longsword.academy: Zornhau ort revisited

Zornhau ort revisited after 7 year. This is not a standalone video but a part of http://longsword.academy/en/longsword/zornhaw/zornhaw-ort.html webpage.
  • Rim Andries

    You guys are just awesome. Your comprehension, interpretation and execution of advanced techniques are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest out there. I often catch myself thinking, someone should look at this from a different angle, and boom there you guys are... doing it to perfection and immediately broadening the horizon of what is and what isn't possible/practical in the context of historical european martial arts. I salute you gentlemen. Bravo!

  • KnightSquire

    I enjoyed this very much, do you intend to make more videos for the Longsword Academy?

  • kardentyrell

    If you look at all of the 'pauses' for the last step of the zornhau, this only happens because the blade is supposed to have been piercing through the flesh with little resistance. Now the weight is transfering into the flex of the sword.

  • Leelund Kim

    Does this work when the attack steps deeply offline?

  • Banthablaster Prime

    Question: does Zornhau work the same way against another zornhau? If it works against a vertical cut, then does it still work against another zornhau (I think zornhau is slightly diagonal?)? What is the secret that takes a hard bind of crossed blades achieving nothing to becoming in control as you do here? And how can you tell if hey will do some other technique and so using zorhau ort will not work?

  • Ghost

    Есе шось неймовірне. Я мыслив над тым шо буй на мечах не може базуватися на грубуй силі, а туй на тубі і пудтвердження.

  • Daniel Mader

    im curious, are you wearing plastrons underneath the jackets?those hits seem pretty hard :)

  • Γεώργιος Γεωργάς

    Hello from the HEMA Greece. Very nice!!!!

  • Sam Campos

    Hi, great video as always. Could you explain why this bent position with delay to a passing step? It seems to hinder structure, for example, if an opponent also did a Zornhau but perhaps stronger...

  • Charlie Yang

    I bookmarked your webpage. Can't wait to learn more from you.

  • Hans Wurst

    I find this the most convincing interpretation of the Zornhauort. I think it is right to interpret it as a stesso-tempo technique because if you consider distance and the fact that your opponent gives the initial attack it is hardly possible to arrive at a practical technique without relying on your opponents friendliness... The Zornhau being almost vertical seems also very plausible considering the use of the vertical strike im Meyer, where he mentions it as a type of versetzen. He describes it as being capable of neutralising (dempffen) all other blows (but on the other hand it is described as being susceptible towards being deflected by a diagonal or horizontal cut - this doesn't apply in this case i.m.o. since it is known who strikes first). Mentioning Meyer it has to be said that in his system the Zornhau is a diagonal strike. I believe Meyer isn't counted among the Liechtenauer tradition which could explain the difference in words used.Great work, thank you for sharing it!!!

  • The Casual Longsword

    I'd like to see more instructional videos like this!

  • somedude221

    Is there a particular reason you don't step laterally off-line with your Zornhaw interpretation?

  • Guyona Buffalo

    Amazing work Anton. Cannot wait for more videos from you guys! The perfect execution and ferocity you guys show in your videos is something I aspire to one day.

  • Ranziel1

    Was the attacker aiming at the top of the head with his oberhau? Would this direct zornhau into the opponent's head work if he aimed to the side of the head? In that case, his strike wouldn't pass the center line, so you'd either have to aim at his sword with the zornhau or pass to the side to change the center.

  • naminogiri

    resemble the ONO HA ITTORYU KENJUTSU tecnique KIRIOTOSHI

  • Zmedieval

    Great. It is just great sword figting style. To bad it is not more known in public.

  • loyalsausages

    Thank you for the video, I look forward to your next update!

  • Luis García de la Cruz

    :) Great to see videos from here again!

  • Per Magnus Haaland

    Great stuff! Keep up the good work, guys!

  • Gävle HEMA

    I will try these techniques out myself. Thanks.

  • blackraver5

    excellent. commencement of trainning in 3....2...

  • James Buchanan

    Absolutely fantastic to see you posting videos again Anton. Thanks for this, I am going to give it some serious consideration.

  • Jools Grommers

    Good to have some new content from you! Looking forward to whatever comes next!

  • Rico Cori

    always thought that commenting on the fact that someone send you was for kids under 12 and yt faggets,, but here I am...Matt Easton send me, gonna watch your stuff bro

  • MrBilej

    Looks very close to many japanese sword techniques. For example check kiri wari from Kashima Shin ryu. Check this Also: /watch?v=YjnJG75s0pM in 0: 39 you will find your technique :-)

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