GTA 5 Online: Secret Interactive Driving Test Website - San Andreas DMV (GTA 5 Easter Egg)

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A new hidden secret "Driving Test" San Andreas DMV easter egg can be found on GTA 5 Online! To find this new easter egg/secret hidden website, first pull up your phone and type in "". From there, scroll over to where it says Take Test, and see what hilarious questions and available answers Rockstar has provided using their innuendo and pure gold comedy! What do you guys think of this new hidden secret interactive driving test website (San Andreas DMV)? Please be sure to like and subscribe for more Grand Theft Auto 5 content!

  • HI Modi

    will it work for story mode

  • HI Modi

    what happens when you pass

  • eYeDoNtKnOw201

    ok..... what is the Goddamn point in doing this test? what do you get out of it?

  • Jon-jo Gorman

    At first I thought she was like 11 years old.sorry😂

  • Zeke Polaris

    Not glitch... Dumb ass child..

  • Tha Mask Rapper

    i just saw that , they have some crazy questions !

  • Rafael Munoz

    I get the joke because girls wants the d

  • Diego Derksen

    Super nice website thanx and nice video.

  • mr copyright m

    This dumb ass says comeny

  • JackOneDay

    lol, Im grad your back. ;)

  • zmunk

    The cursor is giving you the bird

  • Shadow Red eyes

    u like the big d's

  • Booth 1888

    Is she dead? She's not been uploading for 3 months now.

  • Daniel cheezze

    Can you blame her for choosing the D .but foreal how is she I haven't watched her in over a month

  • LiveLoveLaugh 020

    Only reason why I'm subscribed and like all your vids is because you're a hot chick..

  • xiiBuzzinx

    Grab the D... Pass the test...

  • evilucario

    Hey gg, in a vlog you said these are my nerdy friends but you seem stupid as hell.

  • Harambes Ghost

    I've been subscribed for a short time and I know I will be subscribed for a long time. Also what console do you play on?

  • RustyRainz

    She choose the ddddddddddddddddd

  • Ghosts619

    Come back to YT :( I will cry everyteim :(

  • VKillzitFTW

    She hasnt made a video in a month did she quit youtube?

  • Soap_3023

    Already knew about this but awesome video (thanks for the answers)

  • Joshua Stanley

    My gamers tag is death laser 46

  • AC Gaming - #1 Glitching Channel

    Awesome video as always, but I found this out months ago.

  • Nick Hewatt

    Add me on xbox I can help u on glitches and Easter eggs all caps N1CKHEW

  • ijboy 1234

    Her gamer tag is surfah00 or surtah00

  • Levi Williams

    She clicked the D's all of them

  • Kaymen Burgess

    Nice video. BTW any girls that play GTA want to join my military clan?. So far we only have 3 girls and 14 boys KD must be over 1.00 if your interested add xXIV-------VIXx

  • Alex R.

    I like how the internet works in this game it's way more unexplored and underrated because everyone just uses it to bank their cash

  • Keaton Boyer

    What's your gamertags I wanna play with you

  • ray bel

    I tried it out my self just the second day i got gta v

  • Adan1166

    What happen you have been gone for 4 months

  • Spyd3rByt3

    Hey GirlGamingCentral, I've been watching YouTube for a while now, I'm 17, and I recently found ur channel and ur pretty funny. I was just wondering how old u r?

  • Armando Rocha

    Face it guys she's gone her Chanel is basically dead now .....SMH

  • Lizbeth G

    Can we play online sometime? gamertag:Ozerez

  • Chase McLeod

    I'm playing mw2 with her right now lls😂😂

  • Devin Machowicz

    What happened you never post any more did you die?

  • Kiddo

    I love you and your videos got skype?

  • Tarun Songa

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  • Ronnie Russell

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  • BigRiggsGaming

    I already found this when the game was first released.

  • Videos BR

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  • Amir WolfPack

    May I request your Gamertag?

  • thecerealguy

    The joke is just classic. :)

  • Rei Caixa

    the only one inteligent, I new the answers were all d, I love you S2

  • Gamer Sempre Gamer

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  • LordxRhino

    Not really a secret your really late with this

  • Shawn Cezar

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  • Robert Sanchez

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  • MatthewMurnin3

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  • yves goessens

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  • Joel Adams

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  • ActionKiller ZG

    How did u find this lol :)

  • dj cd

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  • SpeakEasy_HD

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