That's right folks! Everything must go! Bruce's shaved chest hair, Kovic's cute little boxer shorts, the fedora's, the pink guns, even that secratary... uh what's her name. Everything!

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  • nick Betroski

    when they get out of prison you think they'll start a biker gang?

  • Collin Pittman

    Everyting in the world is bad except for Funhaus.

  • Pajama Senpai

    I think Elyse should be the next CEO.

  • PsychoBoyJack

    it's like watching the finale of Breaking Bad

  • Loften Henderson

    No! Don't fucking end it this is my favorite series

  • Fireclaw Studios

    Welp, time to go.*pops cyanide capsule*

  • CharlesMcpwn

    Tune in next week to see if Bruce has yet to learn the controls!

  • Tomtrocity

    Please come back as a motorcycle club

  • Jamieprov

    MadCrazyEagle is good dude.

  • SJon Umber

    Kudos to how ever edits the opening

  • GameChanger98

    I just wanna fly at the end kills me. sung it in my head

  • JD

    Another company going out of business. Thanks Obama

  • Kevin Mejia

    Is this the end of this GTA CEO series?? god dammit!!

  • thedredmanable

    Oh come on... This was their best regular series.

  • Surly.Mushroom

    I feel like Funhaus videos are instructional videos of what not to do.

  • DewDewPlays

    Wait so are these videos done?

  • Paul Laks

    man I liked these vids =(

  • Nikolai Tsar

    Anyone else slow down the video in the intro to find the minecraft text? X3

  • Kylo Ren

    Join the First Order. It's totally awesome.

  • NootNoot!

    Song at the end was Fly - Sugar Ray. Totally different from the song they used at the outro lol.

  • Liam Wilkinson

    If this truly is the end, then I just want to say that this has been one of the best YouTube series iv ever watched. R.I.P 💔

  • Matthew Sayers

    I love these GTA videos

  • ebuka uzor emeka

    how hasn't lawrence lost his position as Ceo?

  • Elvis Presley

    First Glen, now this. I was not prepared for this week 😭😭

  • joe mastropiero

    My mother passed away in April of this year from cancer. She was also a big gamer. Today is her birthday. Your song choice in the montage was very Apropos.

  • Maximo Hanis

    Heey Frienddss I Have Founddddd Working Online Hacck visitt : - https://t.co/6cS9lIk2iJ

  • MackAttack713

    I genuinely don't understand how Bruce keeps accidentally hitting the eject/bail button

  • Logan L

    Man when they said the lyrics to fly by sugar ray at the end it made me cry

  • Whelan

    "Yeah, that's how planes work."

  • Gametimegaming

    Well Lawrence I guess it's time to outsource this shit to Bang Di. OH MY GAAAHHH

  • throbberikk

    Noooo it can't end like this, you all have to wake up in the shower like in Dallas!

  • DaftKnightLP

    thumbs up if you know what song theyre quoting :3

  • MCNT052

    4:51 And it open'd up my eyes!

  • Nade Duck

    good guy madcrazyeagle

  • Viewer

    Bruce is forever the greatest pilot

  • Jameson Sloan

    Those song lyrics were trash.

  • Jefferson Bryant

    this finance and felony run of videos was great

  • treyblakeandrew

    Took me too long to realize it was sugar ray


    No one ever makes that air port stunt jump. Thanks for all the good times.

  • Jorrma Ollila

    Was that it? Hours and hours of lame ass missions for 500k? I'll just stick to modding ty

  • st4pl35

    4:33 That exit though..... xD

  • KOAMastermind

    Please come back as a biker gang! that would be amazing!

  • UnbridledEnd

    MadCrazyEagle random gta player of the year

  • TheUnpredictableSealion

    that outro made my cry more than our presidential candidates did

  • Lohnstar

    The end had me in tears.

  • mbagely

    I love at 4:39 Bruce kills himself so often that James isn't phased by the distant explosion at all

  • dccrulez

    It's so sad that Lawrence is leaving Funhaus.

  • AleksoBre

    I've been a fan of inside gaming and funhaus for a long time (about 4, maybe 5 years), and I don't know if my prefference is changing, but the guys are starting to be less funny to me, especially Bruce's fake laugh at every single sentence.

  • mchepen

    usually when u dont know the controls to a game you just go to the pause menu...

  • Fire Hawk

    What is the name of the outro song?

  • Kalen Johansson

    But this series was great, why cant it continue

  • psputranoveka

    about time funhaus make a bikers gang

  • excelsior

    Maybe switch GTAV gameplay with Verdun gameplay ?

  • splorp

    i swear they had more money when this started...

  • Notorious_B.F.G

    so long trucknutz inc. now we wait for funhaus mc......

  • Lauren MacColl

    What's the name of the music in the intro? Is it a royalty free tune they used or did they have it made for them

  • Potatoman Man

    I never understood why R* decided to keep airport gates closed vs singleplayer it being opened

  • TGPlanet

    nice video and i have my channel to youtube

  • what brett did

    Haha I love Bruce 4:32

  • The BSG

    Pros to the lender of the Insurgent.

  • Edwin O'Gray

    Greatest series to never air on Netflix

  • Mehedi Hasan

    I judge how recent a video is by looking at Bruce's hair....Almost bald : NEWLong : OLD

  • avrilhaily93

    MadCrazyEagle is da MVP

  • Christopher Sweeney

    shouts out to MadCrazyEagle. him $6900!!

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