Solo training advice 1: one-handed swords

"Solo training advice 1: one-handed swords" no description available.
  • that one average commenter

    I watched to much anime and now I want to be them that's why I'm here

  • dahwriter

    I too am known to every so often sit on the couch and waggle my sword.What?

  • Marc Ritz

    I have been exercising my forearm since I was 13, I am ready!

  • Orka DRLJAČA

    been doing that wigeling, just using short axe insted of sword(dont have a sword :( ) and its hard......forearm goes numb and cant do any delicate things with hands..that excersise is awesome

  • gus green

    thank you for the videos. I'm in the U.S. and around where I'm at there are no schools or clubs for this, but it's something I have always wanted to learn.

  • M

    This guy is the man lol

  • Gott Hammer

    Thanks for this video. Looking forward to more. :DSome questions:- do you have a recommended range of motion for this drill? should it be limited? or as far as the wrist can move the tip of the sword down? I'm kinda worried about hyper-extending. I've been doing something similar (sword 'wiggling'), I guess I picked it up from when I was still actively practicing arnis/escrima, but I use a hardwood (kamagong/ironwood) bokken.- re: the thumb up/sabre grip: been trying it (primarily 'cause of your videos :P ), but I guess the bokken I use makes it a bit difficult (?). is there any advantage/disadvantage to that grip?for arnis/escrima (the 3 or so styles I practiced) kinda focused on the 'hammer grip' (I even recall being taught against using the the thumb up grip, but I've forgotten why), and for kendo, there was the emphasis on using the small and ring finger to grip the bokken/shinai (I recall a short exercise w/ swinging, one-handed, w/ only those two fingers, and w/ the other 3 extended); and for taijijian, the index and middle finger (and thumb)...they all work for each, I guess, but I don't recall practicing anything w/ thumb up (did a little dao/taiji sabre, w/ a wooden practice dao, but I think that was also a hammer grip)

  • Kisk79

    You mention the sabre grip and the hammer grip, could you possibly make a video about the so called "handshake" grip? I've read quite a few differing and conflicting things about it and I'd like to hear your opinion.

  • Zander R

    "Most people tend to not have very strong forearms"Well, I play guitar so I'm not really worried about that part at least

  • SwagCannon

    I just smashed my mom's TV...

  • Dojibu

    Doesn't have to be a sword... Finally, a few of them wall hangers will be of some use!

  • Kumogakure // OneWeeb

    You know you watched too much Sao if you're here

  • Awkward-To-Awesome

    I'm a drummer so this is no new exercise for me. I just have poor muscle mass!

  • OakenheelsGallery

    2:26 What, you mean like this?

  • hetero sapien

    6:18 the fingering grip hehehhehehehehehhe.

  • Adelaide Sword Academy

    so agree with this - swordsmen need bloody great forearms! thanks for these helpful vids

  • Ulises.

    I'll be using a machete, bc i'm mexican... and because i don't have money for a sword.

  • Variableaxis965

    I'm 13 and I have a larping sword so this is very informative

  • DPB

    This and as well as training both arms

  • Fancy_ Pikachu

    thank you so much!!! now i can kill my father!!!! >3

  • Dead one

    That's the saddest cactus I've ever seen....

  • Raptor Badger

    Im just here so i can get better at hitting my friends with a foam sword.

  • Kevin Hughes

    thank you for making this, I've just gotten my first sword and I can't join a club yet, but I want to start training

  • EmptyasChurch

    Radial Flexion FTW! (For The Waggle)

  • A Journey Inside A Dream

    Do you have to switch arms if you want to get both arms into shape, though it wouldn't really be necessary to?

  • Dominic Adams

    do you ever warm up before you pick up the sword? Anything you can recommend for avoiding injury? Thanks for the videos!

  • Azurel777

    Do you have a video like this on two handed swords?

  • Max B

    Sword is quite a big thing to swing around in a house safely. Can you use something like a regular hammer/sledge hammer and doing same motions?

  • Vince Rinehart

    Almost every application of force moves through your body and into the ground. Whether you are pushing, pulling, or swinging. Generally speaking, whatever sport you are training at, you will be better at that sport if you also strength train your body. The best way to do that, in my opinion, is barbell strength training; either power lifting or olympic lifting. The squat, progressively loaded heavier and heavier with each training sessions, will give you the strong back and legs you need to transfer force through your body. Anyway... thanks for the video! I inherited a medieval type one handed sword and am going to start training with it.

  • PJ McDaid

    I live in Ireland and there are no HEMA clubs anywhere near me and the most I have is a cheap 9 euro (would have been 10 if I had it painted) short wooden sword I got from a stall outside Whitewater shopping centre but hey, better than nothing.I do a bit of "solo training" but it certainly wasn't structured. Also, since the whole thing is made of wood and it's fairly light, would you say it'd be sufficient for training anyway? Or would I want something a bit heavier?Thanks for this, I'm definitely gonna find it helpful if I can eventually get into swordsmanship.

  • madworldfan123

    Would this training work with a machete?

  • sun Tao

    Thanx for a good lesson:)

  • Fernando Ramos

    I'd train outside my house, like in my backyard or in my front yard. That's more than enough space for anybody training himself in any martial arts.

  • Name Less

    A man with a sword has more heart than a man with a gun.

  • Halinspark

    This explains why people I know use/used swords wave things around like that so much.

  • fathimath adheeba

    i am here because of percy jackson

  • BobbyNiggs

    Also, when ever I'm freaking out after using a lot of drugs your videos always calm me down, thanx man ;P

  • angelowl89

    I really appreciate this video. Having one hour single trip to the fencing school and me being focused on one-handed fencing. This gives my ridonkilously heavy french cavalry sabre replica a proper purpose too. Thanks!

  • RottenRroses

    My honor got gravely insulted the other day, so I wonder, how does one go about challenging people to a duel these days? Are there any formalities one has to consider? Is it even leagal to fight a duel, possibly resulting in the death of one of the participants? Both parties would agree to the terms of the duel, of course. Swords are not as common as they used to be. Thank you.

  • Mitchell _3

    Where's your class

  • Aco

    Being a drummer, I giggled when he talked about forearms.

  • Chris stars

    to be honest I am 10 and a have a toy sword I made and I really want to learn to sword   fight  with my friends

  • TNO Kiki

    I have a 4 lb sword, what do you recommend to get used to the weight of it?

  • Phaedra Backer

    I'm using a baseball bat.

  • Khorne Bezerker

    I made a wooden sword when i was 13 but never thought of learning how to fight with it.

  • shaun harder

    ah good, all these years of being single has strengthened my right arm, time to put it to some use lol

  • Koker Beatbox

    Thank you. That's usefull advice

  • Amir Mark

    Can I carry a sword with me in a country where guns are illegal ?

  • Entraya Crosshill

    how to get blisters 101, slowly conditioning my pristine medieval fair lady hands

  • Hax1137

    will these exercises give you repetitive strain injuries? i just got a sword, and have started to train :)

  • Ken ibn Anak

    I think a large hammer of similar (or more) weight would allow indoor practice without smashing the furniture if space is limited, while still working the same muscles..

  • jason louw

    My brother got sword training at his grade 6 camp and I player RPGs when he got back and told me.he calleced me and I still kicked his @$# gaming is my master

  • C Mac

    iv played hurling from the age of 5. how good would my forearm be?

  • Pyrobaconstudios

    One of these days i need to get a dedicated training room as every time i get the random urge to practice a certain technique i realize it's either night time or the weather is entirely too awful for me to bother.

  • Maria Poll

    Do 2 arms on the handle pls

  • Padraic Smith

    My god. I've always had massive forearms next to my bacon strip biceps and finally I've found it actually a GOOD thing. Thank you Matt, you've made my day!

  • Michael Romero

    for every minute you talk instead of doing sword tricks ill tell someone to unsubscribe.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok.

  • molluskwithclothes

    what do I do if I'm left handed!???

  • Master 95

    you say "Um" too much

  • X24

    I have trained myself I'm just here if I missed anything I have practice since I was five I am about 15 now

  • manpreet kaur

    thank you sirits was great learning video

  • iTzNoxy

    Love your videos! Can you do one where you demonstrate all of the sabre numbered cuts and related info? I have a long-sword and am learning on my own time but I am interested in adapting sabre techniques as well. Thanks!

  • Derpy

    easy to do while using a hammering for the beginning stuff

  • Julián Porcel

    Does the same kind of training apply for Migration Period swords?

  • Ulung Prabowo

    Why there is no medieval one handed sword techniques or sparring appeared in youtube? Mostly always use dagger and buckler.

  • Dominator046

    I came back to this looking to advise some training to someone who typically does rapier but wants to improve other facets of their swordplay. I was in the office and trying to watch this with the captions and no audio.Oh my goodness, my sides. IT'S HILARIOUS.

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