сказал .кто нас обидит тот трех дней не проживет))))))))))))

  • Mayank Galav

    thats russian ....... long live russia ..... greetings from india

  • Han Manse

    why soviet army hold the nazi flag???

  • Zhenya K

    For mother Russia!!! Vladimir reporting!

  • Landroverboy New

    Britain will destroy the Russians soon

  • war is coming

    we must put our petty differences aside in the west and fight the real threat to humanity and that threat is the cancer known as islam the plague of humanity we must stand as brothers and sisters of freedom from Russia to England to America to face the evil of islam and wipe it out for the sake of humanity !

  • Hellen Abernus

    the war is video games movies and booksbut in real life...u.u

  • Vaxulity

    Greetings and respect from indonesia

  • Chris A

    Achtung! Achtung! Mustache at 5:08!!!!!!

  • jetHUN

    Greetings from Hungary! I <3 Russia!

  • Edward Smith

    This is what happens in Russia when Trump becomes president of the U.S.A. Vladimir Putin organizes a military parade just to say hi to America!

  • Helena Zhukova

    The Rockefeller Foundation is dead, long live the Rothschild

  • Andrey Zubcov

    хуеплеты учите Русский язык))

  • Jack Tornwood

    AndrewtheDuke Great work our north American comrade BUT beware of the CIA and FBI, u could be next one on the hit list.

  • The Führer

    Andrew. You realize that Russia was also fighting fascist Italy,Hungaria, and Romania

  • micky blue 2 u

    i fucking love the russians

  • Jocelyn Castro

    viva la urss. viva cccp. viva el comunista...

  • Igor Golova

    Don"t fuck with Russia!

  • Ramil' Minnigaliev

    Да можно и по-русски писать, товарищи. Гугл-переводчик есть.

  • Helena Zhukova

    Stupid Americans think they won the war.  Long live the Soros Foundation. :))

  • Fam Brtan

    look whos in berlin now losers: said dimitri-1945

  • Vladimir Putin

    I miss stalin and ussr now its captlist dictator ship like china but its communist it isn't rally communist accept  its government!

  • Thomas C

    Dieu bénisse la Russie !

  • Glory to DucAnhPro

    Greeting from Vietnam! Glory to Russia!

  • Hes  name is Vladimir Putin!!!  We love Vladimir Vradimirovish! Hello from Crimea!!! Thanks Vova from save of occupation faschist counrtry Ukraine// hello american people from Simferopol/ save us __


    Greting from Poland fuck Ukraine Russian brothers

  • Carsten Oepping

    the Role? the Soviet Union DEFEATED Nazi Germany AND Japan ! alone !

  • Re-L

    LOVE MEN IN MILITARY UNIFORM !!! SO HOT!!!!God Bless Mother Russia<333

  • Zachary Hoevet

    Hail Mother Russia!! Successor to the Soviet Union!!! May our offense blow what is in our way!!!

  • 코하팬까마귀가면

    I think Russia People Very Strong

  • Hidden_Horror

    For those that are short minded, this song is to celebrate the HARDSHIPS the Russians gone through in the past to secure your happiness today.  It is not about 'anti' anything...

Парад Победы в Москве 2015 (Red Alert 3 - Soviet March) | Victory Day parade in Moscow 2015
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