Goliath Zornhau-Ort

My Interpretation of the Zornhau-Ort from the Goliath fechtbuch
  • Dustin Reagan

    Hi Randall, please read the description of the playlist containing this video. This is the second time you've commented on a video in this series without apparently reading the playlist description. Please comment on the interpretation itself (not some particular of its execution), or better yet, offer another video that a) fits the text without contradiction and b) fits the image closely.

  • ranpleasant

    It is not enough to just move your bodies into the positions shown in the image - that's just modeling. You have to actually perform the cuts as if you are really trying to kill each other. The man on the right does nothing but push his sword out. His pommel never gets above his chest!

  • Dustin Reagan

    bsapaka, what do you mean?

  • Dustin Reagan

    i don't know why, but youtube cut off the last couple seconds, which were just an extended view of the last zoom in shot of the Goliath hands. Sorry that just cuts off so quickly...it's in the video that I uploaded from.

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