Sword Carolina Online, Zornhau Ort Class Highlights

This is an example of what people will find on Sword Carolina Online. If you are new to HEMA or do not have a group in your area, then think of it as your online HEMA school. In addition to our Weekly Class highlight videos like this one, we also have videos on Basics, Techniques, HEMA Concepts, Drills, and Exercises. New videos are uploaded on Sword Carolina Online on a weekly basis.

  • manufacturedfracture

    i need this class so much ughhhh

  • Dazgul

    Great. Very informative. Thanks for uploading.

  • Jack Michaels

    so, this is a full event you train for? are there sponsors and tournaments and the like. THAT would be excellent.

  • mharm734

    One of the tricks for helping people getting the distance between the feet right is to use some elastic with a small ball in the center of the string. You tie one end of the elastic around each of the ankles. If your feet get too close the ball hits the ground, if they're too far apart you feel the tug of the elastic stretching.

  • João Marcus Alves

    Great video again! Just one question about the thrust in the zornhau. You recommend to deliver the thrust with a gathering step to make a stronger attack. But if you just extend your arms wouldn't it be faster? And if you hit the opponent from a further distance wouldn't you be safer?Thanks!

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