Krumphau Drill; Cut, Thrust, or Slice

This is a clip of a drill we used during a recent class on the Krumphau.

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  • Korbin Galligan

    Very impressive! Me and my friend will be using drills similar on each other since we don't really have an instructor. With the proper safety equipment of course!Keep it up!

  • Tristan Boudreau

    just a little tip, I've been doing martial arts and teaching for many years, and I would suggest letting a good pupil help with drills to speed up development. when you have one guy working with all the students, they are not going to progress as quickly as they potentially could be.

  • ThaCuDiKiD

    This is really cool stuff. I'm just getting into HEMA and I hope my local club is like this!

  • Andy Wilson

    I liked when you guys did the dobringer series , will you guys be doing that again with another sword master? maybe Joachim Meyer? maybe some Italian sword Master? enjoy the videos , keep up the good work.

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